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VPL-FHZ55 VPL-FH31/36 How to adjust “Edge Blending”

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1 VPL-FHZ55 VPL-FH31/36 How to adjust “Edge Blending”
Beta2 version Sec.2, Planning Dept. Visual Presentation Solutions Business Div. Professional Solutions Group Sony Corporation

2 Contents Adjusting flow outline Position of projectors
Adjust “Color Matching” Edge Blending Adjust “Zone Black Level Adj.” Blend Gamma

3 0.1 Recommendation of PC and Graphic Card
PC : Tower PC with extra slot. CPU:Core i7 or more. Memory:4GB or more OS : Windows 7 Win7 only support overlapping multi display function Graphic Card Matrox M9120 PCIe x16 (Blending 2 projectors only) Matrox M9148 LP PCIe x16 (Blending 4 projectors)

4 0.2 Setting of PC Software (Matrox_M81203)
Install “Matrox PowerDesk” Open “Matrox PowerDesk” 2. Select 1: Multi-Display Setup   2-1) Resolution of "Display1&2" ->1920x1200.   2-2) "Basic Configurations" ->"Use stretched mode“. Confirm and return to Home.  3. Select 3: Edge Overlap and Bezel Management   3-1) Select "Edge Overlap" and click "Modify“.   3-2) "Hidden pixels" ->"Horizontal" Set “480 pixel(s)”* * Around 20~25% overlapped image seems to be natural in general. Now PC can output multi-display for edge blending.

5 0.3 Reference InfoComm2013 FHZ55 tower setting
Full HD x3 contents, Not use edge blending function (function is capable) PC : Tower PC with extra slot Motherboard : MSi X79A-GD65 CPU : Intel 3.2ghz RAM : 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC1600 OS : Win 7 Ultimate Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 680 GPU Others Adaptec 6805E RAID controller 1 TB Crucial SSD RAID (2 x 256GB, 1 x 512GB) 12 TB WD GREEN (WD30EZRX) RAID (4 x 3TB) Corsair HX850 PSU

6 1. Adjusting flow outline
Calculate the position of projectors Set edge blending width in PC software attached in the graphic board Set a different ID number for each projector (ID:1~3) Set “Picture Menu” of each projector as same setting. Picture Mode : Standard/Color Temp/Gamma Mode : Graphics2 is better Adjust color and brightness of each projector by using “Color Matching.” Set the positioning of Edge Blending in order that the green line of one projector overlap with the red line of the other projector. Adjust the black level of no blending zone using “Zone Black Level Adj.” Set “Blend Gamma” of blending zone.

7 2. Position of projectors
What is your screen size ? Recommended screen aspect w 3,360 : h 1,200 i.e) Screen size of demo room W 4,100mm x H 1,610mm 3360 1920 1920 1200 Overlap area 480 dot Image size : 4,100mm x 1,464mm

8 2. Position of projectors
Throw distance ? You can get the distance using “Projection Simulator” FHZ55/FH36/31 with standard lens case, the distance is almost same as the screen width !

9 2. Position of projectors
1920 1920 1200 960 Keep projector body level and right angle to screen Fine adjustment available with “H/V Lens Shift” & “Zoom”

10 2. Position of projectors
1920 1920 1200

11 2. Position of projectors
1920 1920 1200 Fine adjustment available with “H/V Lens Shift” & “Zoom”

12 2. Position of projectors
Positioning is most difficult in edge blending process Ceiling mount is better than desktop setting. If someone touch them, the position of projector would change on the desktop. Vertical and horizontal lens shift : “0” is ideal. If you use shift function widely, we can’t project correct rectangle especially horizontal lens shift. It would be a little distorted. So we can’t lap over the red and green line. Screen Don’t use silver screen because we can realize the difference of brightness depend on the standing point. Check the screen before you adjusting. Set the same dot numbers of overlap zone (edge blending width) as PC software and projector. PC software may be able to display the adjusting test pattern. So please check it.

13 3. Adjust “Color Matching”
What is “Color Matching” For correcting the brightness and color of the whole projected image manually from the signal level in six steps, Lv1(black)~Lv6(white). Brightness Color (“G” is fixed, adjust “R” and “B”) How to adjust We can only decrease the brightness and color in Lv6(Highest level). So adjust higher brightness and color projector to lower one. It is easy to adjust it by using “Incident Color Meter” or such devices. Once you set “Picture Menu” of each projector as same setting, it’s easy to adjust them. Adjust from Lv6 to Lv2. Don’t need to adjust Lv1. Had better to adjust color matching before adjusting edge blending. When you adjust color matching, you should set each projector not to overlap. (zooming out is useful)

14 3. Adjust “Color Matching”
How to adjust using “Incident Color Meter” Lv6 Adjust brighter brightness to darker one Adjust lower “y” value to higher one decreasing “B” Adjust higher “x” value to lower one decreasing “R” Fine adjust to repeat 1-3 if necessary The result of “x,y” value is goal for lv5 to 2 Lv5 to 2 Adjust brightness Adjust “y” value to the goal controlling “B” Adjust “x” value to the goal controlling “R” y : increase (x : decrease) Green + x : increase Red + Blue + x : decrease y : decrease

15 3. Adjust “Color Matching”
Brightness Adjust to 10ths digit In this case, you can read approx. 310 “x, y” value Adjust to 3 places of decimals In this case, you can read approx. (0.375, 0.394) Incident Color Meter

16 4. Edge Blending A C B Edge blending width Projection area of PJ-No.2
Set the same dot numbers of overlap zone as PC software and projector. Projection area of PJ-No.2 Projection area of PJ-No.1 A C B Brightness 100 Brightness decrease linearly in this blending zone. Adjust black level of “A” and “B” to “C”(Zone Black Level Adj.) Adjust gamma of “C”(Blend Gamma)

17 5. Adjust “Zone Black Level Adj.”
When blending 9 projectors Definition of Zone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Edge blending width Projection area of PJ-No.2 Projection area of PJ-No.1 A Zone 5 of PJ-No.1 B Zone 5 of PJ-No.2 C Zone 6 of PJ-No.1 Zone 4 of PJ-No.2 Black level of Zone “C” is brighter than zone “A” and “B” because 2 projectors project this zone at the same time. Adjust black level of zone “A” and “B” brighter to zone “C”. Basically don’t change the black level of zone “C” (Zone 6 of PJ-No.1 and Zone 4 of PJ-No.2). Don’t need to adjust “Color Matching Lv1” because we must adjust black level here.

18 5. Adjust “Zone Black Level Adj.”
Had better to adjust black level using “Incident Color Meter” when it is difficult to adjust it only seeing Measure in the dark place. Had better to measure around the boundary line of blending A C B (When adjusting using xy value) Adjusting (x,y) value of zone ”A” and “B” to zone ”C” . Adjust “x” Increasing:Increase “R”. Decreasing: Decrease “B”. Adjust “y” Increase or Decrease “G”. Increase or Decrease “B”.

19 6. Blend Gamma What is “Blend Gamma” Adjusting Range Know how
Adjusting “blend Gamma” of overlapped zone because the line of the edge of blending zone become inconspicuous. Adjusting Range 2.3 power(Mode5)~1.9 power(Mode1) Default:2.2 power(Mode4) Know how First set “Gamma mode”=Graphics 2 initially and adjust it. Adjust it projecting all black or all white color Basically select same gamma of each projector. Bigger number(2.2 power ~2.3 power/Mode 4/5) is better from our own experience.

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