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ELearning IOSH Merseyside 2 nd June 2009 Dr Gary Mason.

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1 eLearning IOSH Merseyside 2 nd June 2009 Dr Gary Mason

2 Contents The start of my journey (1994) Challenges First attempts !! Technological changes eLearning production eLearning demo Blended learning Cost benefits and flexibility Questions?

3 Where did my journey start? Team of 5 trainers in a business of 20,000 people in the UK 50,000 Worldwide (call centres and engineering) 30+ courses Course administrators fighting an uphill battle !! 25% churn of employees in call centres Not all delegates turning up !! (fines) Reprographics dept in hiding ! For DSE training only just keeping up with churn !! Induction …. What induction !!

4 What did I do? Assessed what was available in 1994 (not much at all – very clipart based and ‘page turning’) Questioned the effectiveness of eLearning compared to Instructor Led Training Designed an eLearning course !!

5 What were the challenges? What do I build it with? –Macromedia Authorware What do I put in it? –An adapted Instructor led training course How do I distribute it? –Executable files on a networked server –Single file at first (4Mb) …. Then in small chunks (100k) How do I keep records? –Access database (limitations with scale) Did it work? –Sort of !! Bandwidth problems Server speed Plug ins I had to deal with IT Managers, ‘the brand police’ !! –Don’t go clogging up my network !! –You can’t use our logo like that !!

6 It looked like this !!

7 Technological changes

8 Networks

9 Broadband !!

10 Broadband penetration

11 Household internet Source – Office for National Statistics

12 Web based databases

13 Fast, affordable and powerful PCs

14 Production process eLearning production can be compared with the production of a small film –concept and review –educational specification and review –storyboard and review –alpha version and review –beta version and review –final version –testing –release

15 Storyboarding

16 Educational Specification

17 Completed page

18 Branch eLearning demo Click Here User ID: 29086 Password: merseyside Available until 30 th June 2009

19 SCORM eLearning courses may need to be SCORM objects (Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model) Can be used in SCORM compliant learning management systems (LMS) Standardisation of course outputs –Incomplete, started, complete, test scores

20 Log on to Learning !! Tracey Connage Deputy Director of HR and Diversity Brent Council “…. In fact eLearning can transform organisational development in rather the same way that the internet has transformed ordinary social relations and I believe that it is an approach that can no longer be ignored ….” People Management February 2007

21 Blended Learning The combination of multiple approaches to learning. For example:- self-paced, collaborative or inquiry-based study. Blended learning can be accomplished through the use of 'blended' virtual and physical resources. Examples include combinations of technology-based materials, face-to-face sessions, audio- conferencing, ‘webinars’ on-line ‘chat’ and printed materials.

22 Instructor led training content Structure and consistency

23 Audio-conferencing and chat What if the items are heavy or bulky? Up to 9 callers at once for no cost !

24 Webinars

25 IOSH webinar example - Webex

26 Cost benefits Instructor led training –Venue use or hire –Trainer costs Wait for a ‘full’ course before delivery –PC / projector / OHP etc.. –delegates travel cost –Delegates – time out from production Can everyone be released at once eLearning –Delegate time (can be interrupted) –A web connected PC (anywhere) –Module licence cost

27 Flexibility benefits Particularly for induction ….

28 Latest Development – IOSH Working Safely

29 Summary Technology is here eLearning can: –Deliver much of your training –Release you to concentrate on the management system and strategy –Improve assessment and record keeping Reduce costs Increased flexibility –Training at the right time !

30 Questions?

31 07957 804427

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