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Michelle Beaman. An Idea is Born Johnny Chung Lee developed the Wii Remote in 2007. He is a researcher for Microsoft and has his PH.D. in Human Computer.

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1 Michelle Beaman

2 An Idea is Born Johnny Chung Lee developed the Wii Remote in 2007. He is a researcher for Microsoft and has his PH.D. in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. “I think the interface controls of the Wii remote are quite innovative. I think the Wii remote is one of the most sophisticated input devices available today and I think a lot of developers are still struggling to wrap their brains around how to use the data effectively because it is so different than what they are used to from previous generations.” Johnny Chung Lee, January 28, 2008 Johnny Chung Lee, January 28, 2008

3 How it works…. Johnny Lee videovideo

4 Why use it? Keeps students engaged Allows for more interactive and creative lessons Smoother transition between lessons and activities Saves instructional time Appeals to the different learning styles Improves classroom management

5 How I use it in my classroom Warm-up Activities  Mental math activityactivity  Number rows activityactivity Looking at the textbook onlineonline Correcting homework Interactive LessonsLessons

6 The Necessities LCD Projector Computer Wii remote Infrared Pen Bluetooth Dongle Mount or Tripod Software

7 My Setup Wiimote - $43 (Future Shop) Dongle - $10 ( Pens - $9.95, $19.95 ( Homemade mount - $2.00 (Dollarama) Dual Wiimote charger - $29 (TigerDirect or Walmart) Wiimote Connect v0.6 + wiimotewhiteboard +v0.3 SMARTBoard Software

8 Daily Routine Turn on computer Turn on LCD projector Open software to connect Push buttons 1 and 2 on wiimote Press calibrate Use infrared pen to calibrate  Check the top and bottom of the display  Recalibrate if necessary Proceed with lesson Turn off when not in use Note battery level (recharge if necessary)

9 Setup Checklist Install Wiimote connection /calibration software  Several optionsoptions Install Interactive Whiteboard Software  Several optionsoptions Place on-screen keyboard shortcut on desktop  Useful for typing with pen Install Bluetooth software, if necessary  Some self install

10 Tripods and Mounts Tripods  Mini tripod (Dollarama)  Regular tripod ($25-35, Walmart ) Holder  Wiiteachers - $15  Make your own – ABS pipe or glued nut Mounts  KISH setup  Luggage strap (Dollarama)  Wooden wedge (scraps)  Penteractive – flex clamp $22US  Other ideas – build your own!

11 Pens Basic Econopen  - $9.99  Takes 3 small batteries Standard or Deluxe Pens  – $17.99 or $22.49  Takes 1 AAA battery  Use care when removing  Can make your own!make your own The Groove  – $29.95  Takes 1 AAA battery  Fancy, feels nicer but hard to remove battery

12 Battery Life for Wiimote  Turn off Whiteboard when not in use  Rechargeable AA batteries  Wiimote charger (dual, quad)  USB rechargeable battery and AC adapter (permanent) Battery Life for IR Pens  Econopens – 3 small non-rechargeable batteries ($)  Expo pens usually use AAA so use rechargeable ones Certain software will not work with certain dongles  Check to see the type of stack that came with the dongle Writing with the pen is not as smooth  Use whiteboard markers if writing a lot Issues

13 Comparison Wiimote Whiteboard SMARTBoard Easy setup and calibration No limit to size of screen Can be used on any surface Use infrared pen like mouse Don’t have to touch the screen with pen at all Jagged lines when writing Only detects pen, no worry about hand position Better for a limited budget Easy setup and calibration Limited by size of screen Can only be used on SMARTBoard Use SMARTBoard Pen or finger You have to touch the screen harder with pen than finger Smooth lines when writing Hand position may interfere with pen sensitivity Expensive ~ $2000 – 3000

14 Taking It Further Knowledge Base Pens, Tripod Holders, Mounts, USB Rechargeable Batteries Instructions to Build Your Own Materials -tripod holder, pens –pens Software Connection/Calibration - Notebook Software – – software downloads Smoothboard – ActivInspire -

15 Thank You! This slideshow and support, software and video links will be made available on our KISH Technology Workspace. Feel free two ask us questions anytime. We’ll help with whatever we can! Click wiimote

16 Connection / Calibration Software Wiimote connect v0.6 + Wiimote whiteboard +v0.3  Original files, req.NET Framework v2.0 at least (download)  Set Wiimote Connect to open Wiimotewhiteboard +v0.3  Only for connection + calibration Smoothboard software  Developed by Boon Jin, requires.NET Framework 3.5  Connection + Calibration software included  Interactive Software included WiimoteWhiteboard.jar (not for Microsoft stack)  Only for connection + calibration

17 Interactive Whiteboard Software Notebook software  SMARTBoard – free if 1 board in school ActivInspire software  Promethean – personal version freepersonal version Smoothboard software  Developed by Boon Jin for Wiimote Whiteboard use  Shows unregistered icon until register ~$30 KindleLab software  Open source software soon to be released VirtualBoard software  older software – free Also: One Note (Microsoft)

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