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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ” ربنا تقبل منا انك أنت السميع العليم “

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1 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ” ربنا تقبل منا انك أنت السميع العليم “

2 COURSE SPECIFICATIONS توصيف المقررالدراسي Hosam Romih Prof. Otolaryngology

3 Objectives أهداف المحاضرة Course specifications Definition التعريف Value الفائدة Template النموذج Basic Components المكونات الأساسية Giving examples أمثلة Relation to program spcs العلاقة بالمنهج

4 Course Specifications توصيف المقررالدراسي Definition التعريف A document that “ says what will be done” when teaching a course وثيقة تصف بدقة ما سوف يتم عند تدريس المقرر

5 Course Specifications توصيف المقررالدراسي لماذا ؟؟؟

6 Can be used by: Teaching staff أعضاء هيئة التدريس Actual & potential students الطلبة والمقدمين على الالتحاق External examiners الممتحنون الخارجيون Other teachers and institutions الجهات الخارجية


8 Course Specifications Template نموذج توصيف المقررالدراسي Determines the items to be addressed تحديد البنود Produces a structured format which is similar in all courses لتوحيد النماذج DOES NOT dictate specific content لا يملي محتوي المقرر

9 Course Specifications Template Basic information Aim of the course Intended learning outcomes Course contents Teaching and learning methods Teaching and learning facilities Student assessment Learning and reference materials

10 Basic Information البيانات الأساسية Name of the institution اسم الكلية Title of the Program عنوان المنهج Department responsible القسم المسئول Course code & title اسم المقرر وكوده Year of the program in which the course is taken العام الدراسي

11 Example: Histology Tanta University Faculty of Medicine Department of medicine Course specifications Course title: Histology First year of M.B.& B.Ch. program (2005/2006)

12 Basic Information (cont..) يتبع Allocated marks: الدرجات المخصصة Course duration مدة المقرر number of weeks / Full academic year(s) during which the actual teaching would take place duration of clinical rotation(s) and time of the final assessment (end of semester/ end of year) if different from the teaching period.

13 Basic Information (cont..) يتبع Teaching hours الساعات التدريسية Total( )Theoretical النظري ( ) Practical & small groups العملية ( )

14 Basic Information (cont..) يتبع Course director: مسئول المقرر Teaching staff: names, or numbers and academic degrees, those only in action أعضاء هيئة التدريس ( الأسماء أو العدد فقط + الدرجة العلمية ) للقائمين بالتدرس فعليا

15 Aim of the course هدف المقرر Broad statement of what the course will provide for learners جملة أو جمل عريضة توضح المقصود اكسابه للطالب Example: Pediatrics o To enable students to provide basic health care for individuals in the Pediatric age group (neonates, infants, children and adolescents). Example: Forensic and toxicology o The aim of the course is: o 1. To provide basic background of different medicolegal aspects of living and dead individuals o 2. To provide basic knowledge of medical ethics and malpractice o 3. To provide ability to diagnose and manage intoxicated patients.

16 ILOs المخرجات التعليمية المستهدفة What the students should be able to do after taking the course Specific مخصوصة MEASURABLE قابلة للقياس Accurate دقيقة Realistic واقعية Timeliness محددة بوقت

17 ILOs المخرجات التعليمية المستهدفة Action verb فعل حسي Object “ What? ” and How ” Condition Subject “ Who? ” = student Timing “ When? ” = at the end of the course Are mentioned once at the start

18 ILOs: example in Pediatrics At the end of this course, students should be able to (when) (who) Formulate appropriate management plans for individual patients presenting with the most common Pediatric disorders. The management plan should indicate investigations (and how they would be interpreted) as well as treatment. Action verb What Condition how

19 ILOs المخرجات التعليمية المستهدفة ♣ Knowledge and Understanding معرفة ♣ Skills مهارات Professional skills -Clinical skills -Practical skills Intellectual skills -analysis, synthesis, critical appraisal, creative thinking, … General skills -communication skills, self learning, ICT, management, ♣ Attitudes ميول وسلوك

20 ILOs المخرجات التعليمية المستهدفة ACTION VERBS determine the type of outcome الأفعال الحسية تحدد نوع المخرج

21 ILOs المخرجات التعليمية المستهدفة describe the detailed structure of the cell organelles under electron microscope recognize and differentiate the type of tissue under light microscope of H&E stained slides Deal with his colleagues in an honorable and generous way

22 ILOs Teaching methods طرق التدريس Educational resources الامكانات التعليمية Student assessment تقويم الطلاب Course evaluation تقويم المقرر

23 Remember تذكر The course is a part of a Program المقرر جزء من المنهج The sum of the ILOs provided by individual courses should cover the program ILOs مجموع مخرجات المقررات يجب أن تغطي كل مخرجات المنهج

24 The Program Matrix جدول المنهج ILOs FEDCBA XX Course 1 XXX Course 2 XX Course 3 XXX Course 4

25 Course Contents محتوى المقرر A course consists of several topics عناوين المواضيع List the topics, a short description of each topic وصف موجز لكل موضوع Lists of procedures, experiments, clinical cases, museum jars, projector slides, operations, … أسماء الالعمليات، الحالات..... الخ The topics must comply with the ILOs: each ILO should be represented in the content بما يتوافق مع المخرجات

26 Course contents No. of hrs TOPIC Practical/ small groups LecturesTOTAL 1 2 3 4 5 %TOTAL hr

27 Teaching & learning methods طرق التدريس How can the ILOs best be achieved? How will the contents be presented to learners? Students and teachers should accept, understand and use the proposed teaching methods and materials

28 Teaching & learning methods طرق التدريس List of used methods eg-Lectures المحاضرات -Small group tutorials المجموعات الصغيرة -Clinical training التدريب العملي -Field visits الزيارات الميدانية Teaching plan and schedule الخطة التدريسية Includes the course logistics; time and place of each activity and the weekly and total teaching hours per activity

29 Teaching and learning facilities امكانات التدريس Lecture halls قاعات المحاضرات Small group classes قاعات التدريس المجموعات الصغيرة Computers/ ICT facilities الحاسوبات Library المكتبة Laboratories/ lab equipment المعامل Skills labs/ training models Museum Clinical facilities

30 Student assessment تقويم الطلاب How to ensure/ measure the attainment of ILOs by the learners? لقياس مدى تحقق المخرجات

31 Student assessment تقويم الطلاب Attendance criteria نسية الحضور Written examinations الامتحانات التحريرية Oral examinations الامتحانات الشفهية Practical examinations الامتحانات العملية Log books كتاب العملي Assignments الواجبات الخاصة

32 Student assessment تقويم الطلاب Assessment methods: should match ILOs Assessment schedule نظام الامتحانات Grading system: توزيع الدرجات -Weighing of assessments -Passing/ grading criteria -Formative-only assessments (no marks, feedback to students, educational value) Description of assessments وصف طريقة المتحانات

33 Learning and reference materials الكتب والمراجع ESSENTIAL Course notes, handouts, etc كتب ، مذكرات Recommended textbook(s) مراجع SUGGESTED References, websites, etc دوريات ، مواقع على الحاسوب

34 To summarize Basic Components of course specification template Basic information Aim of the course Intended learning outcomes Course contents Teaching and learning methods Teaching and learning facilities Student assessment Learning and reference materials

35 Important The Department Council and the faculty council should approve the Course Specifications يعتمد هذا المستند من مجلس القسم ثم مجلس الكلية

36 Tips  Do it because you want to do it, not because you have to do it  Do it in a collaborative work to assure maximum sharing  You can make it a real experience for faculty development and education reform or you can fit in the blanks and formats


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