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Experiential Learning

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1 Experiential Learning
The Center for Student Achievement is proposing the creation of a center for Experiential Education. Experiential Education will define and coordinate internships, cooperative education, research and service learning relationships among Purdue University Calumet faculty, staff and students. a world of learning opportunities…

2 Purpose Provide information about Experiential Learning Gain input
Exchange ideas

3 Experiential Learning Defined
Experiential learning refers to learning activities that involve the learner in the process of active engagement with and critical reflection about phenomena being studied. NSEE, March 2006

4 Experiential Learning
Strategic Plan Fit Improve student success and retention Enhance the classroom learning environment Cultivate and energize community learning partnerships

5 Senate Document May 3, 2006 Faculty Senate approves CEP resolution that recommends formation of an Ad Hoc Committee representing all the Academic Schools, Academic Affairs, The Office of the Chancellor, The Center for Student Achievement, the Center for Instructional Excellence and the CEP. Experiential Learning Task Force begins.

6 An Educational Partnership
Purdue University Calumet Faculty, EL Coordinators, Advisors Concrete Experiences Kolb (1981) Student Partner Site

7 Standards of Practice: Eight Principles of Good Practice
Intention Preparedness and Planning Reflection Authenticity Orientation and Training Monitoring and Continuous Improvement Assessment and Evaluation Acknowledgment National Society for Experiential Education. Presented at the 1998 Annual Meeting. Norfolk, VA (

8 Purdue University Calumet Experiential Learning Programs will incorporate a supervised and structured learning experience that promotes critical thinking, observation and reflection, to foster intellectual, personal and professional development.

9 Experiential Learning
Types of Experiential Learning Programs Service Learning Experiential Learning Under- graduate Research Practicum Cooperative Education Design Project Internship Cultural Immersion

10 Types of Experiential Learning Programs
Service Learning refers to a structured experience in the community with specific learning objectives where by the learner will partake in active collaboration that builds on the resources, skills, expertise and knowledge of the campus and community. Cooperative Education refers to a formal, structured plan of education in which students alternate periods of full-time classroom study with periods of paid, supervised, and progressively responsible training related to their academic major.

11 Types of Experiential Learning Programs
Internship - combining practical experience with a structured learning experience to support academic and career goals Undergraduate Research - a scholarly or artistic activity that leads to the production of new knowledge Design Project - a problem solving activity to provide students with a supervised experience within a particular course Cultural Immersion - a travel experience which involves both academic learning and value added experiences designed to enhance student awareness of cultural differences Practicum - a supervised clinical lab, work or service experience done by a student to make the connection between theory and practice of a particular discipline

12 Partnership with NSEE NSEE is the National Society of Experiential Education Strategic partnership with NSEE to provide Faculty and Staff development National links to established best practice Universities Resource of faculty experts in the field of Experiential Education

13 Advantages Experiential Learning at Purdue University Calumet will improve and broaden opportunities to apply research/learning in a particular field of study Students will be offered broad opportunity to acquire practical learning experiences Partner sites will be offered a range of expertise, research interests and intellectual resources Enhance the classroom experience with cutting edge research, business and technology initiatives Purdue University Calumet will showcase an exemplary experiential program

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