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Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology David Kaus Howard Community College.

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1 Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology David Kaus Howard Community College

2 Objectives AV Touch control panel Using the wall PCs Using the wireless keyboard Instructional strategies using the multiple displays

3 Collaboration Classroom Instructor’s stationAV touch control panel Multiple wall displays EPSON projector

4 AV Touch Control Panel: Displaying a Source Activate touch control panel Select source Select destination Press Go!

5 AV Touch Control Panel: Playing Audio Select source Press Loudspeakers Press Go!

6 AV Touch Control Panel: Turning the System or Display Devices Off Press Power Display devices: press Power Off under desired display Entire system: press Yes

7 Using the Wall PCs Turn on the wall PCs behind the wall displays Select Room Inputs on source screen Select desired wall PC Select the destination ▫Select the display that corresponds to the wall PC Can display any wall PC on main projector

8 Using the Wireless Keyboard Stored in instructor’s station cabinet Each keyboard assigned to specific wall PC ▫Check sticker on back of keyboard Turn keyboard on using on/off switch

9 Pedagogical Strategies Supported Through HS Technology Social Learning Theory – People learn by observing others’ behaviors and attitudes Discovery Learning – Learners discover facts and information for themselves ▫Inspires engagement ▫Promotes autonomy and motivation ▫Fosters creativity problem solving skills (, 2013)

10 Gallery Walk Students present a topic or project at each wall display Other students walk around the classroom and explore their peers’ work Students provide feedback or answer pre-defined questions about each presentation ▫Increases engagement ▫Students present their content multiple times to their peers and have a more interactive discussion ▫Students participate at their own pace ▫Students have opportunity to engage with many peers in class ▫More dynamic than watching series of presentations

11 Small Group Discussions Instructor assigns students a list of discussion questions/topics ▫Can push out material from instructor's computer to wall displays Students discuss topics around wall display Self-paced Instructor can compile all responses into a single document or file

12 Group Presentations Students work together and research a topic Create a presentation using a technology platform (e.g. Prezi or PowerPoint) ▫Utilize 21 st century information literacy skills and technology competencies Instantly push student’s work to main projector Students can stay in group while presenting Single computer station with visible monitor encourages students to stay on task

13 Contact Instructional Media Instructional design support for your activities In-class support for digitally-mediated assignments One-on-one coaching for faculty CL232

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