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Jansen Crossley, Jordan Dunbar, Rocky Xie Make Bedtime Ezzz.

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1 Jansen Crossley, Jordan Dunbar, Rocky Xie Make Bedtime Ezzz.

2 “With Ezzz Clock our goal is to fulfill your going to bed/waking up experience with an alarm clock that does much more than one’s standard electronics. We want to make bedtime as relaxing as possible. With better quality and at a better price than our competitors, Ezzz clock is the choice for you.”

3  Electronic tablet that is suited for when you’re going to bed. We are an innovative company that has a better product than our competitors because we have new features, a variety of colours, and are more economically friendly. Our clock does everything; from music, to games, to a new modern charging system, and to finally a unique projector display. Because of all these features, Ezzz Clock is a product that will definitely satisfy your going to bed experience.

4  Projector display: Displays whatever you have on the screen and projects it on to a wall. Perfect for movies and TV. Also saves money for buying a TV  Local Accurate Weather: How many times have you wondered what the weather was like outside when you woke up?  Alarm Clock: Wake up to your favorite music, or the standard buzzer.  Optional Clip on Stand: Clip on the stand at the back of the clock for a stand to lay the clock down. (Additional costs)  Unique Charging: Lay the clock down on the charging mat when you want it to be charged. No plug in required. (inductive charging.) New modern technology.  App Store: Everything that you need for your clock is built in onto the Android App Store. Buy and choose your own music, games, movies, TV Shows, and anything else that you might need to satisfy your needs.  Multiple Colors: Choose from black, white, red, blue,

5 Projector display Multiple Colours

6  Our supplier is Foxconn Technology Group, they are located ShenZhen, China.  They will make our product for approximately $131. This includes getting the product up and running.  Our second supplier is Syndiant, they are located in Dallas, Texas. They will make the projector display for approximately $78 CAD

7  Display and touchscreen $57  Processor $13  Memory $15  Projector $78  Battery $13  UI, Sensors, Combo Module $15  Others $18  Total $209 Others includes shipping, loss through PayPal and advertisement loses.

8  Facebook Page- it is free and a major social media website. We can also do promotions for people who friended us.  Instagram- Free popular app, we can post pictures of our product and accept orders from costumers.  Banners- $1.50 for every 1000 views on the website because people with money go on vacations.  ‎  Sponsor Events- it will cost us products, but we would provide a couple of our products to school events, fundraisers etc. this would spread the idea of our product.  We will stop advertising banners once it costs us $150

9  From China to Texas, shipping is $1550 for all 200 clocks.  China to Texas City= $1500. Texas City to Dallas= $50  Clocks are assembled in Dallas, and are shipped to costumers from there using UPS  Costumers are paying for the shipping to their desired locations

10  Costs $209 to make a single clock  We will need $40,000 CAD to start with ◦ $1700 for shipping ◦ $35,600 for the clocks ◦ $150 for banners on websites ◦ $50 for Website domains ◦ $2000 contingency fund  We are starting up with 200 clocks with a pricing of $299.99  This will guaranty us a profit of $90.99 per purchase

11  Payments done through PayPal. You can use Mastercard and Visa  They charge a fixed fee of $0.30 per purchase and 2.9% of the sale of your product.  2.9% ($6.6) +.30= $6.9 per purchase.  Costumer Service ◦ We have an email for costumer contact ◦ We also have a FAQ’s page on our Website

12  25-50 (male, female, couples) average income of $50,000.  We target families because they often consume and support new electronic devices.  The secondary target group would be children who are teenagers. This is because parents can buy the product for them.  Teenagers would like our product because of the projector display, which allows them to watch TV, movies, etc, while in the comfort of their room.

13  Our competition would be the kindle fire, IPad's, Android tablets, and PC tablets.  Our product is better than our competitors because we have a unique projector display, a more convenient non-hassle charging system, a better variety of colors, a pop-up stand that allows the product to stand up straight. BrandAffordableModern Charging Variety of colours New Unique features Ezzz Clock Ipad Newest Kindle fire Samsung Galaxy

14  -People might think that we are too similar to the standard tablet  -Solution: Continue our creative advertising showing the world that we have a creative product that is different and better than competitors.  -Since we are a new electronic company, people might not appreciate us.  -Start off with cheap prices and low profit. Then once we get bigger, raise our prices, which means more profit.  -It will be hard to enter the electronic business because our competitors are already thriving.  -If we cannot enter successfully we will advertise even more, and even promote our product by having celebrities or events showcase them.

15  To advertise to the point where people know our name, and we do not need to advertise as much.  To hopefully sell 200 clocks in the first 6 months.  To make back our startup money by the 18 months.  To have a very good costumer service program, where questions are always answered, and expectations are met.  To have a product that will be just as competitive as the Ipad, or android, within the next couple of years.

16  What will happen if we get Bigger?  Start a warehouse.  We would expand our business if it’s an immediate success. (Ezzz wrist watches, other electronic devices.)  Make our market bigger and sell overseas  Finally raise our prices and make more profit

17  To make an innovative tablet that is better than competitors, and more suited for bed.  If we sell 1 a day for 6 months we will make $16,605 in profit.  By following this business plan and if all goes well, we should make back our start-up money in approx. 18 months.  We hope that our outstanding costumer service will get our name out there, and eventually be better than our competitors.  Our company is better because of the projector display, it saves cost on new TV’s and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

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