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Progress Grant Susan Di Federico Language Arts Robinson High School 2007.

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1 Progress Grant Susan Di Federico Language Arts Robinson High School 2007

2 February 12  Period 4 used the laptops to explore biography for a nonfiction writer Katha Pollett.  Following the reading of the selection, students found examples of advertisements featuring feminine and masculine.

3 February 13  Period 4 researched West Indies culture in order to write a modeling. (15 min.)  Students then typed a final copy of their writing to publish in a class anthology.

4 Art on the Internet  English students were exposed to Revolutionary art featuring Patrick Henry via the wireless Internet and projector.  Background information was easily located and shared.

5 Setting up equipment  Students assisted Mr. Maximo in the setting up of the wireless printing within the classroom.  They set the default printer, added the printer, and printed a draft to ensure proper printing outcomes.

6 “The Female Body”  Groups researched to analyze sections of a nonfiction reading and then present using Internet sites.

7 English Honors’ Persuasive Letters  Students are writing persuasive letters using logic and emotional arguments to ask parent’s permission.  The final typed letters were produced in class using the laptops and wireless printer.

8 Introduction of Grant Project Inspiration InterviewSurvey Palm PilotDigital Camera Video Camera

9 Palm Beaming of Surveys  Students returned with 10 survey answers.  Each pair beamed the individual survey to his or her partner for sharing.  Partners brainstormed on their best research idea.

10 St. Pete Times Guest Speaker  Special Editions on weather were discussed with students.  Hurricane 2007 publications will arrive soon.

11 Note Cards via the Internet  Students search the Internet for information on Hurricane Preparedness topics.  Wireless printer saves time, and students are confident they can finish 15 note cards in two class periods.

12 Video Camera Primary Research  Research teams conduct primary research by interviewing local citizens about what worries them most about hurricanes.  Results were used to determine research topics.

13 Students purchase storage devices  In order to work on the project at home, many groups purchased storage devices and downloaded the 30- day free trial of Inspiration 8.0.  This technology permitted additional work to be done at home.

14 On-line Presidential Commercials

15 Vocabulary Online Review  The Vocabulary Workshop used in all English Classes has review activities on- line.  Students utilized this resource using the laptops and wireless Internet in the classroom.

16 AP Grant Parent Night - April 25

17 Using EXCEL to evaluate projects  Students utilize Microsoft Excel to tabulate evaluation results to share with peers.  Each group entered, tallied, printed and distributed individual results to establish a group average.

18 Clay Animation Novel Project  Media Specialist, Paula Marczynski, instructed period 4 on using Claymation to present novel knowledge.  Students created storyboards and clay figures, devised backdrops, shot the scenes, and imported into Frames software.

19 Clay Animation Download and Presentation  Students took still shots and reordered, sized, and inserted backgrounds to complete videos.  Each group presented a finished project to the class and visitors from child care and the art department.

20 Cartoon Analysis for AP Exam  Students search for social cartoons to analyze prior to the AP exam. A cartoon was located and shared after individual notations were made.

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