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Meet Sheryl Morley’s Youngevity Nutrition Business

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1 Meet Sheryl Morley’s Youngevity Nutrition Business
Dr. Brand Niemann Director and Senior Data Scientist/Data Journalist Semantic Community October 31, 2014

2 Purpose Meet the people through their stories:
Dr. Joel Wallach Sheryl Morley Jonathan Emord Bruno Mazali Lara McDonald Dr. Brand Niemann Learn how to use technology to build and broadcast your story: and Web Laptop with WebCam WebEx YouTube

3 Dr. Joel Wallach Dead Doctors Don't Lie, Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, Wellness Publications, LLC, Bonita, CA.406 pp. Also DVD 40 year crusade to improve the health and income of the world Matchmaker for Sheryl Morley and Jonathan Emord

4 Sheryl Morley When I was 27, I was an assistant manager at Taco Bell, working between 80 and 90 hours a week and bringing home a mere $850 a month. I am just an ordinary person living an extraordinary life. I want to help you live an extraordinary life too! Wow! What a difference a few years has made in my life. The best thing I have done in my life is to marry Jonathan Emord and have twins, Justice and Angelica!

5 Jonathan Emord Beacon of Truth and Freedom that spans a quarter century: You are grounded in thoughtfulness and knowledge giving us an informed patriotism.  We salute your courage, achievements, and your vision.  You, Jonathan W. Emord, have truly made a difference for hundreds of millions of Americans and people around the world.  We hereby acknowledge you as a courageous Warrior and the Freedom Man. Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D. In Honor of Jonathan Emord Initially very skeptical of nutrition product claims, now convince by overwhelming evidence and use in his own life! What would George Washington say to today's Americans?

6 Bruno Mazali Linkedin: Now because of Youngevity aka “Tangy Tanzanian”
"I am an ambassador for world peace". My vision is to strategically connect the right leaders to help promote the agendas of those who want to change lives, promote peace and help those who cannot help themselves. Washington D.C. Power Broker, Bruno Mazali, is well connected with "Washington's Elite. Now because of Youngevity aka “Tangy Tanzanian”

7 Lara McDonald Motto: Here for Happy
Single mother with college degree in statistics and self –education in wellness and nutrition Employee of Emord & Associates and Youngevity SEMD

8 Dr. Brand Niemann Father of 7 and grandfather of 22.
Retired government employee and now data scientist/data journalist to the world. Started Youngevity to help ill wife. Inspired by the previous people and their stories to become a Youngevity CEO.

9 Technology to Build and Broadcast Your Story
Technologies: and Web Computer Collaboration Video My Examples: Wiki Laptop with WebCam WebEx Camcorder YouTube

10 My Examples To Train You
Wiki: MindTouch (Wiki) Laptop with WebCam: HP Pavilion Entertainment PC WebEx: CISCO Personal and Corporate Camcorder: Sony PJ350 Wi-Fi Projector Camcorder Bundle – Costco YouTube: Homemade Videos Uploaded

11 Wiki: MindTouch: Healthy Family Lifestyles
Content for Desktop and Mobile Devices!

12 Wiki: MindTouch: Healthy Family Lifestyles Subtopics
Youngevity CEO School Healthy Lifestyle Options for Busy Families Joanne Conaway for Adults Joanne Conaway for Kids Sheryl Morley Youngevity Nutrition Business Team Notes The 8 Steps to Financial Freedom Get Started Fast Troubleshooting Information

13 Sheryl Morley Youngevity Nutrition Business: Saturday, September 13, 2014 Meeting and WebEx

14 Sacred Fire of Liberty: Data Science MindTouch Knowledge Base

15 Sacred Fire of Liberty: Spotfire Dashboard
Questions and Answers: How many awards did Dr. Charles B. Simone receive (4), where is he found in the Awards Program (1), and where is his “In Honor of Jonathan Emord” (1)?  Web Player

16 WebEx: Getting Started

17 HP Pavilion Entertainment PC

18 Sony Camcorder PJ350 Wi-Fi Projector Camcorder Bundle:
32GB internal memory (increased to 64 GB for 4+ hours) & Bag, 13 lumen projector with HDMI® input, Built in Wi-Fi and NFC. Still photos for slides and Web pages. Note: A WebCam or iPhone, etc. Camera can be used to save money on this. This comes with free software (Play Memories) to organize, edit, and produce DVDs.

19 YouTube

20 Are U Next To Use It? Email and Web: Laptop with WebCam: WebEx:
Get addresses and use them to inform your contacts. Provide Web content or build your own Web content site. Laptop with WebCam: Make sure it supports Web applications like WebEx and YouTube. Get or upgrade your laptop/mobile device with a WebCam or Camera. WebEx: Ask to be trained in the use of WebEx so you can prepare and record your content at will and collaborate with others at will. YouTube: Ask to be trained in the use of YouTube so you can make and upload your videos to YouTube or elsewhere.

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