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Leading-Edge Beijing Olympic Aug. 15, 2008.

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1 Leading-Edge Technology @ Beijing Olympic Aug. 15, 2008

2 2 Mass Use of RFID RFID ticket for secure Games  13.56-MHz HF chip die embedded in paper ticket  Sliver-ink printed antenna  a 1-kB memory chip  unique serial number stored in memory Printed antenna

3 3 Mass Use of MEMS (Accelerometers) Waving torch ( 助威棒 ) using MEMSIC device  Every one of 92,000 people in the stadium, including President Bush, received an electronic torch along with instructions to coordinate waving in the stands with professional performers on the field during the opening ceremony.

4 4 Mass Use of Radio Command “Shen Zhou 4000” command system controlled more than 18,000 performers through their ID codes and 5 FM radio broadcast station Embedded control button Headset connected to FM radio

5 5 Largest Projector Array Mass Use of Projector Array Christie Cinema® projectors covered major display and performance areas

6 6 Largest projector array creates seamless panorama 63 Christie CP2000 ZX Projectors allocated in 21 groups to cover the 500m long wall screen

7 7 84 Christie Roadster S+20k Projectors create motion pictures in objects 20,000 lumens @ 2Mp res

8 8 Mass Use of LED Cree Inc, NC, provided major LED in lighting and performance imaging  The Bird's Nest exterior has approximately 258,000 Cree XLamp LEDs providing dramatic lighting effects.  Cree LEDs are also used in two installations inside of the Bird's Nest Video screen in the main stage Picture scroll

9 9 LED Masterpiece in a 147m x 22m “paper”

10 10 LED strips Wheels Working man inside The only rolling part Picture Scroll Battery powered

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