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Adult Experiential Learning Policy Committee November 25, 2013 10:00-12:00.

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1 Adult Experiential Learning Policy Committee November 25, 2013 10:00-12:00

2 10:00Welcome and Introductions 10:10Reviewing Recommendations and Survey Feedback 10:40Review Recommendations from other GWDC Policy Committees 11:00Improving our Draft Recommendations: Discussion and Decisions 11:50Next steps 12:00 Adjourn Meeting Objectives: Understand and incorporate feedback we’ve received via survey from the committee and GWDC Using feedback and discussion, improve our draft recommendations

3 Draft Recommendations Internship Exchange and Fund Tenure and EL Requirements Apprenticeships?

4 Feedback: General Themes Too much focus on internships relative to other types of experiential learning Scope and Focus – Types of opportunities – Types of participants Soft Skills Paid vs. Unpaid? Carrots vs. Sticks Funding? Employer role

5 Minnesota Internship Exchange & Fund Two Goals – Racial gap in unemployment – Skills gaps in growing industries Who: – College-aged students and adults Primary Functions: – Online internship exchange – Grants for teacher training – Wage Reimbursements

6 Minnesota Internship Exchange & Fund Other Features: – Preparatory and reflective seminars (2-3 days each) – Data-driven; ambitious goals based on regional data to ensure under-represented groups are served; goals revised regularly Criteria – High-demand or strategic industry/occupation – Demonstrated interest from student – Focused on students of color and other under-represented groups – Minimum wage must be paid

7 Minnesota Internship Exchange & Fund Ideas and Concerns – Wages Paid vs. Unpaid Minimum wage? Market rate? Benefits? – Include/call out public and nonprofit employers? – Call out incumbent workers? – Underserved groups / regional context – Content of seminars? – Use an existing platform (e.g. – Employer accountability / role – Broader than just internships?

8 GWDC Committee GWDC convenes committee Identify/select metrics to measure effectiveness Create common vision of an effective EL experience Facilitate continuous improvement Idea: precursor to Internship Exchange & Fund?

9 Experiential Learning and Tenure Policy Experiential learning should be considered in the conferring of tenure UMN and MnSCU Grant funding from Minnesota Internship Fund for training to professors on EL Eventually required for schools receiving public dollars

10 Experiential Learning and Tenure Policy Ideas and Concerns – Feasible? Use incentives rather than mandates? – Applied only to certain vocations? – Work Experience Coordinators – Emphasize multiple types of experiences: both in and out of the classroom

11 Apprenticeships Ideas? – Work Experience Coordinators / “broker” role – Training fund for mentors to take on apprentices – Additional quality assurances/requirements of apprenticeships Require employers / large jobs to have apprenticeships Equal Opportunity Credential requirement – How to increase access / offerings? More outreach to small- and medium-sized employers

12 Youth Committee Recommendations Work-Based Learning License – Currently required for credit-based EL experience – Should be attainable via basic continuing education, not via the current two-semester program paid for by the teacher – Should be open to professionals outside the school – In the future, require EL training as part of the basic teacher license

13 Youth Committee Recommendations Incentives for Schools – Mandate experiential learning credit for graduation – Integrated with College & Career Plans – Grant money to schools to expand EL, provide teacher training, other support and materials – Broad definition of EL – Reward and recognize schools that reach key milestones

14 Youth Committee Recommendations Incentives for Business – Acknowledgement/award for businesses providing EL experiences. – Grants to reimburse wages for interns at small and medium-sized businesses in high growth & strategic industries Transportation – Establish a volunteer corps of Minnesotans to provide transportation to internships / act as mentors

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