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Gdańsk University of Technology Multimedia Systems Department.

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1 Gdańsk University of Technology Multimedia Systems Department

2 Gdańsk is a city of one thousand year old tradition, fascinating with its monuments and old buildings that have been brought back to life from ruins. It is a great Polish port on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the Vistula River. This city is a host for millions tourists each year. Gdańsk

3 Artus’ Court and the Neptune Fountain Gdańsk

4 Gdańsk The Gdańsk Crane

5 Gdańsk University of Technology -Main Building Technical University in Gdańsk was established in 1903

6 Faculty of Electronic, Telecommunications and Informatics

7 Multimedia Systems Department A total of 10 semesters of study (2 stage study program) lead to a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications, with a specialization in Sound & Vision Engineering. Sound & Vision Engineering is a comparatively young science, but has now been taught and researched at the Technical University of Gdansk for over 25 years. Our program was the first such educational specialization in Poland, and is among the oldest worldwide.

8 Head of the Department -Prof. Andrzej Czyżewski For more information contact:

9 Lectures Digital Processing of Audio & Video Sound Recording Psychophysical Acoustics Acoustics of Speech Acoustics of Music Sound Synthesis

10 Psychophysiology of Hearing and Speech Production hearing hearing aids cochlear implants speech articulation speech production impairments devices to ameliorate stuttering

11 Soft computing The Department leads the research on applications of soft computing to sound engineering  Dr Bożena Kostek with the model of fuzzy- logic controlled organ pipe

12 Computer Laboratory Students at computers with build-in DSP system

13 Sound Synthesis Laboratory DSP design and programming, especially within such specialty areas as sound synthesis, signal restoration and audio effects

14 Listening Room amplifier with Dolby Digital decoder speaker system 5.1 LCD projector

15 New auditory hall adapted to recording music and speech

16 New auditory hall connected to the Control Room adapted to recording music and speech

17 Control Room support for multitrack recording (Yamaha O1V+ADAT XT20) computer-based mastering using the Digigram PCX9 system

18 Postproduction Studio nonlinear video and audio editing equipment: PC with DV-Master card, DV- camera, S-VHS VCR

19 Recording Technology Laboratory takes place also in other than university locations

20 More information:

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