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CIRHU Centre for International Research on Human Unity.

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1 CIRHU Centre for International Research on Human Unity

2 Raison d’etre The need of a Centre for International Research on Human Unity (CIRHU ) can be understood properly only when we fathom the very heart of the crisis through which humanity is passing today. As Sri Aurobindo points out, the crisis of today is evolutionary in character and can be resolved only if humanity turns upward towards the next step of evolution and realises universal fraternity. Ancient India had spoken of the whole world as One Family, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. It is therefore heartening that this ancient ideal has been given an experimental field in Auroville, which the Mother founded on 28th February 1968, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of human unity and universal consciousness. A source of inspiration for CIRHU is the following passage of the Charter: “Taking advantage of discovering from without and from withi , Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations”.

3 Vision Based on Sri Aurobindo’s vision, CIRHU will foster material and spiritual research in all fields and will be a bridge between Auroville’s and the world’s experience of an accelerating evolution of consciousness. Auroville is a universal township in the making, a place for research, experimentation and study. As such, it will provide an appropriate field for CIRHU activities as an Institution of Excellence in the field of consciousness research, towards the convergence of India's ancient spiritual wisdom with the science of the future.

4 Mission CIRHU will be a “hub” for all true researchers in the world searching for an environment favourable to pure knowledge as well as applied research. CIRHU will focus on the themes of human unity and evolution of consciousness in all disciplines and of fields work. The mission of CIRHU will be to discover Sri Aurobindo’s visionary action in a non-dogmatic, non-doctrinal way and connect it with seeds of universal consciousness emerging on Earth.


6 Aims and objectives CIRHU aims to bring about innovative solutions born from the inner and outer fulfillment of the human being , which will transform life and not crush it. The objective is to create a pool of knowledge as well as an inner fulfilment throughout an experiential living. The research conducted by CIRHU aims to contribute to and benefit from research conducted all over the world. Auroville International Centres and Liaisons around the world have created along the years a wealth of networks and resource contacts. They will be invited to be part of CIRHU network and collaborate for the achievement of these objectives

7 Targets Short term: Three full time teams of people each may be formed from January 2011 to take care of the following work: 1. CIRHU Research Programs This team will write for each of the 12 areas the research program outline. They would also identify existing research projects in Auroville and their potential. They will assist them to contact willing partners in India and abroad. This would in a second phase of the work result in a comprehensive research program outline and a “virtual research faculty”. 2. CIRHU Infrastructure This team will take charge of the preparation of all architectural drawings, structural drawings, building and facilities estimates, project plan (including phasing of the project). They will bring the entire project to stage where all necessary documentation is ready for execution of the physical part of CIRHU. 3.  CIRHU Organisation and Resources This team will take responsibility for designing the CIRHU organisation, preparation of a human resources plan, an overall financial plan and the operations plan that will run in parallel with the realisation of the physical infrastructure.

8 Targets Medium-term: To have significant output in pure knowledge and applied research. To expand the existing network with similar institutions in India and abroad in order to implement cooperative, innovative, transformational programs. To build the main Headquarters and develop twelve Fields of Activities Centres .


10 Fields of Activities The research work will be grouped into twelve main Fields of Activities with the common theme of evolution of consciousness and human unity. Their research will have an interdisciplinary approach . Unending Education Creative Culture Integral Planning and Development Innovative Architecture Environmental Care Renewable Energy Organic Farming and Healthy Food Sustainable Regional Development Integral Healing Fraternal Economy Communication of the Future Tranformational networking

11 Methods of Research “For thousands of years we have been developing outer means, outer instruments, outer techniques for living – and in the end those means and techniques are crushing us. The sign of the new humanity is a reversal of outlook and the understanding that inner means, inner knowledge and inner techniques can change the world and master it without crushing it. Auroville is the place where this new way of living is being worked out , it is a centre of accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world by means of the power of the inner spirit.” The mother , August 3rd 1968 Methods of research will be not only theoretical but also experiential and experimental, and will aim at concrete applications. Intuition will be a faculty to nurture and develop. In the context of Auroville, one of the main sources of inspiration is the Dream by the Mother, the driving force of past, present and future researches and realisations. CIRHU will link –inter alia- research activities conducted in the International and Cultural Zone of Auroville. An important aspect in the study of the theme of human unity will be to create in the International Zone Cultural Pavilions representing different cultures of the nations. Special emphasis will be given to facilities that will provide the researchers with the essential message of these cultures on a living and creative atmosphere.

12 Organisational structure
Core Four sections Twelve fields of activities

13 Research Documentation and Dissemination
Detailed documentation of all researches carried out will be done along with their network with individual or institution in India and abroad. Research results The research results will then be largely diffused in the spirit that innovation and discovery belongs to nobody in particular but to humanity as a whole. Research presentation and report At least once a year, on 15th August, Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday Anniversary and India’s Independence Day, there will be an open presentation of all CIRHU research activities. An annual Research Report will be published.

14 Construction program The innovative research of CIRHU should be expressed also in its construction program. The highest standards for green buildings will be aimed at. There will be a constant search for a balance between beauty, functionality and environmentally friendly technology.



17 Location CIRHU Headquarters will be located in the International Zone, connected to the Lake and along the radiating axis of Matrimandir, Banyan Tree and Unity Garden. The relation with Mahasaraswati Park, which is a large green area dedicated to the Energy of the Universal Mother in Her aspect of perfection and skill in work, will be a source of inspiration . The twelve Field of Activity Centres, branching out from the Headquarters, will be located in the City Centre.



20 Personnel Permanent workers: Researchers from Auroville and experts, researchers from India and abroad (Bearers of Knowledge). Temporary workers: Specialists (scientists, scholars, technologists, artists, developers, etc.) voluntary workers, visiting professors, lecturers, internships, others. Administrators Employees

21 Financial-sustainability
Support from Government of India, national and international agencies. Donations and grants for regular seminars, workshops, courses, training. Accommodation rental fees.

22 Budget To be worked out



25 thank you

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