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Chandler-Gilbert Community College Environmental Technology Center Dr. Darien Ripple - ETC Coordinator.

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1 Chandler-Gilbert Community College Environmental Technology Center Dr. Darien Ripple - ETC Coordinator

2 Environmental Technology Center Part I History & Strategic Plan Part II ETC Pedagogy & Outreach ETC Pedagogy & Outreach Part III Experiential Learning and Student Projects

3 Environmental Technology Center (ETC) The goal of the Environmental Technology Center (ETC) is to maintain a low-impact and cost efficient living classroom. The ETC serves as an area for experiential learning projects that will allow students and community members the ability work on the evolving structure and surrounding gardens. The ETC seeks out ways of being sustainable while attempting to create a sense of place within the community.

4 Historical Development Fall 2006 Darien Ripple presented a paper to administration calling for the creation of an interdisciplinary academic certificate in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy and the development of an Environmental Technology Center Spring 2007 The proposal was introduced to the Global Learning Committee

5 2008 Seed money from a Shared Futures Grant was to be used to create the ETC Seed money from a Shared Futures Grant was to be used to create the ETC A consultant provided suggestions to construct a simple structure. An preliminary plan was approved by the CGCC Spring 2009 The ETC location was approved and the first student graduated with the Sustainability and Ecological Literacy certificate

6 Spring 2010 The first gardens began Summer 2012 A new ramada with a solar roof was built and sponsored by Salt River Project Current Projects 6 Clubs have garden plots Educational collaborations with 11 CGCC instructors Education projects with 4 public Schools Daisy troop educational tours Native Seed Project Adobe Brick Project

7 Chandler-Gilbert Community College 2007-2012 STRATEGIC GOALS & OBJECTIVES

8 GOAL #4 - Advance Global Learning & Sustainability Objectives 4.1 Embed Global learning and sustainability into the curriculum. 4.2 Expand and enhance programs and services that increase student and employee awareness and understanding of global issues that sustain life and learning. 4.3 Collaborate with external partners to support programs for a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable society. 4.4 Examine current practices, as well as opportunities, to move the college toward a highly sustainable, carbon neutral mode of operation and work with stakeholders and vendors aligned with principles of sustainability.

9 GOAL #6 - Strengthen Community Engagement and Civic Participation Objectives: 6.1 Strengthen and expand community and corporate partnerships 6.2 Expand outreach and promotional efforts to inform and engage the community. 6.3 Encourage a culture of civic engagement and social responsibility.

10 Academic Certificate in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy Description: The Certificate enhances students’ understanding of sustainable living practices associated with economics, equity and the environment. Through a combination of coursework and experiential learning, students engage in critical thinking, inquiry, and discourse, skills necessary for becoming socially responsible citizens who are environmentally aware. The certificate is designed for, although not limited to, students seeking an Associate in Arts Degree and planning transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Total Credits: 16

11 Required Course: Credits: 3 -PHI216Environmental Ethics Required Science Based Course: Select 4 credits from the following courses BIO105 Environmental Biology with Lab (4) or GLG110 (GLG111) Geological Disasters with Lab (4) Required Humanities, Social Science Courses and Wellness: Credits: 6 Students will choose 2 different courses from the following list: ENH206 Nature and Environmental Literature (3), ENH260 Literature of the Southwest (3), HUM201 Humanities: Universal Themes (3), SBU200 Society and Business (SB) (G),SBU200 REC150AB Outdoor Adventure Skills (3) Humanities and Social Science Electives: Credits: 3 Students will choose 1 course from the following list HIS110 World History to 1500 (3), HIS111 World History 1500 to the Present (3) HUM250 Ideas And Values in The Humanities (3), PHI104 World Philosophy (3) POS120 World Politics (3), PSY132 Psychology and Culture (3) SOC101 Introduction to Sociology (3) 11

12 Defining a Sense of Place

13 Experiential Learning Experiential learning is “a process in which the learner works on a learning task or activity and is largely independent of the teacher who acts as manager of the learning programme and as resource person” (Higgs, 1988, pp.40-41).

14 Observation and Reflection “The days following the development of the mixing pit, people came and went, but not me. I was having a good time. Adobe making gave me a sense of belonging. I was content that somebody appreciated the skill of the common people and realized that in many ways it makes a lot more sense than our so called advanced technology. I was ready to show the world the beauty and magic of adobe bricks.”

15 Experiential Learning Sensory gardens Edible Schoolyard Learning Stations Experiments

16 Place-based education Coordinator- Darien Ripple History of the area – Paul Petrequin Georegion – Roy Schiesser Service Learning – Alison Whiting Educational Outreach –Chris Schnick Educational Materials – Larry Miller Educational Materials – Larry Miller Instructional Technology – Tom Foster Applied Engineering – Bassam Matar In regards to the place-based education, faculty and staff performed particular roles to enhance the student learning process.

17 Faculty Projects Outreach to Area Schools Soil Temperature Analysis Food Bank Garden Applied Math & Plant Growth Composting & Writing Computers & Soil Testing Adobe and Art Environmental Ethics & Food Various Honors Projects

18 Student Projects Rain HarvestingCompost Pepsi GrantPublic relations LED LightingMixed Use Gardens Green HouseNative seeds Solar PanelsGreen Roofs Soil TestingAdobe Bricks “This project to me was not simply a project of researching green roofs but to also research what it means to live greener.”

19 Adobe Project 19

20 20

21 Building Communities 21

22 Academic Excellence Through Experiential Learning 22

23 A Sustainable Future

24 24

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