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Proposal: District 97 March 19, 2013 Project Lead the Way Gateway to Technology.

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1 Proposal: District 97 March 19, 2013 Project Lead the Way Gateway to Technology

2 “Oak Park Elementary School District 97 will be nationally recognized for preparing students to pursue college and career opportunities through purposeful and respectful learning experiences.” Oak Park Elementary School District 97 Vision Statement, 2012

3 Our Challenge Beginning in 1901,the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry have been awarded to 26 chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and metallurgical engineers. Let’s lay the ground work to add a D97 graduate to this pantheon!

4 The Timing Could Not Be Better Our nation is calling out for engineers The referendum promised curricular innovation Over the past seven years, D97 has supported a hugely successful robotics program The OPEF robotics program has energized and excited students and the community about the district’s next steps in technological arena It is time for that next step…

5 Picture A challenging, hands-on, three-year Project Based, Middle School Design program that introduces sixth, seventh, and eighth graders elements of:  Science  Technology  Engineering  Math

6 Imagine A D97 classes where students: Demonstrate creative and critical thinking and problem solving skills Develop time management skills and learn to meet project deadlines Experience and practice the professional code of conduct required in the hard sciences Acquire an ability to cope with failure, learn from the experience, and try again WORK HARDLEARNFUN WORK HARD, LEARN, and have FUN

7 Visualize A D97 course that embodies the Common Core State Standards expectations of developing students who: research, analyze, create, and communicate are digital rhetors, who communicate in print, orally, and digitally work as individuals and team members

8 Gateway to Technology Program Introducing…

9 What is GTT? The PLTW Gateway To Technology (GTT) is a national program that features a project-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students. Students envision, design and test their ideas with the same advanced modeling software used by companies like Lockheed Martin, Intel and Sprint. The knowledge that students gain and the skills they build from GTT create a strong foundation for further STEM learning in high school and beyond.

10 A Proposed Course Structure Year of Implementation Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8 Year 1 2013-14 Design & Modeling (Elective Choice) Design & Modeling (Elective Choice) Design & Modeling Year 2 2014-15 Design & Modeling Automated Robotics Green Architecture (Elective Choices) Design & Modeling Automated Robotics Green Architecture Year 3 2015-16 Design & Modeling Automated Robotics Green Architecture Medical Detectives Automated Robotics Green Architecture Medical Detectives Advanced Robotics

11 Key Concepts: What is Engineering? Design Process Measurement Sketching and Dimensioning Techniques Designing for Production Design and Modeling Course

12 Key Concepts: What is Automation and Robotics? Mechanical Systems Automated Systems Sample Projects:  Windmill Design  Simulated Factory Cell Automation and Robotics Course

13 Key Concepts: Introduction to Sustainable Architecture Architectural Basis Architecture Challenges Green Architecture

14 Key Concepts: Introduction to Medical Careers Introduction to Vital Signs Introduction to Treatment of Diseases Introduction to the Human Body System Introduction to Crime Scene Analysis Medical Detectives

15 Program Costs Year 1 DescriptionUnit CostQuantityTotal Two week training for Design & Modeling in July 2013 $11754 Teachers$4,700 Annual Participation Fee$7502 (One per school)$1,500 Design Modeling Equipment – One Time Cost $5006 classroom sets (4 sets for the 6 th grade and 2 for a 7 th /8 th grade option) $3,000 Consumables (Print Shop)$300 Total: $9,500

16 Program Costs Year 2 DescriptionUnit CostQuantityTotal Annual Participation Fee$7502$1,500 Training: Automated Robotics & Green Architecture $1,1754 Teachers$4,700 Automated Robotics Equipment One Time Cost $60002$12,000 Green Architecture Equipment One Time Cost $4004$1,600 Consumables – Print Shop$1,200 Total :$22,000

17 Program Costs Year 3 DescriptionUnit CostQuantityTotal Annual Participation Fee$7502$1500 Training Green Medical Detectives $1,1752 Teachers$2350 Medical Detectives Equipment One Time Cost $10002 classroom sets$2,000 Advanced Robotics Equipment One Time Cost $60002 classroom sets$12,000 Consumables – Print Shop$1,2000 Total :$17,850

18 Design Lab Set Up  2 labs of  28 Computers  A Ceiling Mounted Projector  One Printer (could be shared between the labs)  An abundance of Storage for Equipment and Projects  Bins  Shelves

19 Lab Set Up Cost DescriptionUnit Cost QuantityTotal Student Laptops * Meet the GTT Specs $1,600 28 x 4 = 112 (2 Labs per building) $179,200 Teacher Laptops (Same specs as students) $1,6004$6,400 Printer$6002$1,200 Sub-Total$186,800 Less Planned Computer Replacement Costs $90,000 Total:$96,800

20 Please note: All PLTW curriculum is online; no textbook purchase will be required After initial start up fees only consumables and the participation fee will need to be purchased each year

21 How Does this fit with IB?  The focus of MYP technology is to challenge students to use both materials and computer applications to solve problems using the design cycle.  IB and GTT complement each other well!

22 Articulation with OPRF OPRF is a certified PLTW school. We have met with the teachers and they are excited about the possibility of a GTT program at the middle schools. Our program will help better prepare the students for high school and the challenges of life beyond.

23 Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal


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