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Introduction To Computer and Information Technology.

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1 Introduction To Computer and Information Technology

2  Data  Software Instructions  User Commands  Responses  What are some input devices? Can you name 5 input devices?

3  Text  Graphics  Video  Audio  What are 3 output devices?


5  Sound – Microphone – Sound Card takes analog sounds and coverts them into a digital format that the computer can understand.  Sill Images – 1) Fax Machine – scans a document and sends them over phone lines 2) Digital Cameras – connect via bluetooth, cards or cables to the PC 3) Scanners –Takes a traditional image or photo and digitizes it.  Video – Video Camera(regular camera, or from a phone)  Can I video a music concert and then post the entire concert online for others to watch? Explain

6  Guilty For Recording A Movie Guilty For Recording A Movie  Watch About Wearing Google Glass In A Movie Watch About Wearing Google Glass In A Movie  Fight Film Theft Fight Film Theft

7  Create a warning bulletin that would appear before a movie at a theater to warn people not to tape and distribute the movie that they are about to view. Think of a creative way to display this warning on the screen so that it will capture a person’s attention.  Click here for some examples Click here

8  To a Monitor – the device must have a video adapter(video card) it changes data sent to it into electrical signals for the monitor to display.  Video-1)Projectors-like we use in school and through smart boards 2)Television – some use a TV as a computer monitor via HDTV to produce a sharper image. 3)Headsets – wear these on your head with LCD lenses.

9  You have been given $1000 to purchase a new projector for your favorite school club(you decide the club) to play movies each month during the clubs movie night.  Locate the projector you would purchase for the club and design a summary of why this projector would be the best one to purchase for the club. Include a picture of the projector, the price of the projector and details(why this projector is the best choice when compared to the other possible projectors) about the projector within your summary.

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