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October 21, 2014 College and Career Readiness (CCR) Seminar Activity.

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1 October 21, 2014 College and Career Readiness (CCR) Seminar Activity

2 Exploring Careers and M What Career Is Right for Me? Exploring Careers and Majors for Me! Career Clusters

3 CCR Activity: Exploring Careers and Majors for Me! What Career is Right for Me? Resources Needed: Career Interest Survey Sheet Career Interest Areas Sheet Pen or Pencil (Copies will be prepared for your seminar students of the above handouts) OR Computer/Projector (Use your computer/ projector to go over it together as a class)

4 Goals: The purpose of the Career Interest Survey is to provide students with knowledge and experiences that will contribute to making informed choices regarding their educational plans. 1.Expose students to many different technological career fields within the Career Clusters. 2. Assist the student to gain insights into their personal interests and aptitudes with respect to the Career Fields.

5 CCR Teachers Instructions: Ask students when they grow up do they want to make money? Ask students why they think they should go to college? Discuss with students the Missouri Wages (Education and Training 2012-2022) Pass out the Career Interest Survey. Tell students to write their first and last name on top of page (Career Interest Survey) Read the DIRECTIONS to the students out loud and have them complete Interest survey Have the students count the number of times they circled each letter and record each number in the chart. Have the students write down their TOP THREE interest areas based on their interests and skills. Start a class discussion if time allows regarding developing a career plan. Please place CCR activity in students folder. Students Instructions: Complete the Career Interest Survey Participate in classroom discussion








13 Feedback from activity: Teachers please ask for feedback at the end of the CCR activity and list what we can do to improve the activity or what the students enjoyed. Needs Improvement………… We enjoyed learning about……….

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