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3 General Programme

4 The RYS Education Programme The education programme is divided into three segments. Orientation Work Service Learning Reflection

5 The first few days of the project are dedicated to the orientation. Purpose of the orientation is to understand the model and vision and to build a RYS community. Get acquainted :-activities are used to help build trust and respect amongst the participants. The focus is on sharing and creating an atmosphere of openness and having fun with each other. Orientation

6 RYS Orientation

7 Participants learn to transcend barriers and develop through thoughtfully organized service projects; civic responsibility, leadership skills, traditions of volunteerism, awareness of social and cultural differences and how to promote world peace. There are education sessions includes lectures, and activities geared towards an intercultural relationship building and conflict resolution. It unites people of different cultures going beyond all barriers and building lasting relationships. Work Service Learning

8 RYS Work service

9 The goals of the reflection period at the end of an RYS project are for the participants to reflect on the learning experiences, to share some of these experiences with other participants, and to close the project with the positive spiritual feeling of unity. It is an opportunity to engage in introspection and self-reflection. The reflection period supports the re-entry process of a participants' return back to their daily life. Reflection period also includes evaluation of the project. Reflection Period

10 RYS Reflection Period

11 xperiential Service Learning Experiential Service Learning Experiential Service learning is a method of applying, doing and reflecting. Beyond being actively engaged in the project itself, participants have the opportunity to plan, do and review. Through applying the Experiential Service Learning cycle any experience can be used to gain more. The ESL is positive ans can be used in any

12 Experiential Learning Cycle

13 RYS Education aims to give an opportunity to each participant to better understand people, cultures and customs. RYS Education Guidelines is a Production of the Religious Youth Service. © 2007 UPF

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