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Pitfall The Cluttered Classroom. $189 $220 $205 $115 $360 Total: $1,090 TeachWell… $899 PLUS labor and installation!!

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1 Pitfall The Cluttered Classroom

2 $189 $220 $205 $115 $360 Total: $1,090 TeachWell… $899 PLUS labor and installation!!

3 TeachWell to the rescue! For Your Entertainment

4 T EACH W ELL™ M OBILE D IGITAL P LATFORM Platform for 21 st century learning environments Performs wherever it’s needed and whatever it’s needed for within and beyond the classroom

5 Remedy De-clutter, reclaim some space!

6 Pitfall Safety risks and poor ergonomics

7 Remedy Adjustability for comfort and efficiency

8 Installation costs and logistics? Bulb replacement cost and hassle? Visibility issues? Asset utilization? Pitfall Projector headaches

9 Remedy Projector alternatives

10 Pitfall Large investment, limited return

11 Remedy Maximizing the investment

12 Pitfall Sacrificing comfort & productivity

13 Remedy More comfortable, more productive

14 Alleviate space constraints and costs associated with traditional classroom components Mobile solutions perform where needed and facilitate interaction Quick and EASY to integrate! Promotes individualized comfort and use Affordable and justifiable TCO

15 Advantage How it works:  Large school districts, colleges and universities are eligible to receive a complementary Ergotron digital display mount or mobility product  Limited to one seeded product per K-12 or Hi-Ed organization. Their choice from eligible SKUs. NO obligation to purchase. (Seed qualifications: K-12 opportunities > 5,000 students per district, Hi-Ed opportunities > 10,000 students.)  After your opportunity is qualified you will be contacted by an Ergotron sales representative to arrange for a joint call and visit to the end user to set-up the product and create additional value  Receive increased rebate funding for sumITup seed placements that turn into sales for any Ergotron product of $10,000 or more within 90 days of the seed unit ship date, beginning 8/1/09. The 90 day period is effective the date the product ships. Ergotron Sales will work with you as needed to close the deal within the 90 days. BONUS ADVANTAGE

16 Thank you for joining us! For more information on today’s content and access to much, much more – visit: Stephanie Campbell Senior Channel Account Manager Ph: 352-686-5015 Grey Gordon Senior Product Sales Champion X74007

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