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1 925 735-9120 For Presentation & Training Information: Mark Goldstein President & Co-Founder Impact Presentations Group Co-Founder Age Wave

2 Initiative including ground- breaking research, publications, websites, events and seminars designed to help managed care professionals understand the “New” mature consumer. Key Learning: Virtually no recognition on the part of physicians, managed care firms and retail pharmacies that “New” mature consumers will dramatically alter the health care landscape. The Alliance for Healthy Aging

3 Active 1992-1998 74 HMO Members Nationally Participating Plans Represented 70% of U.S. Medicare Risk Lives Plan Senior Management Participation Searle Senior Management and ND Participation Objectives: To provide expertise on the care and service needs of the Medicare risk population to Alliance members

4 Key Learning: Interest in extraordinary activities in mature people transcends differences in gender, ethnicity, age and income… aspirational images of older people creates an emotional bond that creates a solid foundation for enhancing a brand. Blue Cross Blue Shield: Ageless Heroes Multi-faceted program including PBS special, national awards program, national/local events, designed to enhance brand equity among 65+ consumers.

5 Staying On Top Staying On Top The Challenge of Jewish Aging Services

6 Responding to an Ever Changing World

7 The Solution: Understanding & Aligning with Key Trends The Future is Now

8 Acceleration of the Sigmoid Curve Key Trend of American Marketplace:

9 Acceleration of the Sigmoid Curve Accelerating Applies everywhere Most “re-inventions” start too late

10 Success Zone Has Been Up and Coming Re-invent Yourself During the “Success Zone” Maximize the Opportunity

11 Aging & The Jewish Identity Maximizing the Opportunities of… A Discussion about Possibilities…

12 AmericanMarketplace Age Wave JewishCulture 3-Way Intersection coming to you…

13 The Longevity Revolution Family Caregiver Crisis Healthcare Cost Explosion Demise of the Patriarchal System New Healthcare Trends & Technologies Fragmentation of the Jewish Community Aging of the Jewish Baby Boomer Perfect Storm

14 TheLongevityRevolution Age Wave

15 The Single Greatest Achievement of the 20 th Century… Additional 30 Years to Human Life…

16 2000 – 2020 Total U.S. Population Growth 18% Source: U.S. Census, 2000 Change in Population Growth

17 Currently 60+ Population is growing at a rate of 10,000 per day

18 Source: U.S. Bureau of Census Growth of the 65+ Population Millions 2030 Will Double By 2030 1900-2030

19 Growth of the 85+ Population 1990-2050 Millions Source: U.S. Bureau of Census 700% Increase

20 Will Extended Longevity be a Blessing or a Curse…

21 Family Caregiver Crisis Building Relationships with Adult Children while serving Their Aging Parents IPG Family Caregiving Seminar Available

22 Nearly 40 million Americans are Family Caregivers Family Caregiver Crisis Over 30% of All American Households Have Care giving Responsibilities for Older Dependent Adults Source: Washington Business Group on Health Age Wave Analysis


24 Family Caregiving Crisis Nearly 3 out of 4 Family Caregivers Are Women: Adult Daughter Adult Daughter-in-Law Wife …and in many cases, a Working Woman with Children to Raise~

25 Family Caregiving Crisis Caregiving has created problems For Working Women: On the job stress Loss of focus Late arrival Leaving early Negative impact on children & family Leave of absence 15% had to quit their job

26 Half of all 50+ Women are Single Married 53.7% Married 53.7% Divorced 11.7% Divorced 11.7% Widowed 28% Widowed 28% Source: U.S. Census, CPS, 1998 Never Married 4.7% Separated 1.9%

27 Family Caregivers Provide: $300 Billion Worth of Unpaid Services Each Year of Women Family Caregiving Crisis Source: Family Caregivers in the United States, 1997

28 of Women Family Caregivers Need Support Defining the Caregiver Role Anticipating the Caregiver Role Stepping into the Caregiver Role Facing the Challenge Enduring the 7 Levels of Caregiving Facing the Inevitable Dealing with Guilt Impact Presentations Group: Family Caregiver Seminar

29 TheShiftingAmericanMarketplace AmericanMarketplace

30 Health Spending Explosion The US Healthcare Industry is Worlds 6 th Largest Economy Source: Boston Univ. School of PH, 2005 70% spending done by – 10% of patients



33 Demise of the Patriarchal System Shift away from Traditional Pensions & Healthcare Benefits

34 Defined-Benefit Pensions Peaked in the late 1970's 62% of all workers were covered solely by such plans… …by1997 only 13% and falling Employee Benefit Research Institute Demise of the Patriarchal System

35 Of the nearly 50 million uninsured in the US – more than 20 million are adults with jobs Working Adults Uninsured… CDC/2003

36 Unhealthy Aging will Bankrupt America…

37 Health Spending Explosion The Biggest Future Trend in Aging Services: Impact the Health Spending Explosion Through Successful Aging

38 Four Trends That Will Transform Four Trends That Will Transform The Future of Health Care The Diagnostics & Treatment Revolution The Reinvention of Prevention The Reorganization of Medicine The Bioethical Dilemma Driven by Genomics:

39 Boomers are on a Quest for a New Approach to Aging…

40 American Marketplace Targets Anti-Aging Trend… In the midst of extreme approaches…

41 Lead by Competent Experts… Sanity will prevail…

42 The Body & Mind have made Great Strides In the American Marketplace…

43 Politically Incorrect In America …The Spirit Remains

44 TheJewishAmericanCulture JewishCulture

45 Fragmentation of Jewish Community The “Sacred” Jewish Community; Beginnings of the 20 th Century in New York’s Lower East Side

46 Fragmentation of Jewish Community The Eastern European Jewish Community Obliterated By the Holocaust

47 Fragmentation of Jewish Community Mid-20 th Century Jewish Migration to Suburbia Dissolves the Jewish Community…

48 Fragmentation of Jewish Community Leading to the Fragmentation Of the Jewish Community Results:

49 There is no current vehicle providing mass appeal to the fragmented Jewish Community

50 Fragmentation of Jewish Community Only the Orthodox Jews Maintain the “Sacred” Space In Suburbia

51 Fragmentation of Jewish Community Jewish American Baby Boomers Are Culturally American

52 As Boomers Age, the Center of Gravity Shifts with them

53 During the 1960’s & 1970’s Over 75% of Catholic, Protestant & Jewish Baby Boomers turned away from Traditional Religion

54 A Target that is more Spiritual than Religious The Jewish Baby Boomer

55 Jewish Baby Boomers are less about Jewish Identity And more about the Jewish Experience The Jewish Baby Boomer

56 Components of the Jewish Experience Self-Improvement Self-Realization Spiritual Development Inspired Jewish Journeys Caring for Family & Community Elders In Harmony rather than Chaos Contributing to the Greater Good

57 Being Jewish is one of many Components of Jewish Baby Boomer Identity It is neither the Dominant Component nor a Constant The Jewish Baby Boomer

58 Today only 13% of Baby Boomer Jews feel that Jewish Neighborhoods Are Important

59 Reinvention of the Jewish Agenda to: Personal & Spiritual Development Caring for Children & Elders Community Support Social Justice & Equality Ecology Charity

60 Jewish Baby Boomers Reinvent The Jewish Community: Without Communal Identification, Baby Boomers are not tied to Communal Responsibility We must Re-Invent this “Virtual” Community…

61 Just Cause Just Cause & Jewish Spiritual Journey held together by identity with a …


63 “Give evidence that Judaism has a formula for a rich inner, Spiritual life in a society that otherwise engages in the idolatry of consumerism.” Rabbi Sidney Schwarz, 2002

64 Are Committed/ Commanded to Eldercare All Jewish Adults...

65 “You shall rise before the aged and show deference to the old” Leviticus 19:32

66 “We can feel something only out of its opposite…” If being young were the more important stage of life, we would be born old and become young…

67 Jacob Prays for … Elder Frailty And Illness

68 Jacob knew that we needed a warning That the end of life was near… Without this warning of Illness we might miss the Period of preparation so Critical for completion

69 "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom." - Psalms 90:12

70 Growing Old in a Culture that Aging Adverse & Death Denial

71 Create an Environment that Aging Reverence & Embraces Death

72 Aging in Our Age Adverse Culture… We are at war with aging…

73 Aging in Our Age Embracing Jewish Culture…


75 AmericanMarketplace Age Wave JewishCulture 3-Way Intersection coming to you…

76 AmericanMarketplace Age Wave JewishCulture AJAS US Demographics, Baby Boomer Psychographics And Jewish Spirituality intersect to provide…

77 …The Context of Meaning Expand the Definition of Aging Services to include: Successful Aging The Purpose of Aging Preparation for Death

78 Boomers Make: Need driven purchase for parents Experience driven purchase for Self Two Intersecting Trends: Aging drives increase Need Jewish Identity drives increase in Experience Need vs. Experience The Art Of Experiential Communication

79 E xperiential C ommunication A Perfect Blend of Two Components… Information Inspiration

80 E xperiential C ommunication A Well-Trained Mind An Understanding Heart IPG Senior Sensitivity Staff Training Available Requires…

81 Elderhood Elderly Elderhood Versus Elderly Our mission…

82 Elderly Survive into their 80’s and 90’s Suffering From: Reduced Capacity Alienation Loneliness Loss of Independence Boredom Feeling Useless Low Self-Esteem

83 Elders are Society’s Wisdom Keepers Responsible for: Society’s Well Being Pioneering Consciousness Spiritual Awareness Elder Wisdom Connection to our Past Serving as Mentors to Younger Generations

84 The Torch must be passed to a New Generation of Elders… Will we make Good Ancestors…

85 925 735-9120 For Presentation & Training Information: Mark Goldstein President & Co-Founder Impact Presentations Group Co-Founder Age Wave

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