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SIG Orientation 2014 Jason W. White, MBA, MS4, Exec. VP of Membership Corbin Frye, MS2, Executive Treasurer Dessi Moneva, MS3, Executive Secretary.

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1 SIG Orientation 2014 Jason W. White, MBA, MS4, Exec. VP of Membership Corbin Frye, MS2, Executive Treasurer Dessi Moneva, MS3, Executive Secretary

2 MSC Organizational Chart = Voting Members = Non-Voting Members MSC Executive Board Voting Center Reps Class Officers SIGs Committee s Medical Specialt y National Orgs Special Topics Dean Appointe d MSC Appointe d

3 Contacts Medical Student Council (MSC) – VP of Membership: Jason White, Treasurer: Corbin Frye, Secretary: Dessi Moneva, Medical Student Affairs (MSA) Kim Anderson,, MS Lisa Christy,, MS Building Coordinator/Room Reservations Leo Thompson,, MS Technology – Polycom and Mediasite Sean Moser,, MS IUPUI Office of Student Involvement (OSI) – 317-274-3931 Matt McKay, Jillian Van Auken,

4 Yearly Requirements 1.SIG Orientation attended by >1 officer, preferably 2 (President/Chair and Treasurer/Secretary suggested) 2.5+ events/year: 1 must be a service project This SIG Orientation, officer meetings, elections, MS1 Activities Fair, MS3 GLIC1 SIG fair do not count Turn in attendance sheet for each event to Kim Anderson (MS164) and/or MSC Treasurer to receive future funding 3.Elections held before end of April 4.End-of-Year Report submitted before end of May 5.If SIG advisor or constitution change, let us know Failure to meet the above requirements results in probation Remember: IUPUI registration by May 31, Nuts & Bolts by Oct 1

5 Event Attendance Sheet New standard attendance sheet for all events Download here, or make your ownhere Be sure to include right-most column Only add to your listserv those who mark “Yes” in that column

6 End of Year Report Download herehere Add rows as needed Email to VP of Membership and Secretary before end of May each year This serves to report your election results You should be re- registered with IUPUI by this point

7 Collaboration Meetings Mission Statement: To build strong bonds between student leaders, further the development of creative and innovative ideas, and problem-solve together. Medical Specialty SIGs 2x/semester Led by VP of Membership Dean-Appointed Committees 1x/semester Led by Executive VP

8 How to Plan an Event

9 Step 1: Reserve room & AV 1.Email Leo Thompson ( to reserve a Tell him the SIG name, date, time, and room number Choose a mediasite-capable room if at all possible. Mediasite recording is strongly encouraged for all events!mediasite-capable room Extra resource to view all available rooms on campusExtra resource 2.Submit the AV request form for the equipment you will need, including data projector for PowerPointAV request form This step must be done >2 days in advance Required for PowerPoint use, independent of Mediasite 3.Email Sean Moser ( to set up Mediasite recording and/or Tell him the title and which folder to place it in

10 Choose a building by clicking in the diagram or along the left column. Choose a room

11 Request access to Data Projector, Polycom, Microphone, etc. as needed by your group. Specify the date, time, and location of your event. Fill in your name, SIG name, etc.

12 DEMO TIME – PHONES OUT! Word of mouth, guys. (case sensitive),

13 Step 2: Student Orgs Cal All SIG events are required to be on the Student Orgs Cal. SIG leaders should sync the calendar to their device, know how to post events, and use it to consider scheduling conflicts when planning. Events will not be considered for MSC funding, nor count as one of your 5 required events if they are not posted to the calendar Log out of your personal google account. Login: / Create Event. CLICK “EDIT EVENT” TO ADD LOCATION! Include: speaker, description, food availability, polycom instructions, direct link to mediasite folder if recording, and contact info where students can submit questions in advance (aka OrgsCalGoogle; Orgs IUSM)

14 To find direct mediasite link, go to your SIG’s folder and then click "links" at the top right corner. MEDIASITE LINK Login as yourself

15 Step 3: Funding & Food 1.IUPUI Student Organization Grant (SOG)Student Organization Grant (SOG) For RSOs to hold events on campus or near enough to be accessibleRSOs $3000/academic year >30 days in advance, but may be accepted without an exact date! If you plan ahead, you can even submit an entire semester’s events and get all the $. Use new MachForm (No longer on MyInvolvement.)MachForm Must submit to jagnews 1 week in advance to advertise to IUPUI studentssubmit to jagnews First semester of being an RSO: $500 cap Determined by Student Development Funding Committee (SDFC) 2.Alumni Association Grant: for student-alumnus interaction, apply in advance. Download application form here. here 3.Outside funding: national organization, department, fundraising

16 Step 3: Funding & Food 4.MSC fundingMSC funding On request form, choose from a list of IUSM/IUPUI approved vendorsrequest form If a vendor is not on the list, work with Kim Anderson to add it Must use Chartwells if >$100 on weekdays ($250 on weekends) for on-campus events (exceptions: IU Health; other non-IU buildings on campus). Itemize the budget and be specific! (i.e. 10 pizzas, not ‘food’) Tell the vendor to invoice the IUSM account You receive food/items and MSC/MSA directly pay vendor There is a process for reimbursement, for emergencies only Submit attendance sheet to Kim Anderson after every event!

17 IUPUI FUNDED lunch talks speaker events seminars meetings for membership solicitation poster sessions dance performances concerts cultural cooking demonstrations to seed fundraisers without a ticket price partial approvals IUPUI DID NOT FUND Did not meet the 30 day prior guideline Too general (i.e. officer meeting or election) Too selective or not open to the campus (i.e. suture lab, dinner for when matches are made, a "buddy" lunch for a group's new first years) Promotional items Lack of information provided and lack of correspondence with SDFC committee


19 *NEW* Email Policy 3 ways to email the student body: 1.SIG listserv – unlimited access 2.Up to 2 emails per semester to Indy listserv only Monitored and enforced by MSC Executive VP (Annalise) 3.To email statewide or target a specific class year/campus, send your email to If approved, it will be forwarded to the requested parties via Announcements (please note if urgent). Remember, you can also communicate via Student Orgs Cal!

20 How to send emails 1.Login to email account (i.e. At least 1 officer should link it to their phone 2.Send email to listserv (i.e. rsig- Students can add themselves to listservs: Email Subject line: subscribe ‘insert name of the list’ Firstname Lastname (i.e. subscribe rsig-L Dessi Moneva)

21 OR enter full SIG e-mail address and IU List password Note: Your SIG’s IU List password is not automatically the same as your SIG’s email password. (You can choose to use the same password for both, or pick a shorter one.) Login with SIG’s CAS account

22 Choose your SIG listserv

23 Click “Manage Subscribers”

24 Enter e-mail address to be added Or click here to add multiple people at once Use this section to remove subscribers

25 IUPUI RSO Re-registration 1.Fill out the NEW form (No longer on MyInvolvement.)Fill out the NEW form 2.Once submitted, SIG Advisor receives auto-generated email asking them to login and confirm their advisorship Your application will not even be looked at by IUPUI until this is done. So, contact your advisor to make sure they know this. 3.Then IUPUI processes and sends a confirmation email when approved If you have not received a confirmation email, then you are NOT re-registered. Usually it is a hold-up at the level of the SIG advisor. Check status using the RSO list. This is updated weekly.RSO list Deadline is May 31 each year. Do not wait until the last minute! If you have any issues, call the IUPUI Office of Student Involvement at 317-274-3931. Re-registration + Nuts & Bolts by Oct 1 each year required for funding (Registered Student Organization)

26 Box: MS Resources Each Medical Specialty SIG has a folder within IU Box  MS Resources  Specialties View folder at, or become a collaborator with upload a collaborator Please upload: Documents and/or links on how to find & apply to residency programs Important contacts (residency program director and coordinator, SIG advisor, SIG leaders, etc.) 2 Google Docs: Advice on electives, 4 th year scheduling, research, leadership, extracurriculars, etc. Info on away rotation experiences (no bashing programs, please) Please do NOT upload copyrighted material If you have issues or need to delete items:

27 Daly Bulletin Boards Bulletin boards are available to all student groups in Daly basement Email MSC Secretary ( to reserve/renew bulletin board Please don’t sign up unless you actually plan to use it If not renewed, all displays will be removed by MSC on August 10, 2014 AMAGHSIGPedSIG AMWAGSMAPsychSIG AOALit & MedRadSIG AWS-SIGMMSIGReflections DermSIGMSFCRock for Riley EOTAMS-SOLSIGN FMSIGOrthoSIGTimSIG

28 SIG Facebook Groups Group privacy settings must not be ‘open’ Only current officers should be administrators All content posted must comply with IU and IUSM policies on social media, professionalism, and copyright/ trademarks It is your responsibility to regulate the content of your group

29 Questions?

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