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E- P O D I U M (Model : KPC-390 ) Cinesonic Audio Visual Pvt. Ltd.

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1 e- P O D I U M (Model : KPC-390 ) Cinesonic Audio Visual Pvt. Ltd.

2 What is e-Podium ?. All in one, integrated solution - Built in computer, Microphone, Speaker, Audio/video output and input channels.. Integrated Control System - Can control projector, projection screen, motorized lift, and other devices in the lecture rooms.. Writable screen that enables presenter to deliver a lecture or presentation while writing or drawing onto the screen (KPS’s quality software for writable screen makes the difference among others). The product can be configured according to the size of room, requirements of audio output power, and size of the screen.

3 AMP / DVD Electric Screen Projector PC/ Dual Display On Screen Writing (Tablet Monitor ) Laptop PC IP Camera Speaker USB/ Mike Lights/ Curtain Document Camera E-Podium What is e-Podium ?

4 Applications ApplicationDetail Colleges, Universities e-Lecturing, Multimedia Presentation Hospitals Seminar, Conference, Medical training Military Conference for strategy and tactics GovernmentPresentation or lecture EnterprisePresentation or lecture

5 Applications (Classroom & University)

6 Applications (Conference room)

7 ModelSpecificationProduct Image KPC-7000U Dual. 19” Touch screen with a pen. 10” LCD monitor. 120W Amplifier. KP-600U2 Network Controller. 7” Control Touch Panel. 1 Gooseneck & 1 Wireless microphone. 60 W Speaker (1 Pair). KPS Writing software. PC with keyboard, mouse. Document camera. Support HDMI. Built in 2 USB ports Product Comparison

8 ModelSpecificationProduct Image KPC-7000U Dual. 7” LCD Software enables to control 1 projectors, 1 screens, 1 electronic controlled curtains, 1 projector lift, 2 lightings. Multi-Password protected for operation and power control. 1 Drawers for holding presentation materials. Equipment rack to keep amplifier, microphone receiver, computer and controller Product Comparison

9 Product (Function) 1.Sliding Upper Plate - Using a strong material of ABS - Cover the monitor - Refined design 2. 19” Touch Monitor - 4-Wire Pressure distinguishable Type - Writable onto the monitor - Provide a efficient education environment 3. Gooseneck & Wireless Microphone - Conduct a efficient classes freely, comfortably

10 Product (Function) 4. Mouse hole and other supports - Support a convenience 5. Keyboard Tray - Support a efficient classes and comfortable education environment 6. Controller Touchscreen - Can control several devices easily (PC, Projector, Curtain, Lighting, DVD, VTR, etc..)

11 Product (Function) 7. Integrated Network Controller - Secure for projector and internal equipment desk, - Control: 2 Lightings, 1 Screens, 1 Projectors, 1Blinds, PC, 1 Lifts, 4 Power switches - Can connect with several external devices (Laptop, Document Camera, VTR, DVD, etc) 8. KPS Writing S/W - Enable presenter to deliver a lecture or presentation while writing or drawing onto the screen

12 Turning on the system. The system only gets booted if the password is put into the LCD touch panel.. We can set the date time etc at the touch panel.. Once on, the touch panel displays date and time and duration of the lecture.. The projector button opens up a page where we can choose from various inputs to the projector.. The display of the projector is replicated on the 19” touch display screen.. The audio button on 7” touch LCD when pressed opens up the audio control of microphones and speakers.. The screen control button on 7” touch LCD opens up the control page for motorized screen, lights, motorized lifts etc.. The power off button on the 7” LCD touch screen shuts down the podium completely, turning off the power supply to the equipments as well.

13 The Writing Software The software can include word, images, ppt etc.. For annotation purpose All the lecture’s and presentation’s can be recorded with audio on the computer. The still images can be taken from the document camera and then included into the software for annotation. The document camera can also be used as a web cam for software like Skype etc.

14 Any questions??? Thank you for your time For Cinesonic Audio Visual. Pvt. Ltd.

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