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Grant Thomas Anthony Fennell Justin Pancake Chris McCord TABLEGAMES UNLIMITED.

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1 Grant Thomas Anthony Fennell Justin Pancake Chris McCord TABLEGAMES UNLIMITED

2 PROJECT ABSTRACT The proposed project is a virtual interactive tabletop game surface It will recognize user input in the form of multi-touch gestures as well as identify and track unique game pieces The use of IR for visual input allows for minimal interference between visual input and display Recognize user input using ReacTIVision open-source framework Uses image processing to recognize position and orientation of unique symbols

3 PSSC 1.An ability to control fan speed as a function of operating temperature. (MC) 2.An ability to recognize touchscreen inputs via infrared image processing. (MOBO) 3.An ability to recognize and track unique game piece position and orientation via fiducial pattern tracking. (MOBO) 4.An ability to control projector settings such as brightness, contrast, and focus via IR communication. (MC) 5.An ability to generate sound effects coordinated with the game being played. (MC)

4 ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Manufacture PCB, motherboard, microcontroller, and projector manufactured with non- biodegradable and environmentally hazardous materials Packaging mostly composed of wood products Use Projector uses a large amount of energy while running Disposal Electronic components (PCB, projector, motherboard) contain heavy metals and chemicals hazardous to the environment that could be released if improperly disposed Acrylic surface is non biodegradable Packaging design not useful as cabinet with hole in surface; reuse unlikely

5 ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS Manufacture Use wood manufactured from scraps and recycled wood instead of solid wood cut from logs Use Set default projector settings to lowest power consuming values that still provide quality user experience Create “sleep” mode that powers down projector when device is inactive for a set period of time Disposal Design product so that certain electronic components can be reused past life of product Include flyers with simple instructions on how to extract electronic components and where to recycle them Use as thin a sheet of acrylic as possible for surface to minimize impact

6 ETHICAL CONCERNS Touching certain components inside the design, such as the motherboard or projector bulb could be harmful Ability of design to play 3 rd party gaming applications could result in undesired content or damage to design software if user downloads a malicious application Excessive use could result in neck pain due to need to tilt head down to see board If pieces are small enough, they could present a choking hazard Cooling fans have slight potential to cause injury or discomfort

7 ETHICAL SOLUTIONS In final packaging design, place motherboard and PCB in mesh casing to prevent accidental user contact Put a latch onto access door to allow for locking ability to prevent young children from opening door Place warning labels advising user to allow projector lamp to cool after use before touching it Design software security measures to restrict system access of 3 rd party applications to only what they should need. Also advise user to only run 3 rd party content from trusted sources Advise user to take a break if they feel neck discomfort Caution about choking potential for games with small pieces Place wire grate over cooling fans to prevent accidental contact while allowing airflow to continue


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