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1 Simona Čechová Branislav Slobodník Filip Gavaľa 7.A

2 Presentation from Slovakia

3 The History Map Leadrship Inside our school Education Courses School Magazine

4 This is our school

5 History and present of our school The history of our school began on 4. september 1972. First director was m. Lukáč.Now, director is Mgr. Rudolf Klikušovský.In 2009 was reconstruction of school.In our school are lots of actions and events like :courses,academies.This school is very great. The school is big and we have modern equipment. We have an automat for milk, many computers.

6 School after reconstruction

7 Mgr. Rudolf Klikušovský director, artist

8 Mgr. Marián Dobrovolný Deputy for director, physic

9 Mgr. Jarmila Oravcová Deputy for director,

10 Teachers

11 In our school we learn 4 languages : Russian Language, English, German, Spanish. In our school are these subjects : Maths, Slovak language, Art, Music, PE, Science, Geography, History,Civics,Technical, IT…In our school are many activities: ex. (Rozprávame po rusky) – We are talking Russian language, (Cvičime si svoju rodnú reč) We practise our speech,(Matematický ) – Maths and more…

12 INSIDE The horse on the first floor

13 In our school are 29 classes and cca. 450 pupils, 38 teachers, 5 cleaners and 1 janitor.In our school are 5 intergrated classes.We have two gyms, 1 library,11 classrooms with a computer, printer a data-projector.We have a big dining room.


15 Laboratory of foreign languages – is very good because pupils can learn foreign language with modern equipment there.

16 Record in our school The biggest heart in Slovakia

17 Courses in our school 1. Swimming courses 2. Ski courses

18 Our school magazine In school magazine are news about our school. In this magazine are works of our pupils.

19 Thank you for your attention

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