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High Energy Large Conference Room QUICKSTART Guide Track Lighting For Better Projection Viewing Dim-able track lighting is available so the overhead neon.

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1 High Energy Large Conference Room QUICKSTART Guide Track Lighting For Better Projection Viewing Dim-able track lighting is available so the overhead neon lights can be turned off for easier viewing when the projector is used. There is a master switch for the track lighting mounted on the back wall at seating height, on the top of a metal "box". Just turn the switch on to give power to the lights. The other controls allow dimming of both the track-lighting and the lights on the UIC flag. Please turn off these lights with the master switch when you leave. The Computer To wake up computer, push the "spacebar" on the wired USB keyboard in the middle shelf of the video stand (not the bluetooth wireless keyboard). (If this doesn’t work the computer itself may be off – just push button on front.) USB keyboard behind flat wireless one Bluetooth flat keyboard in its charging stand You may have to turn on power to the flat monitor mounted on the table (small push-button switch in lower right of screen). You should log in with the "Conference Room“ account (there is no password). Once logged in, you can simultaneously start up Ubuntu as a virtual machine in case you want to run root or log into remote computers etc. 1

2 The InFocus Overhead Projector Turn on the overhead projector with the "InFocus" remote (should be located on top shelf of video stand). Point the InFocus remote at the projector and click the top button once and you should hear a beep from the projector. Then wait for it to turn on. It will show a mirror copy of the desk-mounted monitor. PLEASE PLEASE don't forget to turn off projector when you leave! "Bulbs" for this projector are extremely expensive. Just click the same top button TWICE until you hear a beep, and the projector bulb will go off immediately while the fan stays on a bit to help it cool down. There are NO other switches to turn off or on for the projector. As long as the bulb is turned off - everything is fine. The Lifesize Video Unit and Samsung “TV” Monitor You should find two remotes on the top shelf of the video stand in the corner, or hopefully somewhere in the room. The remote labeled Samsung for the video's TV monitor. Click “Power” to turn on the monitor (the small red light in lower- right corner will flash twice, make music, and turn off). The video unit should animate, and you should now see the video menu page. You can leave this Samsung remote by the video unit as you will not need it again until you turn off the TV monitor at the end. The other (smaller) remote is the Lifesize Video remote - you will likely want to keep this in-hand so you can control the volume and camera. If you plan to use EVO, you don't need to do anything with the video at this point. If you are doing a direct connection, use this remote to place that call. Samsung TV Remote 2 Lifesize Video Remote TV Red “off” LED

3 3 SHUTDOWN Procedures (1) Exit programs running on computer and clean up any of your files left on the computer desktop. You can leave it on and logged in – it should go to energy-saver mode on its own. (2) TURN OFF THE PROJECTOR!! Point the InFocus remote at the projector and hit power button twice until the bulb goes off. That is it. Fan will automatically cool down the bulb and then shut off as well. (3) If you used the video unit, turn off Samsung TV screen. You do not have to do anything with the Lifesize unit as will automatically go to powersave mode. (4) Turn off track lighting. THAT’S ALL! Samsung TV Remote InFocus Projector Remote

4 EVO Sessions If you are using the "Conference Room" account on the computer, we have saved the correct username and password for EVO to immediately dial and use our video unit (uicconf1, uicconf1). Thus, when you start EVO it should automatically log in and already have the correct settings to work with the video unit, and when you enter an EVO meeting room, it should have the EVO reflector call our video unit’s IP and instigate a connection. In order to share the computer screen with the outside world, just use the "screen sharing" option on the EVO program. The video projection, camera view, sound volume level, and muting are all handled via the Lifesize video unit, using the Lifesize remote control (see next pages for more details). 4 STARTING an EVO Session 1. Start an EVO Koala session using our high energy conference room username/password so has video info all ready saved. Start Explorer  Start EVO  Should start EVO Koala and log in automatically If not, use username/password: uicconf1, uicconf1

5 5 STARTING an EVO Session (continued) 2. Find your room and enter. The Lifesize unit will be “called” from EVO reflector and you should be connected. Below is an example of how things should look on the computer when logged into EVO TV (left side) and on the video Samsung TV monitor (right-side) If you “mouse over” these controls you will see what they do. In particular you will see that the red phone is to “hang up” the external client – which is the LifeSize video unit. (Red means it is connected – which is good.) IF IT TURNS GREEN THE VIDEO DISCONNECTED. PUSH BUTTON (with mouse) TO RE-CONNECT WHILE STILL STAYING IN THE EVO ROOM. On Computer Screen On Video Samsung TV Monitor Incoming Video from EVO TV Projected Video going out to world Note: You can change the layout on the Samsung TV Monitor with the LifeSize remote using this button. Lifesize Video Remote

6 6 Additional EVO Details When in an EVO meeting room, the other buttons on the EVO Koala program are often very useful. For example, you can share the computer screen so others can see what slide you are on (assuming you are giving a talk and showing slides on the local computer), or you can look at all of the other EVO video streams on the computer (and thus the projector). Enable screen sharing. Click here to expand sharing to full screen. Can see all video streams on the computer/projector.

7 7 Ending an EVO Session Exit room and quit from EVO Koala program. (1) EXIT FROM MEETING ROOM (2) EXIT FROM EVO Koala

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