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Transforming students and community through experiential diversity education Assistant Professor Helen Moll Montreal Miller Shelley Schaefferkoetter Marian.

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1 Transforming students and community through experiential diversity education Assistant Professor Helen Moll Montreal Miller Shelley Schaefferkoetter Marian College

2 Marian at a Glance Fond du Lac Wisconsin (population 40,000) Private Catholic college (Sisters of St. Agnes) ACT scores 20.2 Tuition – 15,500 Room and board 5, 240 Total enrollment 2,918 – Full time undergraduate 1,319, Graduate 919

3 Marian continued Gender 30.1% men, 69.9% women 87% Caucasian Applied liberal arts – (Nursing, education, social work, administration of justice, business)

4 How it all started- 1999 Hate Crime occurred to a student on campus Junior level social work students asked to do a class project about this event Planned a diversity Rally within 2 weeks Included legislators, city council members Walk with signs, speakers, t-shirts

5 Reactions Why are you (a white student) doing this? Students of color started to seek out the students planning the event Students of color afraid to come to the event Students planning had to take safety precautions College started a diversity task force

6 Campus Diversity activities Diversity week celebration Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration Afghan refugee camp Black History Month activities Women’s History Month activities Shantytown experience Black Holocaust museum field trip Campus Climate Survey Climate Focus groups Class projects

7 Activities continued Mix it up day Diversity Study Circles 1 credit class – Social Perspectives on Diversity Workforce development Conference (Spring 2003) Student Social work association sponsored a candle light walk to protest a Hate Crime (spring 2001)

8 Presentations during diversity week Always open and close with these two events Opening ceremony (different faith traditions) International night (20-25 countries)

9 Presentations continued Oneida Pow-wow Succeeding with disabilities Racism our unfinished agenda Diversity and the workforce of tomorrow Aging and the elderly Religions of the world From all nations they come dancing

10 Presentations continued Globalism – Business and Politics Envisioning a multicultural resource center Creating a safe place for all Courage to explore - an interactive children’s center Re-inventing gender Healing the Wounds of Racism through dialogue and partnership

11 Presentations continued The African Drums are calling Native American storytelling Challenge of women in politics A safe place for all - Homophobia and its impactus all Video and panel discussion – Coming out A musical journey – Growing Nation A Glimpse of the Global Village through the eyes of Hispanic and Latino Americans

12 Presentations continued An evening of poetry with Elece Kunungra McKnight (Zimbabwe poet) Unheard voices: Living in a post 9/11 America (international students)

13 Results Certificate of commendation from Governor (2000) Proclamation from city council (2000) Spawned community grassroots groups Increased knowledge and exposure to different groups Discussion of expanding international night Students taking responsibility for planning events

14 Martin Luther King Jr. day activities National speakers (Bob Zellner, Dr. Cain Hope Felder) Community potluck and worship service Breakfast (community leaders) Community celebration with reflection and music

15 Community Groups United for Diversity (Peacefest) Communities First (ministerial) We welcome diversity (united for diversity, FDL newspaper) Ebony Vision

16 Projects used in community practice class Diversity Rally Campus Climate Survey Campus focus groups on diversity (2000) Community Needs assessment focus group facilitation Community diversity assessment Diversity week community projects Diversity week special group presentation Diversity week same sex marriage presentation

17 Climate Survey Results Majority of students experienced or observed one or more incidents reflecting insensitivity to diversity at some time Insensitivity is frequently seen in “humor” or “jokes” Sexual preference is the area where greatest insensitivity is shown, followed by race and gender

18 Results continued Many freshman appear unaware of efforts being taken by the College to support diversity Few admitted responsibility for overt acts of discrimination, although 1/3 admitted to spreading rumors that reinforce prejudiced attitudes Problems of interracial tension most often in residence halls, followed by classrooms and student center

19 Results continued Among the negative consequences reported, although not a frequent event, 1in 5 admitted fearing reactions of others at some point, 1 in 7 have attempted to hide or minimize aspects of their culture, and 1 in 15 have feared for their personal safety as a group member at some time

20 Focus Group Questions Which statement about diversity (tolerance versus acceptance and celebration) did you choose and why? What are some positive things about diversity What are some negative things about diversity Which groups would be least likely to be accepted here? Why?

21 Questions continued Which groups would you have the hardest/easiest time welcoming? Do you feel included/accepted on campus (FDL)? What are some examples of being accepted or not accepted?

22 Results Students had different views of tolerance and acceptance Because your tolerate, you’re open minded and you accept. With all that comes respect Diverse students need to make the first move and then others will accept them

23 Reflections from students needs assessment focus group Focus group made me feel the pain of the people in the group Embarrassed that I was white Powerful and valuable experience Grown from the experience I will never forget what these individuals said Have lived a very sheltered life

24 Reflections continued Eye opening experience One of the most enriching experiences of my life Helped me grow personally Really opened my eyes Never realized this was a problem I was shocked at what came out of their mouths

25 Reflections continued Actually embarrassed to be a white person Most informative project Most rewarding project Could feel my stomach turn

26 Reflections on Homophobia presentation Learned how homophobia affects everyone Presentation an excellent idea Students that were forced to go still got something out of it Presentations were discussed in classes and brought a lot of new ideas and concepts to individuals

27 Reflections continued Events touched something deep inside and gave me the strength to share one of my deepest hidden feelings One of the quotes broke my heart and left me in silence

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