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Experiential Learning Theory (Carl Rogers) Presented by Foo Jiann Wui.

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1 Experiential Learning Theory (Carl Rogers) Presented by Foo Jiann Wui

2 Confucius (450 BCE) Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand. Centuries ago from now

3 Carl Rogers Experience is, for me, the highest authority. The touchstone of validity is my own experience. No other person’s ideas, and none of my own ideas, are as authoritative as my experience. It is to experience that I must return again and again, to discover a closer approximation to truth as it is in the process of becoming in me. Come back to the modern

4 Rogers recognized 2 types learning styles

5 Cognitive Memorizing facts Experiential Doing and experiencing

6 The Way People Start Learning Human beings have a natural potentiality to learn Significant learning occurs when the learner perceives the relevance of the subject matter Learning is facilitated when the learner participates responsibly in the learning process Self-initiated learning is acquired by doing

7 Principles of Experiential Learning Independence, creativity and self-reliance are all facilitated Self-criticism and self-evaluation are basic Retaining and openness to experience "Learning during the process of learning"

8 Experiential Learning Cycle PlanDoReview

9 Experiential Learning Cycle Plan -Set a goal -Decide the activities to achieve the goal -Decide expected learning outcomes Do -Engaging Activities -Self-directed learning

10 Experiential Learning Cycle Review -Check the effectiveness -Compare the actual outcomes with the expected outcomes

11 Experiential Learning Cycle PlanDoReview What do you want to learn? How do you going to learn? No questions! Just do it! Why are these happened? How come?

12 Implementation -Can be a highly effective educational method -Learner should involve in the whole learning wheel -A fun learning environment helps the learner to retain the lessons for a longer period -May apply on teaching, experimenting and even gaming

13 New skills Team management Communication skill Leadership New way of thinking New attitudes What you will gain?

14 References 1.Jarvis, P. (2006). Towards A Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning. New York, New York: Routledge. 2.Kirschenbaum, H. (2004). Carl Rogers's Life and Work: An Assessment on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth. Journal of Counseling & Development. 3.Neil, J. (2004). Experiential Learning cycle - Overview of 9 Experiential Learning Cycle models. From LearningCycle.htm

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