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RESOURCES: Finding things that help you be a great tutor!

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1 RESOURCES: Finding things that help you be a great tutor!

2 TUTOR TOYS In first two drawers, of the Tutor Hub cabinet, you will your nametag and banana sheet. In the bottom drawer, you will find materials to use creatively in your sessions: balls, note cards, pumpkins and candy (when we can!), math manipulatives, rocks, chemistry models etc.

3 TEXTBOOKS Sometimes your client forgets his/her textbook. Or maybe you need to review one to bone up on a topic. Check out the textbook cabinet. Some of these books are teacher editions and solutions manuals. Be sure to use those with discretion.

4 LAPTOPS You can use a laptop to access D2L for the client or to pull up on-line homework or to review a cool website you know or to work on a paper. Check it out at the Welcome Desk. Students cannot personally check these out without a tutor present.

5 DATA PROJECTORS You can use a data projector to display a Jeopardy game (We will show you how) or show a YouTube video or part of a film. Check it out at the Welcome Desk. We will show you how to set up the equipment. If your group meets in Landing or AARC Room A,E or M, you will have a projector already in the room.

6 MINI BOARDS Grab one and use for your session. They adjust by loosening the joints at the left and right of the board. Markers and mitts and bottles of cleaner are all around the AARC. Do not lean on them.

7 THE WORKROOM Here you can work, study, and eat. We have a microwave and a fridge!

8 COPIER 1. YOUR HANDOUTS MUST BE LIMITED TO ONE HANDOUT (PRINTED ON FRONT AND BACK) PER ONE HOUR SESSION. 2. PRINT NO MORE THAN 50 COPIES AT A TIME SO THAT: · Others may have a turn · Copier does not overheat or jam 3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR PAPER JAMS. REPORT PROBLEM TO WELCOME DESK. Tip: Don't wait until right before SI to print. The morning is a great time to print!

9 MARKERS AND MITTS In the workroom, you will find a bookshelf with markers and mitts for you to use in the classroom or at a dry erase board in the AARC commons.

10 CUTTING BOARD In the workroom, there is a cutting board where you can cut SI Handouts into halves or quarters.

11 COMPUTERS The computers in the workroom are for you to use to prepare for SI, to add/drop (will explain later), to pull up TutorTrac (will explain later) to check for an email from AARC. Of course you can use them for your personal use as well as an AARC tutor perk!

12 ATTENDANCE SLIPS Sometimes a client will ask you for a “attendance slip.” It means that the client needs written verification that he or she was at the AARC for tutoring. We only give these to tutors. If you meet off-site, you need to keep some in your folder. Otherwise, go with your clients to the Welcome Desk to get attendance slips.

13 WELCOME DESK STAFF Seek their help if: Your room is too small. The copier isn’t working. You don’t have markers or mitts in your room. Your room is locked (If in another building, call them.). You need more attendance slips or banana sheets. A tutor has not shown for walk- in table shift. They are a part of the management team!

14 VETERAN TUTORS Other tutors are a huge resource for learning how to be a great tutor!

15 RESOURCES: Finding things that help you be a great tutor!

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