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Vietnamese Youth Convention 5 Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Archdiocese of Seattle VYC5 BTC Meeting March 4, 2015 1.

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1 Vietnamese Youth Convention 5 Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Archdiocese of Seattle VYC5 BTC Meeting March 4, 2015 1


3 Meeting Agenda 7:00PMOpening Prayer 7:05PMActivity & Introduction 7:15PM Updates from Las Vegas, NV 7:20PMUpdates from CA – OC, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Vancouver BC, Portland 7:40PMExecutive Updates 7:45PMUpdates from Committees 8:25PMNext Steps Registration Help – prayer group and BTC reaching out Bi-Weekly update 8:30PMClosing Prayer

4 Executive Updates Tết Festival was a success! Registered 50 Raised $7,000 Met our goal on matching funds Total amount raised with matching - $65,000.00 Mailing of letter/flyer to over 500 Vietnamese Priest across US. Registration is currently at 300. Scholarship being offered – 4 at this time New flyers, poster, and registration form PLU tour set up for March 7 th 9-11AM

5 Tết Festival

6 VYC5 Mailing


8 Publicity Update 1.Direct Emails to Leaders 2.Direct Emails to TNTT 3.Direct Emails to Prior Participants 4.Social Media (Facebook) 5.Next Steps

9 Direct Emails to Leaders 2/1/15 sent 1 st round: 250 prior VYC leaders + 380 emails provided by cha Chương (35 invalid emails); only one responded Su Le from GX Cac Thanh Tu Dao VN, Atlanta, GA 2/24/15 sent 2 nd round and got responses from:  LM Peter Vo Son, Tong Thu Ky Lien Doan Cong Giao VN Hoa Ky; emailed out and also uploaded VYC5 info to and  LM Dominic Danh Tran, Don Bosco Orange, NJ; will promote at retreat for TNTT mien Dong Bac March 6 and youth rally in Dallas/Fort Worth March 14  Pt Hoang Ngoc Quy, GX Duc Me Famita, Fort Worth; he sent to chu tich & pho chu tich GX, Quy Tr cac nhom gioi tre o GX  Thien Ta, Fort Worth, TX; expressed interest in Praise and Worship; connected him with Ban Van Nghe  Nhiem Ta, Dallas-FTW, TX; forwarded email to GX Fatima, GX Hang Cuu Giup, GX Thanh Giuse  Pham Van Minh, GX Saint Lucy, Long Beach, CA; Vu Hong Phuong coordinating with OC  Sr Grace Duc, Lovers of the Holy Cross, Los Angeles, CA; taking a group of 60  Uyen Vu, Legion of Mary in OC; registered & coordinating with OC  Tamara Tran, Dong Hanh Tay Nam; connected her with OC  Anthony Nguyen, TNTT Santa Ana; registered  Father Bill Cao; coming to VYC5  Sr Mary-Han Nguyen, San Gabriel, CA; inquired about our parish but didn’t respond further

10 Direct Emails to TNTT (, cac doan truong) 2/14/15 sent 1 st round: no response 2/24/15 sent 2 nd round: two responses  Tr Khoa, Kito Vua, Sacramento, CA  Tr Nguyet Sara Hoang, Xavie Can, SW Seattle Direct Emails to Prior Participants 2/15/15 sent 1 st round: 1,069 >> 521 opened, 25 clicked through (website/letter to parents), 114 bounced, 9 unsubscribed 2/27/15 sent 2 nd round: 946 >> 203 opened, 9 clicked through, 3 unsubscribed Probably need a new strategy/approach with TNTT

11 Social Media Outreach via VYC Facebook Page (949 Likes) “Hello Seattle!” Post (paid $20 to Boost Post)  6,360 reached  41 Likes, 5 Shares VYC5 is heartbroken for our Seahawks…  1,799 reached  56 Likes, 4 comments Are you a Group Leader…  1,034 reached  16 Likes How are we building towards VYC5…  916 reached (within 5 hours)  24 Likes, 1 Share The Draw for these posts: 1)Interesting Picture or Video 2)Interesting Tag Line or description 3)Emotion – something people can relate to Results?? 1.FB reach rise but did registration increase?? 2.Any relationship between geographical location of People Reached and geographical location of Registrants??

12 By Country United States5,975 Vietnam289 Canada28 Australia12 South Korea8 France7 Japan5 Germany5 Mexico2 Norway2 By City Seattle, WA537 Los Angeles, CA134 San Jose, CA109 Garden Grove, CA106 Houston, TX94 Baltimore, MD94 Portland, OR87 Westminster, CA79 Chicago, IL70 New York, NY65 Renton, WA62 San Diego, CA54 Santa Ana, CA50 Sacramento, CA47 Bellevue, WA41 Lynnwood, WA40 Tacoma, WA35 Washington, DC34 Ellicott City, MD34 Philadelphia, PA33 By City Kent, WA32 Dallas, TX32 Everett, WA31 Irvine, CA29 Las Vegas, NV29 Brooklyn, NY25 Huntington Beach, CA24 Long Beach, CA24 Boston, MA23 San Francisco, CA23 Olympia, WA22 St. Louis, MO22 Anaheim, CA21 Phoenix, AZ21 San Antonio, TX20 Milwaukee, WI19 Jacksonville, FL19 Kansas City, MO18 Federal Way, WA18 Orange, CA18 Louisville, KY17 Fountain Valley, CA17 People Reached: Do we have a good represenation from all major Viet hubs?

13 Next Steps 1.Direct Marketing 3 rd and Final Email to Leaders, TNTT, and Prior Participants 3/9/15 2.Identify and contact/follow-up with major Vietnamese parishes 3.Facebook Postings about once every 10 days A.Is your City/Parish represented at VYC5 or do you want to coordinate with someone coming from your area? Check out this map and email (map of current participants) B.Use materials/blogs generated for our website CityParish Name2 Houston, Texas Giao Xu Fatima Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New York, New York Arlington, Texas Boston, Massachusetts Garland, Texas GX Duc Me Hang Cuu Giup Oklahoma City, Oklahoma West Falls Church, Virginia Harvey, Louisiana Springfield, Virginia Grand Prarie, TexasGX Thanh Giuse

14 Finance – Khối Tài Chánh As of 3/2/15: Donations $51,406, Sponsorships $13,000, HCH profit $905 Deposited $6,935 cash/check from registration Guesstimate $40,000 still pending from Eventbrite Reimbursements: $33,954 (mostly PLU deposit, posters, publicity), plus bank and check fees Bank balance - $38,039

15 Volunteer Committee Khối Trưởng: Tracy Thảo Bùi

16 Vision & Goals Volunteer Committee To support each committee by providing sufficient volunteers during VYC 5 To provide volunteers with clear communication and operation tasks/roles for cohesive teamwork To provide a fun and spiritual experience to cultivate our youth ministry

17 Committee Questions Volunteer Committee How many volunteers will you need? per convention day, per session, etc. Who is your ideal audience? age group, experience, skills, etc. Special requests?

18 Action Items Volunteer Committee Meet with each committee to understand specific volunteer needs Create template to recruit/capture volunteers Tool for leadership Create tracking system for volunteers Volunteer Advertisement: Website Page Anything else?

19 Vietnamese Youth Convention 5 Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Archdiocese of Seattle 19 HOSPITALITY

20 Internal Team Lead Responsibilities: Anh Micol – transportation: To & From Airport, arranging drivers for vans and school bus Anh Henry Vu- Tour Package: Henry will plan out the logistics of the tour, transportation to and from tour Anh Dung Ho: Will be helping with FAQ from the perspective of parents Chi Quyen Vu- Hospitality Inbox: PR of hospitality, answering Questions related to hospitality Teresa: manage Hospitality website Need: Liaison for ban am thuc (Co Ben) & hospitality

21 Tour Package We will NOT host after conference on Sunday Only ONE tour time July 2, 2015 Tour Starts @ 1 PM Everyone will be transported to church and/or meet at church Number of buses will be determined on number of tour participants Will find out based on forms created by Anh Micol

22 Transportations Thursday July 2, 2015 Pick up at Airport and drop off at Church: 10 AM, 12 PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6PM, 8PM, 10PM Friday July 3, 2015 Pick up at Airport and Drop off at PLU: 9AM, 12PM, and 3PM No pick up on Saturday Drop of at Airport on Sunday 12PM, 3PM, 5PM 5PM will be either at airport or at church

23 Vietnamese Youth Convention 5 Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Archdiocese of Seattle Website Update

24 Website Highlights What’s new? Workshops, content, blog updates. 8 groups listed – Washington, California, Lousiana, Canada… Familiar faces help visitors feel comfortable coming to VYC

25 How to Log in Scroll down to bottom Then Log in

26 Need a web meeting? Click ‘Staff Access Point’ Log in with vyc5seattle Click on a room (orange, blue, brown)

27 Where visitors come from From where do people visit? 472 from WA 375 from CA 38 from TX 31 from LA 12 from NY Australia, too!

28 When are people visiting? PR committee is bringing more people to website PR Email Facebook Blog re- post

29 Committees can make a difference for PR Share your stories, struggles Share your faith Share your ideas, dreams about VYC5 Share what inspires you Share your gospel reflection…

30 You are missing out… Website is a great place to outline decisions Help your committee organize information Reduce burden of repeating yourself It makes VYC5 more fun and builds excitement!

31 Vietnamese Youth Convention 5 Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Archdiocese of Seattle Technical Update

32 Technical Design Priorities 1.Minimize/Eliminate Audio Feedback This may create restrictions where we can put the choir, altar, etc. 2.Support the stage ‘look’ that we desire We do not need to ‘show-off’ equipment to be successful. Hiding equipment is just as important to create the environment we want to for VYC 3.Deliver high quality audio It has to sound good after #1 and #2 is done in order to have a successful event. Support sounds ‘feeling’ and dynamic range required by entertainment, praise & worship, adoration, liturgy 4.Deliver proper lighting brightness for stage effects & photography & video (30 frames per second)

33 Gymnasium Choir Location will be OFF STAGE, Left Locate next to sound control (quickly respond to feedback/sound problems) Prevent feedback due to microphone arrays/setup Existing curtain is 50’ high Stage is 137’ wide, edge to edge

34 Backdrop Example: Indoor Design (Front) This is for illustration only, not final, not to scale Stage Altar Chairs for clergy Access Ramp Question: Where will choir go? Where should speakers go? How big are speakers (8’ wide)? Decorate over the truss with banners? T or ch Audio control Projector Screen TrussTruss Truss (can cover with banners) Projector Screen TrussTruss TrussTruss TrussTruss Curtain Skirt Curtain Skirt

35 Example: Indoor Design (TOP) This is for illustration only, not final, not to scale. Trusses (T) are hidden. Lighting is mounted on trusses, speakers could be ‘flown’ (suspended) Stage Audio control Altar Chairs for clergy Access Ramp Projector Screen Tor ch Backdrop T T T T Question: Where will choir go? Where will speakers go? How big are speakers? Will everything fit or can we hide it?

36 Example: Outdoor Stage (Front) This is for illustration only, not final, not to scale 16x20 Stage Question: Do we need night time lighting? Backdrop Step s 20ft

37 Example: Outdoor Stage (Top) This is for illustration only, not final, not to scale 16x20 Stage Audio control Question: Do we need night time lighting? Backdrop Step s

38 Example: Choir Design 4 main microphones, 1 for each harmony (Soprano, Alto, Bass, Baratone). This is placed in front of choir (best singers in front) Supporting microphones for rest of choir standing in back 12 Instrument line-inputs Still need to decide Piano or Keyboard?

39 Example: Band Design Drumset– pre-wired & shared for all bands Place on rolling platform to easily move aside on stage Monitors – in-ear or free standing or suspended?

40 Sound Check Schedule 2 Wednesday July 1, 5pm-9pm - Setup Thursday July 2 9am-10pm – Rehearsal/check July 2 nd TimeRehearsalPoint of Contact 9:00amBand: By Thy Will ?Truong 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pmClosing Ceremony 5:00pmLiturgy walk throughSr. Mai 7:00pmOpening CeremonyChi Huong 9:00pm-12Entertainment - Van Nghe

41 Sound Check Schedule 3 Friday July 3 rd 8am-1pm July 3rd TimeRehearsalPoint of Contact 8:00amOPEN 9:00amVYC5 Choir 10:00amEmcee Sound Checks 11:00amRESERVED: Out of Town Bands 12:00pmRESERVED: Final Checks 1:00pmRESERVED: Liturgy / Priests / Speakers

42 “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford

43 Next Step Committee to work closely together. Focus on local participants with reach outside Portland, OR 3/08 Vancouver/Surrey, BC 3/08 Everett, Olympia, Tacoma, West Seattle, Auburn Firm up speakers list Push for registration Tell a friend Prayer

44 Closing Prayer Next BTC Meeting 4/1/15

45 Ban Cầu Nguyện To pray for VYC5 – focus on particular group each month. Registration/Publicity Staff/Volunteer Participant/group leaders Speakers

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