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Duval County Schools, Wave 4 Danielle Grossman-Wolf and Jessica Coppage.

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1 Duval County Schools, Wave 4 Danielle Grossman-Wolf and Jessica Coppage

2 Today’s Agenda -RM Education’s new image -Troubleshooting the “Demonstration Classroom” -Who do I contact when I need help? -Samples lessons using technology integration -RM Easiteach Next Generation (NG) -How do I get RM Easiteach NG? -RM Education new products for 2010-2011

3 Why the new “RM” logo? -Global branding -RM Logo did not define our business…people would continuously ask what does RM stand for? -We wanted people to understand RM Education’s main message, which is to help teachers “teach” and students “learn.”

4 Troubleshooting the Sharp projector

5 Troubleshooting Tips- Projector -Make sure you have power to the projector. You can tell because you will have a green light turn on when you turn on the projector and you will hear the Star Wars’ whann sound. -If you have two flashing yellow lights your lamp is blown and it is time to replace the lamp. -If you hear a pop sound and see dust come from the projector, this means the lamp has blown. Do not worry your projector is NOT on fire it is dust.

6 Who do I call with projector problems? Duval County Maintenance Department Call 904-858-6325 Listed below is the procedure for ANY Sharp projector issues: 1.Work order is created through the maintenance department. 2.Duval Maintenance team will go to the school site and address the issue. 3.DCPS Maintenance will work with Sharp to get any warranty items replaced, so that the teachers can get up and running. If this process is not running smoothly, you can always contact: Danielle Grossman-Wolf- 904-451-8503 or Jessica Coppage- 904-383-8861

7 Troubleshooting AverVision CP155

8 Make sure cords are connected properly: USB from doc cam to computer in order to Capture images/video from the doc cam Audio cable from cart VGA to the computer “headset” input on your laptop. VGA cable from cart to the doc cam. Doc cam power cord Cable from doc cam to the computer. BLUE CONNECTION BLACK CONNECTION

9 Troubleshooting the CP155 Remember to use the AverVision A+ software :

10 Who do I call with issues on my CP155? #1 line of defense- RM Education Customer Support- 866-728-6758 Danielle Grossman-Wolf- 904-451-8503 Jessica Coppage- 903-383-8861 You can also contact AverVision Customer Support the following ways: 877-528-7824 They also have A “live chat” customer support feature on-line.

11 Troubleshooting the RM Classboard Touch

12 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Unplug the board from the wall to restart the board to reboot if you cannot connect.

13 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Confirm that the Bluetooths on the whiteboard and in the teacher laptop have blinking green lights:

14 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Can not connect to your Bluetooth? Make sure your Bluetooth is discoverable. Under control panel and then select Bluetooth and choose the “options” tab. – Remember “Show Board”? The on/off switch to write. – If you are writing or trying to open something and the board will not recognize it, re-calibrate.

15 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Make sure “fixed projection” is not selected or enabled.

16 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Go to “Configure the Polyvision driver”- check to see if the board is connected under the hardware tab.

17 Troubleshooting Tips- RM Classboard -Remember to use the “Show Board” function to turn on and off the whiteboard tools: -Remember to us the “Tools” button when you want to write on the whiteboard:

18 Who do I call for problems with my whiteboard? Polyvision Technical Support 24 hour technical support 800-620-7659 and choose option #1 Polyvision will walk through some simple troubleshooting. If you still do not resolve, Polyvision will ask you to join a WebEx so that they can look inside your computer to confirm the driver/Bluetooth are working properly. Before you call, please make sure you have Internet access and “administrative rights” access for your computer.

19 W ho do I call for problems with my whiteboard? Still not able to get your whiteboard working after speaking with Polyvision? Call any of the three numbers listed below for assistance: 1 st Line of support- RM Education Customer Support- 866-728-6758 Danielle Grossman-Wolf- 904-451-8503 Jessica Coppage- 903-383-8861

20 Troubleshooting the Qomo PenPad

21 Troubleshooting Tips- Qomo PenPad -Remember where pen batteries located. -Confirm pad battery is the pad, on the back side of the pad and gold contacts are lined up on the batter an the pad. -Look for wireless tree/torch appearing on pad to show that you are connected to the computer. -If you write and see wireless tree and pencil, but nothing appears on the screen you may have a bad pen battery.

22 Who do I call for problems with my Qomo PenPad? #1 line of defense- RM Education Customer Support- 866-728-6758 Danielle Grossman-Wolf- 904-451-8503 Jessica Coppage- 903-383-8861

23 RM Education Resources Still have more questions about how to use equipment or about RM Easiteach? Attend one of RM’s twice a month trainings at the Schultz Center: Tentative, More Information to Follow: Second Thursday Monthly 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. (focus is hardware) Third Thursday Monthly- 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. (focus is RM Easiteach software) Or buy more hardware as RM Education always includes on-site training with purchases.

24 RM Education Resources Continued Share this presentation with your staff/team: Use the Duval County Technology Wiki:

25 How do I integrate all the tools? + + = Creating Engaging Lessons RM Easiteach Next Generation

26 How is it different from RM Easiteach 3.5? New Features and Benefits 24 cross-curricular widgets (apps) Over 250 ready-made activities Media bank Over 100 interactive Flash Activities Including 85 Daydream Interactive Whiteboard Charts Multi-touch support Record video and sound Shape recognition tool “.iwb” file support Text-to-speech capabilities Accelerator bar

27 Samples Lessons with the “Demo Classroom” Elementary – Lesson on “compare and contrast” using the CP155 document camera. Middle school/high school – Lesson on using the Classboard touch in conjunction with your Qomo PenPad.

28 RM Easiteach Next Generation Upgrade How much will RM Easiteach Next Generation cost to upgrade? NOTHING! THE UPGRADE IS FREE! Information is coming November on the free upgrade to RM Easiteach Next Generation.

29 RM Education New Products 2010-2011 Available Now to Duval- - Sharp “3D” Short Throw Projectors -RM ePad -RM Easiteach Next Generation Looking Toward the Future- -RM Education Learning Platform

30 Sharp “3D” Projectors RM now provides 3D ready projector to Duval County. There are two models that would be replaced: Sharp 262- Replaced with Sharp 2701X- $660.00 Sharp 267- Replaced with Sharp 2807W- $999.00 In both instances, the projector are brighter, more light weight and ready to project 3D content. 3000 lumens 2700 lumens

31 RM ePad Features and Benefits Hand straps make it easy to carry Built-in keyboard emulator Left and right mouse buttons on ePad and wireless pen Volume control buttons on ePad Contains replaceable, rechargeable batteries USB cable for wired connection to a PC and for charging USB a/c adaptor (country specific) Spare pen tips LCS status screen Wireless pen with red laser pointer Includes RM Easiteach Receiver dongle with 3-port USB hub Over 40 hours of battery life on one charge Over 20 hours of pen battery life 1 year warranty Includes a 1 year warranty (for problems found during normal usage)

32 Introducing RM Learning Platform RM Learning Platform is a full-featured, easy-to-use Learning Management System and Education Portal, designed specifically for K-12 schools and districts.

33 RTI Documentation Parent Communication Data Analytics Application Sharing Virtual Learning Environment Imbedded 21st Century Learning Tools Academic Data Warehouse Student e-portfolios Pod casting District Calendaring Secure File Transfer Web Hosting Assessment Item Bank Email Curriculum Mapping Teacher PD Grade book District Collaboration Tools


35 RMLP Install Base -RM Learning Platform in 7,000 schools worldwide -Over 4.5 millions users daily -World’s largest implementation of Microsoft SharePoint.

36 RM Learning Platform and Teaching How can the RMLP make my life easier as a teacher? 1)Having a single sign on for all the applications in the district. 2)Being able to share all “content” across the district. Ability to search for resources using a state standard or “key-word.” 3)Collaboration with teachers, students and administrators. Wikis and Blogs are built right into the portal. 4)Have a true virtual learning environment where I can assign students work, have tests graded automatically and see student data analytics.

37 RMLP Single Sign-On Acc Access all programs through your teacher “My Space” page.

38 RMLP Content Management Search easily for content by keyword or by state standard.

39 RMLP Collaboration Tools Wikis and Blogs built into the platform.

40 RMLP Virtual Learning Envionment Teachers can create courses, lessons and tests and then assign projects to students.

41 RM Education THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Any Questions?

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