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Coursework Origins It was developed as ‘Object Oriented Enterprise Engineering’ course for Dept. of Defense in 1996. Requirements were for OO language.

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1 Coursework Origins It was developed as ‘Object Oriented Enterprise Engineering’ course for Dept. of Defense in 1996. Requirements were for OO language & Relational Database. The Col. in charge wanted Order Entry, Accounting, and EDI. Fictitious case studies made a small ‘EDI Trading Community’ using the subset of ANSI X-12 adopted by DOD. Teams used Visual Basic/Access, PowerBuilder/ASA, or Oracle to make application for their case study. Systems had local UI, also exchanged Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Journals via simulated EDI with the other systems in the class.

2 DOD Students The best classes were seasoned Analysts & Programmers and had seen the SDLC a few times, first hand. Few were experienced with ‘accounting’, but most knew about how to implement requirements in databases and software, and accounting was just another requirement. Turned loose with very little direction except presenting the case studies, they made excellent UML analysis, fleshed out the details of the design, learned the languages involved, and produced excellent prototype application software. They provided their own ‘framework’

3 School of Business Seniors Few seasoned Analysts or Programmers, many/most have no experience in business, haven’t used or seen ‘a system’ in production. They haven’t had the opportunity of working with basic documents of commerce: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Checks, Picking Lists, Manifests, Receivers, Schedules, Journal Vouchers. The Case Studies may be their first experience beyond the mention of them in the classroom. Texts and labs in their earlier programming and database classes have focused on elements of languages and data structures and may not be ‘business related.’ Without some supplementation, they aren’t provided a ‘framework’ that will help them excel at systems projects.

4 Seniors’ Projects Left to their own devices they are likely to design databases and objects that look impressive at first glance, but won’t work in practice. The course should give them time and support to make it work. Their Senior Project should challenge skills developed in earlier coursework in the Business and Information Systems cores. The framework includes simple, ‘classic’ concepts that can be applied to commerce.

5 Accounts, Products, Orders, Details, Ledger…

6 A general Framework In the later course, Senior Projects in Information Systems, students have a framework that helps guide their analysis and design efforts toward a working prototype. It helps provide understanding of business documents, accounting, and other processes expected of a business school graduate.

7 It can be applied to a simple enterprise for an individual project

8 Order Entry

9 Accounting

10 A more complex Case Study makes a good team project: Order Entry; Fulfillment; Accounting; EDI PO, Invoice, Journals

11 Instructor Provides Centralized Catalog for the EDI Community Ledger Engine at ‘Home Office’ receives accounting journals via EDI, provides financial statements Automated Clearing House to simulate credit card transactions for Customer-to-Business interfaces ‘EDI-Enabled’ Suppliers so students can exercise their Automatic Fulfillment mechanisms, having an EDI trading partner who can edit & respond to their EDI Purchase Orders. Demos with the application development environments to show objects and algorithms for common data processing tasks.

12 EDI Journal and Trial Balance Report for an enterprise ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ledger Engine" To: ; Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 3:53 AM Subject: !*!*JV response from Ledger Engine > Received from Enterprise #0000 Brand Now > Dated 20030414 Time 035248 > > JV*0000*20030414 > NET*3000*-2500000 > NET*1040*11000 > NET*5050*50000 > NET*4000*-394100 > NET*1000*2489700 > NET*5000*263400 > NET*5030*80000 > JVE*9 > Previous Journal for this date has been backed out of the Ledger > > Ledger Trial Balance as of this JV Transaction: > > 1000 Cash 24897.00 > 1040 Equipment 110.00 > 3000 Owner's Equity (25000.00) > 4000 Sales of Goods (3941.00) > 5000 Cost of Goods Sold 2634.00 > 5010 Cost of Services Sold 0.00 > 5030 Wages 800.00 > 5050 Rent 500.00 > ------------ > 0.00

13 ‘Ledger Engine’ Trial Balance Report for a class 3333 PsychTek: 1000 Cash 8588.00 1040 Equipment 2000.00 3000 Owner's Equity (10000.00) 4000 Sales of Goods (2520.00) 4010 Sales of Services (890.00) 5000 Cost of Goods Sold 200.00 5010 Cost of Services Sol 320.00 5030 Wages 252.00 5040 Administrative Costs 1000.00 5050 Rent 1000.00 5062 Internet Access 50.00 Net: 0.00 5869 Action Auto Tint: 1000 Cash (5340.00) 1040 Equipment 45.00 3000 Owner's Equity 5000.00 4000 Sales of Goods 125.00 4010 Sales of Services 75.00 5000 Cost of Goods Sold 55.00 5010 Cost of Services Sol 40.00 Net: 0.00

14 With the framework provided: Students get farther with their prototypes in the course of a semester. Powerful CASE and 4GL tools make expectations of a more complete system possible. Where only one subsidiary journal was possible in the early 80s, now a team’s prototype can handle four or five Actors shown in their UML, tracking all details of commerce ‘from the counter to the bottom line’. Their documentation packages describe a somewhat complex application that shows off their analysis and design skills as they interview for jobs. They are able to talk animatedly and accurately about their project in technical, behavioral interviews. Lessons learned from the design & build experience are maximized when they result in success.

15 This Semester’s Environments Rational Rose/XDE for UML Diagramming VisualBasic.NET (+ a few C#.NET) with Access, SQLServer, and Oracle Database. A few Apache/MySQL/PHP applications Several Case studies are being used, including: the ‘Meet Coordinator’ used prior in INFO361; a not- for-profit organization that is furnishing real data, including interface with Yahoo store via XML; a Psychiatrist’s practice; a small Legal office; and others suited for individual or team effort.

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