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CEAPRC PHOTO TOUR by Local Organizing Committee Welcome !

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1 CEAPRC PHOTO TOUR by Local Organizing Committee Welcome !

2 CEAPRC entrance The San Idelfonso Councillor Seminary was built in 1842 for primary education of the clergy. Later it became an important education center for young Puerto Rican men. During the mid XIX century, Bishop Gil Estevez y Tomás enlarged the structure to accommodate the growing numbers of students, clergy and missionaries enrolled there. Today it houses the Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

3 CEAPRC have institution personnel at main entrance for security; but the entrance is free to all visitors. Up street view from opposite site of CEAPRC entrance

4 North first floor corridor. Classroom’s area. Partial view of a classroom (they where painting them on our second visit- November 10, 2006

5 José Enrique (LOC) walking to CEAPRC office. All corridors are spacious to place tables for display and registration.

6 Principal first floor corridor with 4 prepare spaces for posters display.

7 Auditorium (CEAPRC offer it free with 1 projector & 1 small screen)

8 Auditorium stage Auditorium partial view

9 The auditorium have air condition, good illumination & pleasant chairs. Approved! Let’s do the quality control test.

10 Sergio entering to the CEAPRC Library. Note the posters displays at both side of Library entrance.

11 View of a poster display at the East corridor.

12 We can use carps for lunch & coffee breaks if we want to use the principal (bigger) interior patio Example of an activity that used the interior patio for lunch. We can rent the carps, tables and chairs.

13 Colonial kitchen room. We can use it to place coffee breaks or... for breakfast Ya tengo la sartén lista!!!

14 Lateral entrances to the kitchen Passage between interior’s patios

15 There is a second interior patio surround by 4 corridors on second floor.

16 Also at the second floor (west side) there is a Chapel.

17 Exit. Finish the tour we are ready to make dinner places list. Hall details: colonial ceiling with lamp and PR coat of arms.

18 Down street view from the CEAPRC entrance. Lets do a walk! Goodbye. See you soon in Puerto Rico.

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