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Career Leadership Academy

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1 Career Leadership Academy
Connecting Leaders with Leaders: How Career and Leadership Development Work Together Kelley Ashby & Stacy Welp Career Leadership Academy The University of Iowa April 13, 2017

2 Presentation Objectives
Inform participants of the research supporting the Career Leadership Academy (CLA) Share CLA format—how leadership and career development are woven together Discuss the application of the Relational Leadership Model and the Social Change Model of Leadership Development Engage participants in a discussion of experiential learning opportunities Brainstorm ways participants can build this type of program on their campuses

3 Session Overview Group Activity
Review of 2008 NACE and The University of Iowa data History of Career Leadership Academy Career Leadership Academy Curriculum Experiential Learning Opportunities Discussion Lessons Learned Q&A – How can this be applied to your institution?

4 What Do Employers Want? Brainstorm on flip chart.


6 What is the Career Leadership Academy?
CLA Video

7 Career Leadership Academy at a Glance
4 Semester Program – 4 Phases Each Phase is 10 weeks Students earn Academic Credit Academy Graduation Notation on Transcript Open to all majors at The University of Iowa

8 Career Leadership Academy Sponsors
University of Iowa Provost Pomerantz Career Center Tippie College of Business 5 Business Sponsors 80 Businesses Endorse CLA

9 Who Are Career Leadership Academy Students?
Over 370 for Fall 2008 18% Minority/Underrepresented (UI campus average is 9 – 10 %) 44 Majors Colleges Represented Business CLAS Education Engineering Nursing 27 Alumni of Program

10 Career Leadership Academy Curriculum Leadership Models
Relational Leadership Model Social Change Model Situational Leadership

11 Career Leadership Academy Curriculum Texts
Komives, S.R., Lucas, N. & McMahon, T. (2007). Exploring leadership: For college students who want to make a difference. Anderson, L.E. & Bolt, S.B. (2008). Professionalism: Real skills for workplace success. Dietz, K.A. & Golden, J.P. (2004). Boundless Diversity: An introduction to the Golden Personality Profiler. Higher Education Research Institute (1996). A social change model of leadership development. (version 3)

12 Career Leadership Academy Curriculum 4 Phases Coursework
Phase I: Self-Aware Leader Phase II: Understanding Others Golden Personality Type Profiler Leadership Concepts, History, & Theory Relational Leadership Model What Employers Want Panel Informational Interview —Leadership in Career Field LeadersLive Luncheons Career Development Progress Journal Reflections Teambuilding & Groups Dynamics Communication Styles & Listening Skills Understanding Difference Problem Solving Leading Difficult People LeadersLive Luncheons Resume Workshop & Review Challenge Course Group Presentation Career Development Progress

13 Career Leadership Academy Curriculum 4 Phases Coursework
Phase III: Interacting with Others Phase IV: Engaging the World Leadership Styles and the Social Change Model of Leadership Transferable Skills Understanding Power Conflict-Resolution & Overcoming Team Problems A Leadership Self Assessment Networking Career Development Progress Service Project Mock/Perfect Interview Journal Reflections Professionalism Job Search & Interview Techniques Personal Financial Management Dealing with Change & Transition Accountability & Workplace Relationships Career Development Progress Etiquette Dinner Presentations Academy Graduation

14 Career and Leadership Skill Development Activity
Hand 1 copy of “The Perfect Candidate” to each group (5 – 6 groups). Show List Experiential Opportunities. Activity: Have groups discuss what skills come out in each of the experiential opportunities. Come up with your own activities if time permits in your group.

15 Career Leadership Academy Experiential Activities
LeadersLive Luncheons Mock Interviews Networking What Employer’s Want Panels Resume Writing Workshop Job and Internship Fair Service Learning Project Challenge Course Group Presentations Etiquette Dinner Informational Interview Graduation Ceremony Planning

16 Lessons Learned - Successes
Program growth from 56 students in Spring 2007 to over 500 in 5 semesters  90% of the students who start CLA, continue with the Academy 100% of 1st CLA Graduating Class wants to continue to be involved with the Academy Will Fix

17 94% of Phase I students reported CLA helped them better understand themselves, leadership concepts, and employee readiness

18 80% of Phase II students reported CLA helped them understand how group dynamics influence the effectiveness of teams and work groups “The Leadership Academy has really opened my eyes about different aspects and ways of leading through specific activities.  A lot of people, like me, probably think they know who they are and what type of leader they are, but when you actually sit down, do the activities, and can physically see the results, it is a different story.”   Todd

19 90% of Phase III students reported CLA helped them understand how service and leadership are related
“I was extremely pleased that this (service) project was within the course objectives for Phase III. The classroom teachings of the Career Leadership Academy can only go so far, but being able to apply the knowledge in a real life situation gave the students a better understanding of leadership roles. Additionally, I enjoyed the autonomous nature of the project. Students are not always going to be spoon fed by teachers or employers about guidelines. Learning from our mistakes is much more valuable.” Bridget

20 100% of Phase IV students report CLA met their expectations
“Getting involved in the Career Leadership Academy was one of the best things I could have ever done during my college career.  Not only have I learned more about leadership styles, capabilities, and myself but I have also learned about some very exciting opportunities. I know that because of this new understanding of my leadership skills and qualities, I will be a better leader at my future place of employment.” Brittani

21 Lessons Learned - Challenges
Managing the Growth: Keeping it intimate and meaningful Diversity of Students: Meeting students where they are Variety of majors Challenging students to grow whether they are freshman to junior Pass / Fail versus Graded Course Funding Academic Buy-in

22 How can this be applied to your campus?
Q. & A. How can this be applied to your campus?

23 Thank You! Kelley Ashby Director Career Leadership Academy Pomerantz Career Center The University of Iowa 100 Pomerantz Center, Suite C310 Iowa City, IA Stacy Welp Graduate Assistant Career Leadership Academy Pomerantz Career Center The University of Iowa 100 Pomerantz Center, Suite C310 Iowa City, IA

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