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Instructional Technology New Teacher Orientation VISD 2013-2014.

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1 Instructional Technology New Teacher Orientation VISD 2013-2014

2 VISD Log In First 3 letters in last name, first letter in first name followed by last 4 digits of social – Ex. duel5794 – Password: social security – Change your password after initial login Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Good password…at least 8 characters

3 Student Login Email – Computer login – ld12345 – ld-5794

4 Required Professional Development (All VISD Employees in Red) Online courses – Blood Borne Pathogens – Crossing Guard Training (Elementary Only) – HIPPA – Sexual Harassment – Employee Code and Regulations – Anti-Bullying – Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) (Module 1-6) – Diabetes in the School Setting – Management of students at risk: Anaphylaxis

5 Required Professional Development VISD Home Page 2. 1.

6 Required Professional Development Sample Quiz

7 Required Professional Development Quiz Results Complete quiz Submit or retake Results will be emailed Check with Campus/Departments on reporting

8 All VISD Teachers Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS)(August 13 th ) New Teacher Orientation (Teachers new to VISD) Curriculum Components and Resource Handbook (CCRH) (online and print copies on campus)( rriculum/index.asp) rriculum/index.asp

9 All VISD Teachers Sheltered Instruction and/or ESL Certification – 38 Great Academic Language Builders New Elementary Teachers 8/21/2013, 9:00 AM, CTI Mall, Admin Building – 38 Great Academic Language Builders New Secondary Teachers 8/22/2013, 9:00 AM, CTI Mall, Admin Building Bilingual/ESL Director, Lupita Narvaez

10 All VISD Teachers Section 504 Requirements – Training provided by Campus Coordinator during staff meeting – Handbook – VISD Intranet ( – Tammy Nobles, Director Student Services

11 All VISD Teachers Special Education 101 – VISD Intranet (

12 Eduphoria Creating an account – Log in with VISD username (duel1234) – Password – Complete profile (select correct campus)

13 Eduphoria – Workshop Register for district trainings District username and password “My Portfolio” – Outside workshop certificates – Add Certifications – Suggest workshops

14 Eduphoria – Aware Create assessments Analyze data Create custom forms for student documents – Contact campus Instructional Coach (IC)

15 Eduphoria Training/tutorials – ment/PDFs/TutorialsInEduphoria.pdf ment/PDFs/TutorialsInEduphoria.pdf

16 VISD Grade Book Teacher Access Center Home Access Center Trainer of trainers on each campus

17 Microsoft IT Academy Online training for all Microsoft products Contact Linda Dueser for access

18 Webnet ( Log in with VISD username, password Access all “My Documents” from any Internet accessed location Must place documents in My Documents No access to desktop folders, files, documents

19 Email Office 365 – VISD username, password – Calendar – IM – Online collaboration – Video collaboration

20 Technology Document Camera, Projectors, Internet Samsung Document Camera – Records video – Snapshots Projects – Mounted and unmounted – Turn off when not in use Internet – All campuses wireless – Radius

21 Technology eInstruction eInstruction – Clickers: Student Response Systems – Mobi

22 Technology SMART Boart Interactive Whiteboard Clickers 3-D projector Slate

23 Technology Mimio Mimio Interactive Clickers

24 Technology iPads iPads – Air Watch – Campus/District specific log ins – PO for Apps

25 Questions??? Linda Dueser Cell: 361-576-2019 Office: 361-788-9289

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