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IPads in the Classroom: Tips and Techniques for Effective Implementation.

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1 iPads in the Classroom: Tips and Techniques for Effective Implementation

2 Claire Burns, K-5 General Music Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy Acworth, Ga – Cherokee County Schools Twitter - @learnmemusic


4 Managing the Use of iPads Whether you have access to 1 iPad, a class set iPad cart, or you have BLYD, there are some details to consider: Assigning iPads or using them anonymously? Centers, Rotations, Taking Turns? Partners or Individually? Sound? Speakers or Headphones? Storage and charging? How to Install Apps and generic vs. specific iTunes account?

5 Managing iPads using Apple Configurator Free Mac App for Managing iPads There are great tutorials on how to use the App on YouTube Manage up to 30 devices’ settings, apps, and preferences at a time! All iPads will have the same apps installed on them Settings can be set to restrict and limit the use of the iPads as much or as little as you desire Can assign devices to specific users or keep the generic, depending on your usage Only availabe for Macs – cannot be used for PC 

6 Apple Configurator Prepare the iPads with settings and preferences

7 Apple Configurator Then Supervise the iPads and the apps installed

8 AirServer Software installed on your computer (Mac or PC) that allows ANY AirPlay device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) to share screen of the device to the computer’s display If the computer is connected to a projector, then the iPad screen can be projected to a larger audience Education License for $11.99 for 3 Macs/PCs – never expires Bulk License $3.99 for 10+ businesses, schools, universities Uses iOS built-in AirPlay function

9 AirServer Tip: Rename your computer in the Software’s Preferences from the numbers to your name and/or classroom number to make it easier to find

10 Augmented Reality Using Aurasma

11  augmented reality: making something come to life  aura: the magic thing that pops up when you hold your device over something  trigger image: the picture you want to make cooler that is just normal (probably something from your camera roll or in your photos)  overlay: the thing you will apply on top of the trigger image (usually a video from your camera roll)  Aurasma: a free app to allow users to experience augmented reality

12 Augmented Reality Using Aurasma HOW YOU CAN USE AURASMA IN EDUCATION: Student reviews and/or summaries of books (living book covers) Student reports, presentations, and performances Supplemental information on flashcards and word walls Teacher-read directions for worksheets and centers Put Auras in your newsletters that parents can view from their own devices Showcase student work in hallways

13 Augmented Reality Using Aurasma

14 Dropbox Put all iPads on the same Dropbox account Use Dropbox to share worksheets, reading passages, music and even video files to all iPads Organize the Dropbox account with folders to help students find the files you want them to find Students can submit assignments via Dropbox as well Many apps can connect with Dropbox to retrieve and submit information Skitch from Evernote can annotate over photos GoodNotes can import and export PDFs to and from Dropbox with annotations – Save trees and Save Paper with Digital Worksheets!

15 Remind101 Allows teachers to text and/or email parents and students reminders for classes Parents and students subscribe for Remind101 updates by either sending a text to a special code or emailing a special email address Keeps parents and students phone numbers private and teachers do not have to use a personal phone number either Teachers can have specific codes for each class they teach and send reminders and updates to classes

16 SmartSeat Seating chart, attendance, and random picker app Multiple classes Endless classroom arrangements Add student pictures Export and/or email PDF of seating charts for subs Display first, first and last, or even nicknames of students New! - Assign students to groups

17 Socrative A student-response system that works on any web- enabled devices (PC, phone, tablet) Student Clicker App for student response Teacher Clicker App for creating, administering, and grading quizzes Self-paced, teacher-paced, and even game-type quizzes for individual and group assessment Allows for Multiple Choice, True/False, and Short Answer response formats Single-Question or Quiz-Based Activities Built-In Exit Ticket great for end-of-class summary

18 Socrative Grades from assessments can be exported as Excel for analysis Automatically grades responses (for right/wrong responses)

19 Additional Resources Augmented Reality Pinterest Board nted-reality/ nted-reality/ iPads Pinterest Board My Blog LearnMeMusic All Handouts, PowerPoints, and expanded directions for Aurasma are on the Resources Page for this Session spx?PageID=614 spx?PageID=614

20 We hope you enjoyed this GaETC session. Please give your feedback at uate uate

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