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1 How to plan, develop and deliver … Effective Presentations Prepared by Richard Geyer SA Rostrum Tutors Panel.

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1 1 How to plan, develop and deliver … Effective Presentations Prepared by Richard Geyer SA Rostrum Tutors Panel

2 2 What are we going to talk about?  Speeches & presentations... what’s the problem?  The life cycle of a presentation  Getting started  Developing the presentation  Delivering the presentation  Using presentation tools  Controlling your nerves

3 3 The life cycle of a presentation Getting started Development Review    Delivery

4 4 Getting started Know what you want to achieve... so concentrate on the outcome...... then work on the process!

5 5 Getting started Consider … S ubject/ P urpose/ A udience What am I presenting? What is the purpose of my presentation? Who am I presenting to?

6 6 Developing the presentation Features & Benefits of ERP … BoardCEOICTCFOFinanceH/O Users Branch Users More timely reportingYYYYY Reduced training costsYY Reduced application support costs Fit with current architecture …Y

7 7 Developing the presentation Structure... reporting a problem... 1.Define the problem 2.Tell them what you are doing to fix it 3.Tell them what you will do to prevent it happening again

8 8 Developing the presentation Structure... selling your ideas... 1.Present an appealing vision – empathise, use your opening words to show your understanding of the issues... and speak the language of the audience! 2. Explain how it can be done 3. Summarise and seek approval for your proposition

9 9 Developing the presentation Structure... selling a proposal... Use the ‘power of three’ and present three options...... present the preferred one last,... and the least favoured option second.

10 10 Developing the presentation Delivering a presentation is a journey, and the people in the audience are your fellow travellers Cristina Stuart so make sure it’s an interesting journey!

11 11 Developing the presentation When you start to write your presentation...  Don’t talk to a computer screen – see a person!  Write as you speak  Use an ‘active conversational’ style  You speak around 120 words per minute, your audience thinks around 800 words per minute – keep their minds on the job!

12 12 Delivering the presentation We cannot not communicate!

13 13 Delivering the presentation  The first impression  The way you dress  The way you use your body  All components of facial expression, and...  Congruence of the verbal & non-verbal message We present a Visual message …

14 14 Delivering the presentation It’s amazing how much you can hear when no-one is saying anything … Elaine St. James Watch the audience and learn …

15 15 Delivering the presentation  Do you like your voice?  Use your breath to support your voice  Don’t be afraid of silence – pause!  Avoid “fillers”  Raise your voice to emphasise a point or call for action We present a Vocal message …

16 16 Delivering the presentation  Read books – aloud!  Read poetry – aloud!  Read children’s books – to children  Practice by talking with a recording of a voice you admire  Create a “benchmark” Would you like to improve your voice?

17 17 Delivering the presentation  Pronunciation,  Emphasis,  Pace & pitch,  Projection,  Volume, and...  Grammar Make sure you are heard, understood, and interesting... so be careful with your...

18 18 Delivering the presentation  Political correctness... or just good manners?  Jargon... make sure your language is ‘inclusive’  ‘But’ or ‘and’ or ‘however’  ‘I’ statements  Double negatives  The power of three  ‘Sell’ don’t ‘tell’ We present a Verbal message …

19 19 Delivering the presentation ‘Guide’ the audience... We don’t argue with our own information Pam Ciampa

20 20 Delivering the presentation Keep it simple... I have written you a long letter, because I didn’t have time to write a short one Blaise Pascal

21 21 Delivering the presentation I myself personally … “I” At this point in time … “now” Should a situation arise where … “if” Engage in meaningful dialogue … “talk” Be economical with your language …

22 22 Delivering the presentation With the greatest of respect … You must agree that … To tell you the truth … Correct me if I’m wrong, but … I don’t want to contradict you, but … Choose your words carefully …

23 23 Delivering the presentation Does the environment play a part in the effectiveness of your communication? We present an Environmental message …

24 24 Delivering the presentation Is there a place for humour in a presentation?

25 25 Using presentation tools Choose the best tool (or tools) for the job...  Whiteboard  Flip chart  Overhead projector  PowerPoint  Bring & Tell.... and....  sometimes it’s better to just stand and talk!

26 26 Using presentation tools Graphics... is this OK? ACME Capacity planning services ….

27 27 Using presentation tools Graphics... is this better?

28 28 Using presentation tools Graphics... how about this? Internal Skills and Abilities Work/IT Alignment Business Needs (Changing)

29 29 Controlling your nerves  Plan ahead – make this a way of life  Rehearse – practise, practise, practise …  Seek opportunities to present  Use relaxation exercises to ‘loosen up’  Be yourself – don’t act, be natural, use gesture & expression in a natural manner  Use affirmation & visualisation  Try something completely different???

30 30 Summary...  Develop your approach to the task  Build structure into your presentation  Collect, arrange and edit your ideas  Keep it simple  Be conversational  Choose the right words and use them wisely  Consider your presentation to be a journey  Practise & polish  Take control – develop ‘presence’  Be proud of yourself and learn from the experience

31 31 Something to think about … Pretend everyone has a sign on their chest that reads … ‘make me feel important’ Terry Paulson

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