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1 Telegram & Gazette and NIE: Moving from Print to Digital NEACE Presentation May 20, 2013.

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1 1 Telegram & Gazette and NIE: Moving from Print to Digital NEACE Presentation May 20, 2013

2 2 History and Current State Currently distribute a mix of print and digital copies throughout Worcester County through NIE vacation donations & promotions 3,026 ten years ago 3,850 five years ago 6,314 current: - Print 2.7K - eEdition 3,586 - 240 classrooms/teachers - 213 schools and literacy programs - Donations via vacation stops, telesales to business, and “Sign on to Literacy” promotion for community institutions and leaders Worcester County comprises 60 cities and towns (tan) within circulation area (red outline).

3 3 Starting point – eEdition The Potential – significant Cultivating next generation readership from among digitally oriented students Access to content in a way that meets the needs of classroom learning environment No cost growth potential Newsprint/fulfillment savings The Reality – an idea before it’s time? Former vendor not as robust or easy to deal with Teachers: I love print; I need print; Classroom PCs limited; Sign-up requirements for access to computer labs Strong pushback elsewhere – even to point where transition efforts halted or even reversed

4 4 Promotional opportunity that also saves expense o Address the technology issues (hardware & software) and provide training to schools in a more relevant medium for digitally engaged students via eEdition o Available Curriculum oriented to the newspaper vs websites Driving transition by supplying hardware/software to schools o NIE donation dollars for delivery of content regardless of format o Legal Review of our approach and message in digital delivery o Donation funding toward purchase of devices for schools o Considered smartboards but implemented tablets and projectors: cool factor, lower cost, maximize number of classrooms and portability from class to class. Identified schools for transition pilot o First reached out to affected teachers, then to principals and superintendents o iPad and portable projector would be given to each teacher currently participating in print NIE program. No strings attached; tablet would belong to the school o We would provide through our new vendor, Tecnavia, training on eEdition and accessing digital curriculum for building lesson plans more efficiently Same model, modified approach

5 5 An interactive teaching tool: Available digital curriculum Alerts and Archives for research Audio feature for reading skills Digitally Clip/Compile material for: - Handouts - Presentations - Electronic sharing via email, smartboards, projectors, television, personal digital devices Organized! Consistent. Safe. Saves time in compiling, passing out or collecting pages; and saves material and supplies Promoted benefits of eEdition & Digital curriculum Series of two letters to schools

6 6 Tecnavia Workshops Sept 12 & 13

7 7

8 8 Tecnavia eEditions in the Classroom Tecnavia Presentation

9 9

10 10 Tecnavia Web edition header Page turning Select date, section, page Display mode Searching Edition Tecnavia Presentation

11 11 Tecnavia iPad App Flip: full page view Page thumbnails of full edition Story & index view Search Select/load editions Fit page width Tecnavia Presentation

12 12 Tecnavia Share eEdition Research on eEdition Grab page, clip area, story, text Share content  Print handouts  Email story  Clip page  Cut/Paste text  PDF pages  Overhead projector  Video projector/TV  Smart board Tecnavia Presentation

13 13 Tecnavia Presentation NIE teacher resources

14 14 Tecnavia Presentation NIE teacher resources

15 15 Tecnavia WT&G in Apple iTunes App Store Tecnavia Presentation

16 16 Tecnavia iPads & projectors! Workshops Sept 12 & 13 Each tablet engraved on the back with: Telegram & Gazette NIE Program

17 17 Results Transitioned 31 classrooms/teachers in 23 schools Formerly 1,300 papers per day One-time investment/donation of $25K plus tax will yield $40K+ annual savings in print/handling Teachers do what they’ve always done – teach the newspaper, but in interactive format Standard expectations for content and format Rather than pushback, won us props in the community; teachers thanking us for our effort Goals Transitioning additional schools in fall, plan to be all digital by 2014 Will survey teachers on ways to improve program Plan frequent-to-daily email updates/reminders to access site in order to maintain/grow engagement Potential for outside of school access for pupils Things to watch for Teachers who receive the iPad and then don’t register. Revising offer language “... so that another class or school can benefit.” Workshops Sept 12 & 13

18 18 “It’s better than the website. It’s Complete!” -- Reaction of Worcester principal on merits of eEdition during Sept. 12, 2012 workshop Last word

19 19 Part of the New England Media Group of The New York Times Company Sunday: 78,443 Daily: 71,950 Digital Non-Replica: 13,926 NIE Print 2,728; NIE Digital 3,586 Net Combined Audience, 7-Day Print and 30-Day digital: o 405,023 in NDM; 65.6% of Worcester County adults Monthly Uniques: 1 million Monthly Page Views: 9.5 million Source: Newspaper Publisher’s Statement ended 3/31/2013 Serving Central Massachusetts with news and information... in whatever form our readers want The Telegram & Gazette also publishes weekly newspapers, Worcester Living quarterly lifestyle magazine, and and associated websites such as,, and

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