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PRESENTED BY: Jennifer Pelletier Megan McManus Stephanie Lennon Tracey Hollingsworth.

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1 PRESENTED BY: Jennifer Pelletier Megan McManus Stephanie Lennon Tracey Hollingsworth

2 WHAT IS ? A SMART Board is an electronic whiteboard used in conjunction with a projector. The projector plugs into a computer and the computer’s desktop is projected onto the board. The teacher can write on or select anything on the screen using his/her hands or by picking up special pens that come with the board. A SMART Board is essentially a big touch screen computer.

3 IN THE CLASSROOM Recognize handwriting and turn handwritten words into typed text. Annotate digital images on the computer/screen. shapes, making any shape drawn by hand into perfectly drawn shapes. Be useful in creating games for students to learn. Record what you write so students can play it back later to better help them see step-by-step processes. Help second language teachers because you can choose a language other than English for the SMART Board to display. It recognizes the language written and allows the computer to put in accents and special characters when appropriate.

4 WHY SHOULD BE USED Allows for a creative way to involve students Great for demonstrations One-computer classes can maximize the use of limited computer access Pages can automatically be saved and can be printed, e-mailed, or even pasted into a website SMART Boards are EXCITING!!SMART Boards are EXCITING!!

5 WHY NOT TO USE A shadow is created by projector making writing and drawing difficult Elements can be sensitive to touch and somewhat confusing It is difficult use all of the features without some training SMART Boards are expensive Some students are sensitive to the light

6 RISKS & LEGAL/ETHICAL CONCERNS There appears to be no legal issues or ethical concerns with the use of a SMART Board, as it essentially replaces the traditional whiteboard. There may be some issues for students who have physical disabilities. Health concerns regarding both students with dyslexia and colorblindness. Headaches may occur due to the glare from both the projector and the whiteboard itself but can be further reduced by: Using lower power settings on projectors. Changing the default background color on all electronic resources when possible, to either a dark or pale color. Dark backgrounds and light color pens are very effective in bright sunny conditions.

7 SIMILAR TO whiteboard chalkboard overhead projectors LCD projectors

8 NOTHING COMPARES TO The Senteo interactive response system includes handheld wireless remotes, a receiver and powerful assessment software that allows you to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate the results. Notebook software sets the standard for creating, teaching and managing interactive lessons within a single application. Notebook SE is available as a bracelet. It’s soft- wear…get it? SMART Notebook SE offers the same creative tools and features as SMART Notebook software. With the portable bracelet version of SMART Notebook SE, students are able to use the software on any computer or mobile device, bringing their work with them everywhere they go.Notebook SE

9 EQUIPMENT & TRAINING Interactive whiteboards should be as simple as touching an icon to open a file, or picking up a pen to write notes over any application. SMART's software has features designed to help you achieve better results, simplify the way you work, and complete tasks more efficiently. SMART's free training materials and live online training sessions are available online at their Training Center. Training Center On-site sessions and training events are offered to master the SMART Board.

10 COSTS According to Hertz Furniture Systems, an interactive whiteboard costs $699 for a Mimio Xi version. offers interactive whiteboards at $2,087.75 for an interactive color whiteboard with two panels USB with a built in printer. also offers a NEC IW77 Interactive Whiteboard for $1,080.83. Headlight Audio Visual in Portland, ME: Projector $450 - $4,100 Interactive whiteboards $1119 - $3,299.

11 LESSONS BY: Megan McManus Lesson Plan #1 Lesson Plan #2 Lesson Plan #3

12 LESSONS BY: Stephanie Lennon Lesson Plan #1 Lesson Plan #2 Lesson Plan #3

13 LESSONS BY: Jennifer Pelletier Lesson Plan #1

14 LESSONS BY: Tracey Hollingsworth Lesson #1 Lesson #2 Lesson #2 Interactive Questions Lesson #3 About Lesson #3

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