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2 Introduction There are various methods used in teaching learning process workshop method is to pass on knowledge of systemic approach to educational problem to their peer group by means of a short workshop. Helps participant to understand, to achieve skill and develop attitude.

3 Methods of Workshop It is problem oriented. It is reflective teaching and learning approach. Participaratory method. Short duration. Active participation by the participants.

4 Organization of workshop. Can be divided in three phases Preparatory phase. Implementory phase Evaluatory phase.

5 Preparatory phase 6 months before the workshop held. Selection of the coordinator. Selection of the topic Recommended by the institution. Recommended by the Govt,. From research studies. Selection by the participants

6 Task analysis Holding meetting with expert group. Sending questionaire to the participant to assess the learning need and knowledge on practice.

7 Estimation of Budget Search for the financial resourse Sponsorer my be Own institution. N.G.O Govt International Agency.

8 Cost Estimation Cost for the TA for the participants and resource. Cost for the working lunch. Cost for the stay and food in the hotel. For hiring projected and non projected aids. Remuneration for resource person. Secretarial assistance.

9 80% of the budget should be for participants 20% for other expenses. Choosing resourse Workshop design (preferably 20% on theory and 80% on workbase,) Preparation of teaching material. Sending teaching material for reliability and validity to selected committee.

10 Assessment of workshop participants. Preferably homogenous group. Identify Target group. No of participants (ideally 25-30) Know educational level and experience Ability to implement in the work place. Period to remain full time for the specified days. Period to stay with the organisation.

11 Fixing up the timing Best time when the students are on leave. Avoid examination time Avoid festival days.

12 Selection of the venue For full time workshop. Advertise for the venue or call quatation. Preferably away from the home or working place. The venue should be well connected with transport facility. Hotel should have conference room. Visit the place before final settlement.

13 Selection of Co-coordinator Should have training. Familiar with content area. Comfortable in front of the group. Skill on different methods on teaching. Able to finalize the working objectives. Modification of workshop schedule. Holding meeting with other resource. Revision of the module.

14 Preparation three months before. Formulation different committees. Assigning the job responsibilities to different committees.

15 Final selection of the participants. Letter to be sent to head office/deptt with following information. A request for nomination Purposes, date, venue, working methods. Criteria for the selection of the participants. Mention full time workshop. Provide contact no or email. Set deadline for receiving application.

16 Determination of supply and equipments needed. Computer with projector. Microphone. Poster Paper etc. The administrator and finance officer should procure the necessary articles.

17 Preparation of workshop material The workshop objectives Workshop schedule. List of resource persons( invitation letter and confirmation of the area to be covered.) List of the participants (after getting confirmation). Administrative information.

18 Preparation of session Session by session material objectives learning points discussion points reading materials

19 Preparation six weeks before. After receiving acceptance letter from the participants Arrangement for the vehicle. Confirmation for the hotel. Inform hotel the time of arrival of the participants. Share workshop time table, menu, time of lunch and tea break. Arrangement of packed lunch for field visit. Check anticipated weather condition.

20 Information to the participants A letter to well come the participants requesting to arrive hotel one day before. Instruction to preserve the travel ticket for submission. Direction regarding the venue, transport available if it is there. Inform regarding weather and special place to visit.

21 One day before. Visit the venue with the team member. Check with the hotel participant list with room allotment. Check all the electric points.projected aids in working position. See the sitting arrangement of the participants Additional chairs and tables to be kept in the room.

22 continuation The room should be fully set up. Verify all the modules,administrative paper Prepare participants bag or folder which should contain pad,pencil.pen,id tag,TA bill,module, time table, list of the resource person, registration form,working module, evaluation performa, pre test questionnaire.

23 continuation Review the workshop design, Entire workshop. Review activity session. Arrange the room of support staff the room should be near the conference room with computer, printer and xerox machine. Arrange for the hanging poster and other materials,clip boards, flip chart.

24 Implementory phase The Day Pre opening session Registration of the participants. Hand over bag.

25 Inaugural Session Brief ceremonial session. Invite dignitaries and senior staff members. Co-ordinator should give overview of the workshop. Invite dignitaries to deliver short lecture. Vote of thanks Refreshment.

26 Opening session Get introduced with the participants. Introduce yourself and other facilitator. Review workshop goal. Ask the participant to write their objectives and expectation from the workshop. Review hotel arrangement and other administrative arrangement. Administer pretest.

27 Contd Divide participant in group, each group should not be more than 6-8 participants. The group should be mixed group. The group can be changed in every session.

28 Selection of the moderator The moderator should have working experience. Is comfortable with the group. Ability to facilitate discussion and run the session smoothly. Able to lead the group towards the task. Ensure that each participant participate Identify one group leader from each group.

29 Preliminary reading assignment Orient with the strategies of the workshop. Based on short theory class practical activities to be conducted to attain the goal.

30 Selection of teaching and learning activities as per the unit objective Brain storming Role play Case presentation. Group presentation Power point presentation Video show. Demonstration, Live object,Simulation.

31 Approach Maintain clear speed, steady pace Maintain eye to contact Use appropriate humor.Maintain time table but flexibility should be there. Assignment for next dayworkshop.

32 Next day preview Short period for preview for following day activities by the facilitator. To discuss how day’s activities went on. To find out solution if anything went wrong. To discuss next day’s activities.

33 Winding up the workshop Get feed back from the participant about scope of application. Ask group reports for all activities. Administer post test, evaluation of the workshop from participant. Summary. Vote of thanks to participants and other s who have been actively associated with.

34 Support Staff Facilitate in gettingTA&Da bill clearance Arrangement for photograph Handing over participant’s and facilitator’s list with phone number and email address.

35 Evaluatory phase Evaluation of session on daily basis. Final Evaluation of the entire Workshop To know the objectives have been met. Any need to modify or change the content \ organization of material. Individual post test. Workshop evaluation by the participants.

36 Closing down With collaboration with other support staff Ensure that individual bills have been settled Pack up all equipments and unused materials Send all packed material and equipments to their destination. Assist the facilitator and participantin their departure. Clear all the hotel bills,remuneration bills etc.

37 Analyzing and evaluation after fifteen day Preparation of the evaluation report by the co-ordinator based on daily evaluation, final evaluation,as well as any additional feed back. Thanks given to the department from where the participants have been sponsored. Thanks giving letter to all sponsorer.

38 Evaluation by the external External evaluator can visit the places where participants are working,to see scope of the application. Any shortcoming to resolve with the organizer. Submission of the report.

39 Thanks Prof Mahasweta Bose











50 Purposes Activate prior knowledge Motivate and engage the participants. To link how the information will be used today,in future and real world.


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