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2 Objectives  To sustain an outstanding faculty dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, learning and research.  To contribute towards the development of the nation through the production of quality research and publications.  To provide innovative academic programs that can respond to the changing needs of society.  To produce quality graduates who are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills of computer science and information technology.

3 Staff & Student Information The ratio of Academic Staff : Student = 1:10 The ratio of Student :Computers = 2 :1 Academic Staff = 78 Professor =6Associate Professor = 9 Senior Lecturer = 17Lecturer = 36 Visiting Lecturer = 10


5 Academic programs offered:  Bachelor’s Degree  Masters  PhD Academic Programs

6  Bachelor of Computer Science 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Software Engineering 3. Management Information System 4. Computer System and Networking  Bachelor of Information Technology 1. Management 2. Multimedia Bachelor’s Degree Programs

7 Produce graduates with knowledge in various computing aspects :-  Computer hardware  Computer network technology  Computing travel  Intelligent system  Information system Bachelor of Computer Science

8 Produce competent and skilled graduates in computer technology applications. Emphasis on :-  Multimedia  Management  e-Commerce  Web Programming  Information Science Bachelor of Information Technology

9 Total Admission Per Year YEARCSITTOTAL 2000475338813 2001361194555 2002275181456 2003250151400 2004198111309 200511756173 200611322135 200714179220 20089741138 200910030130 20109530125 20117429103 TOTAL229612623558

10 Student’s Majoring

11 Department of Artificial Intelligence Department of Software Engineering Department of Information Systems Department of Computer System and Technology  Unit of Multimedia Department of Library and Information Science Departments

12 BACHELOR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Bachelor of Computer Science produce graduates with knowledge in various computing aspects such as computer hardware, computer network technology, computing travel, intelligent system, information system, internet and development, and the maintenance of sophisticated software. In addition, graduates also were strengthened with adequate computer technical skills to be practically in computing word at the national and international level. This program offers four areas of specialization as follows: Bachelor Programs Offered

13 Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) Focus on the process of making intelligent and knowledgeable computer that can act like human. Introducing problem solving method without the use of algorithms, and more to the heuristic. Students will be exposed to the latest technology and the future such as robotics, neural networks, voice and natural language identification, and development of expert system and uncertainty problem solving. Bachelor of Computer Science (Management Information System) Focus on the aspect of management and system development in the context of different organizations. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in analyzing, designing the system, development of a database, reinforcing the storage and retrieval of information process and development of information systems in the borderless world

14 Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) Focus on software development process that includes analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance. Introduces the use concept and technique with (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) to produce quality and reliable software with minimum cost. Students will be exposed to the latest technology used in the software development process. Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer System and Networking) Refer to the principle and application of data communication which the main function for a computer network. Focus on computer architecture, network technology, system software, and the security of data and computer. Students will be given the knowledge in data communication application such as Internet, LAN and services offered such as web, mail and file transfer.

15 BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Bachelor of Information Technology produce competent and skilled graduates in computer technology applications. Graduates are reinforced with applications in various fields, especially multimedia, management, e-commerce, web programming and information science. This program offers two areas of specialization as follows:

16 Bachelor of Information Technology (Multimedia) Refer to the development of multimedia system in various application that are controlled by interactive computer system. Focus on multimedia computer system, techniques and processes of development, web-based multimedia programming, project management, multimedia elements processing such as image, audio, and digital video, and computer graphics. The aspect of interaction between multimedia computer system with the users are also given serious emphasis to ensure the success of the product. Students are also exposed to the development of multimedia technology in communication and broadcasting industries. Bachelor of Information Technology (Management) Focus on the use of technology to the development of information systems as well as gain knowledge in the management of business organizations. Students will gain knowledge in accounting, business administration, marketing, financial management, human resource management and entrepreneurship.

17  8 credits final year project  Research in computer science and information technology  System development  Emphasis on soft skills in all programs and courses  Verbal and nonverbal communication  Leadership skills and working in groups  Information management skills and lifelong learning  Entrepreneurial skills  Professionalism Added value

18  6 months industrial training  Relations with industry Cisco Microsoft Oracle SUN –Java Mimos Malaysian Research Network Added value

19 Academic Advisor Function of an Academic Advisor A student is provided with an Academic Advisor who is a lecturer in the student’s filed of study whose role is to guide the student in planning his programme of study by: 1) helping the student choose courses and credit hours the student will take before commencement of the semester; and 2) providing guidance to the student in overcoming problems related to learning, if any, based on his academic performance at mid-semester and the end of each semester. Meetings with the Academic Advisor A student is required to meet with the Academic Advisor at least once every semester.

20 English for Communication Programme Click this link


22  Microcomputer Lab I  Microcomputer Lab II  Advanced Lab  UNIX/CCNA Lab (Bourne Lab)  Von Neumann Lab  Boole Lab  Babbage Lab (Multimedia)  Djikstra Lab  Stroustrup Lab I (Project)  Stroustrup Lab II (Project) Computer laboratory facilities available for teaching and learning: Computer Laboratory

23  Lecture Hall 1 : Capacity 400 people (Pentium 4, LCD Projector, Visualizer and P.A. System  Lecture Hall 2 : Capacity 400 people (Pentium 4, LCD Projector, Visualizer and P.A. System) Lecture Hall

24  Lecture Room 1A: (LCD Projector & Visualyser)  Lecture Room 1B : (LCD Projector & Visualyser)  Lecture Room 2 : (LCD Projector, Visualyser & P.A System)  Lecture Room 3A : (LCD Projector, Visualyser)  Lecture Room 3B : (LCD Projector, Visualyser)  Auditorium : (LCD Projector, Visualyser & P.A System)  Tutorial Room : (LCD Projector, Visualyser) Lecture and Tutorial Room

25 Other facilities provided at FCSIT :  Electronic Notice Board  Library  Discussion Corner  Cafeteria  Prayer Room  Mini Park  Parking Other Facilities

26  Hadiah Buku Universiti 2010 – 9 students from FCSIT  ICT Student Award 2006 – Lim Pek Shan  E-Genting Competition 2005 (Merit Winners) – Chan Siew Yin  Student participation in ACM Programming Competition in Hong Kong (2000) and Singapore (2001)  Best APIIT Smart Learning Application Award in the ICT MSC-Asia Pacific Award Medal and Award Received by Student

27  Best Student Project (Institute of Higher Learning Applications) in the ICT MSC-Asia Pacific Award  Research Innovation Award for Public and Private Sector – 2000  X IT Innovation Award 2000 – MINDS  Champions in Malaysia JAVA Programming Competition (1999) organized by IBM Malaysia Medal and Award Received by Student

28  Malaysia Technology Expo 2011 Awards Received by FCSIT Academic Staff NoProject Title Team Member Award 1Smart Secured Intergrated Control Mechanism (Sicm): A New Approach To Road Safety And Emergency Messaging In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (Vanet) Dr. S. Raviraja, Helia Mamdauhi, Kian Ahmadi Bronze Medal 2System For Atheltic Training And Simulations Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diljit Singh, Kasra Majbouri Yazdi Bronze Medal 3Query-based Web Data Integration System Assoc. Prof. Datin Dr. Sameem Abdul kareem, Abdolreza Hajmoosaei Bronze Medal

29  ITEX 2011 Exhibition NoProject TitleTeam MemberAward 4Alphabets Story © – A Computer-Aided Learning Package Of English Alphabet For Kindergarten Children 1.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ow Siew Hock 2.Dr. Chiew Thiam Kian 3.Lew Teck Wei 4.Iman Attarzadeh Bronze Medal 5 Myais (Malaysian Abstracting And Indexing System) 1.Prof. Dr. Zainab Awang Ngah 2.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abrizah Abdullah 3.Mohd Hilmi Md Rifin 4.Shaharizal Othman Silver Medal 6Amconceal: Appliance Of Secret Communication 1.Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab 2.Mohd Yamani Idnaidris, 3.Mohd Hairulnizam Md. Nasir 4.Mohsen Faryabi Silver Medal

30 ESEARCH GRANTS  Reducing Handoff Latency in IEEE 802.11 Based WLans  Tagging Multiple Messages using Data Hiding Approach  An Intelligent Predictive System for Diabetic Retinopathy among Diabetes Patients in Malaysia  Visualization of Diversity in Large Multivariate Data Set  Knowledge Management for Scholarly Activities using Semantic Approach  Mapping Teen Use of Social networks to Library 2.0 Services Research Grants

31 Beginner Level:  System Analyst  Application Developers  System Engineer  Network Engineer  Database Administrator  Multimedia Architecture  Web Designer  Web Application Developers  Instructor Career Prospects

32 A few years later:  Project Manager  Senior Executive System  Web Consultant  Expert System Consultant  E-Commerce Specialist  Hardware Specialist  Lecturer Career Prospects

33  Tradition of Excellence:  Dynamic trainer  Current curriculum  Competitive graduates  Quiet and environmental friendly  At the central of Metropolitan City Why FCSIT, UM

34 Visit Faculty website: For more information

35  FCSIT Website  University of Malaya Website Thank you


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