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Introduction to Strong Point Strategy Executive Excellence Toolbox Presented by Sharon McCollick.

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1 Introduction to Strong Point Strategy Executive Excellence Toolbox Presented by Sharon McCollick

2 Business Process Analysis & Redesign Detailed Process Discovery Documentation and Flow Analysis Process Improvement Design & Execution Process Evaluation and Monitoring Strategy & Planning Strategic Planning Business Development Process Coaching Sales / Marketing / Technology / Change Strategy Growth & Change Management Change Management Planning & Implementation Technology Transition Management Program/Product/Project Management Change Management Operational Coaching/Facilitation Technology Development & Support Architectural and Operating Environmental Analysis Technology Utilization /Optimization/ Change Management Enterprise Technology Change Management Leadership & Management Training & Development Leadership Skills Development Team Building Business Management Skill Development Who is Strong Point Strategy?

3 Architecture for Building Growth Continuous Improvement is Implied

4 Areas of Expertise

5 What is the SPS Executive Excellence Toolbox? A collection of… + + + The Toolbox can be… - hardcopy - electronic - interactive/web-based Documents Tools Templates Processes Strategies & Approaches Know-How Experience Best Practices

6 Variety of Applications for Toolboxes Constructed for a variety of purposes such as: Team Building Interpersonal/Leadership Skill Development Business Planning and Building Examples: - New Credit Card Launch - New Hire Process/ Employee On-boarding - Organizational/Technology Change Management Leadership Toolbox Qualities and Attributes of Leaders Public Speaking Listening and Active Listening Clarifying Performance Expectations Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts Business Growth and Management Toolbox Strategic Plans and Planning Business Plans and Planning Communication Plans and Planning Sales and Marketing Plans and Planning Financial Plans and Planning New Credit Card Launch New Hire Process/Employee On-boarding Organizational/Technology Change Management Talent Building Toolbox Company's Corporate Value Proposition New Employee Handbook and Benefits Introduction Explanation of the Hiring Process New Hire Screening, Assessment and Aptitude Tools Standard Employee Interview Questionnaire An Introduction to the On-Boarding Process Advanced Interpersonal Skills

7 More Detailed Examples Processes: Leadership Processes Resolving a Conflict Negotiating Active Listening Methodology and Approach Business Processes: Corporate Merger Top Down Plan with a Broad Brush, Come back with greater clarity and then repeat Bottom Up Define all the details – Categorize – Boil Up – Identify Ownership Industry Standards Plan, Do, Check, Act (Total Quality Management Process)

8 More Detailed Examples Know-How Experience Best Practices Strong Point Strategy, LLC “Secret Sauce” Intellectual Property – “Experiential Knowledge and Expertise” Training, How-To’s, Guidelines, Coaching, etc., Working Sessions Approaches: Technology Change Management System LifeCycle - SDLC Rapid Development - SCRUM

9 We take… Real Value of the Executive Excellence Toolbox INTERNAL Know-How Experience Best Practices Strategies & Approaches Processes Documents Tools Templates Company’s “Secret Sauce” (IBC, HighMark, Accenture, Comcast, any other) (1 through 3 bottled) Intellectual Property - “Experiential Knowledge and Expertise” Training, How-Tos, Guidelines, Coaching, etc., Working Sessions Documents Tools Templates Processes Strategies & Approaches Know-How Experience Best Practices EXTERNAL

10 A Customized Toolbox with your Company label (all included) What Are You Really Buying? 1.Combined, Modified, Hybrid - becomes customized competitive advantage 2.Combination of inside vs. outside views/experiences and tools 3.Secret Recipe that is NOT repeatable - “Super Strength”

11 Scale Toolboxes for Broad Distribution NOW, we Custom-Build, Brand, Teach and Deploy Toolbox to create a whole class of builders Toolboxes are created for applications Merger and Integration Business Growth Leadership Development Customer/Customized Toolbox

12 It’s a Virtual Product Only Half Built – Only Half Baked Hyrbrid of Tools and Templates Hybrid of Processes (or selection of one over the other) Hand Picked Tools specific for the application No generic use… no “lack of fit” No one size fits all. Right tool, for the specific job at the right time used By the best expert – for companies this is their people Summary

13 We build out the Toolbox… using the Tools, Training and Consultation Build it while we are Building For scalability and reuse Training while we are Building Building apprentices and future experts Building in Customization and Personalization Which later becomes… authentic “from within” leadership Building in Scalability Intelligence and “how-to” information captured - We already know what works and what doesn’t What Happens Next?

14 Electronic …or Interactive …or Both Additional Training Modules What is Built?

15 Puts power in the hands of the company professionals Teach them to “fish” – build. Personalizes and authenticates real leadership in your organization Individual leadership builds corporate, competitive and market leadership Why is it Important?

16 Agree to use a “Toolbox-Building Approach” Decide the “end state” of the toolbox (electronic or interactive or both) - Capture video and audio if interactive is chosen Decide on the use of one or many tools Can decide one at-a-time Customize the Tool (Document/Processes/Knowledge, etc.) Example: Strategic Plan: Project Charters – Meeting Minutes Teach/while using – capture intelligence while using Deploy “Tools” for the toolbox one-tool at-a-time Toolbox can be deployed first at the beginning of an engagement Deliver complete Customized Toolbox at the end to all “builders” How Does the Process of Using the Toolbox Work?

17 Experience Itself: In the building and all the on-off and collaborative decisions in making the tools in the toolbox The Three B’s: The Bonding, the Branding and the “Building” of New Leaders and expert craftsmen (future builders of your company Organic knowledge, expertise and leadership Scalable Toolbox: It can then be used again for the same kind of building with better expertise Re-Use and Adaptation Personalization: Authentication: Empowerment: Inherent Strength Incredible focus through the use of the same language and tools Cultural Branding and Franchising of what “makes you great” What is the Business Value?

18 Documents + Trademark Process Training + Consultation Customization and Integration (Toolbox Collateral) Cost of Electronic Build (like SW Development) Can Insource or Outsource Cost of Toolbox and Branding How is it Licensed?

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