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ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product Brief Acer X113H/X113PH projector.

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1 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product Brief Acer X113H/X113PH projector

2 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Revision Log Revision Date VersionNameDescription 2014/3/131.0BM, Ben.S.ChenFirst release

3 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Contents Product segment Value proposition Key selling points Product views Specification

4 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product segment Commercial / Government Professional Series A new standard for large venues Travel Series Ultra-lightweight mobility with brilliance Consumer / Crossover Mainstream/Value Series Shining versatility and value Home Series Brilliant imagery for entertainment

5 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive projection Enhanced usability Eco-friendly functionality Acer X113H / X113PH projectors features high brightness and contrast ratio for impressive visual experience. DLP ® 3D Ready and HDMI ® 3D, capability makes work presentations more convincing. Acer offers dust shield solution to secure projectors in the long run performance. In short, these projectors are well worth it's value. Value proposition Best-value projection X113H / X113PH Best-value projection Expressive display Enhanced usability Installation flexibility Eco-friendly functionality *Specifications vary depending on model

6 ACER CONFIDENTIAL A cer EcoProjection technology reduces standby power consumption by up to 90%, from 5 W to 0.5 W. W ith the world leading ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 70% and the lamp life can be extended as well. U p to 10,000 hours lamp life (ExtremeEco mode ). A cer top loading lamp even when the projector is ceiling- mounted, the user can easily replace the lamp module without detaching the projector from the ceiling. 4 0° Vertical Keystone Correction elevated projection can result in a "pointing up" or "pointing down" effect. Key selling points Best-value projection A cer Dust Shield Design offers four guards to secure projectors to prevent damage from airborne dust and sand. Q uick response / Smart adjustment / Reliable security / Full support. Eco-friendly functionality W ith HDMI 3D ready, the projector enables to display Blu-ray 3D content. S VGA resolution brings sharp details and excellent performance of presentations (X113H), 3000 (X113PH) ANSI higher brightness and contrast ratios project crystal-clear images from long distance. V arious Acer color technology. Enhanced usability Expressive projection Installation flexibility *Specifications vary depending on model

7 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive projection DLP® 3D Ready for theater-like 3D enjoyment experience DLP® 3D Ready kit, featuring advanced software that enables high (120 Hz) refresh rates to render a flicker-less 3D experience. Acer X113H / X113PH projectors and a PC or an A/V device supporting 3D output deliver a flicker-less 3D experience. The DLP® 3D kit features DLP® Link™ 3D glasses for seamless 3D data transmission! Acer X113H/PH supports HDMI® 1.4a 3D specifications; a compatible player and display are required to display 3D content DLP® Link™ 3D glasses PC supporting 120 Hz output plus 3D SW player installed NTSC DVD player + HQFS DVD or Blu-ray 3D player + Blu-ray 3D disk Acer X113H / X113PH projector *Specifications vary depending on model

8 ACER CONFIDENTIAL 7 Expressive projection 2,800 (X113H) 3,000 (X113PH) ANSI lumens brightness With the brightness of 2800 (X113H), 3000 (X113PH) lumens, Acer X113H / X113PH can project clear image and will not be disturb by ambient light. *Specifications vary depending on model

9 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive projection Acer ColorBoost II+ technology with 2,800 (X113H) ANSI lumens 3,000 (X113PH) Acer ColorBoost II+ technology improves optical color performance based on lamp spectrum and color wheel properties, enhancing the natural color temperature to achieve optimal color balance and content-based color brightness. Also everything comes to life with crystal clarity thanks to exceptional SVGA resolution and 2800 (X113H) / 3000 (X113PH) ANSI lumens high brightness. Optimized 6-segment color wheel- design Powerful image processing Advanced lamp illumination technology Spinning color wheelDLP ® light engine Lamp power pulse on specific colors (yellow and red ) to improve brightness when color wheel is spinning. Lamp waveform Acer ColorBoost II+ Introduction

10 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Expressive projection Acer ColorSafe II technology Acer ColorSafe II technology virtually eliminates color decay, and takes advantage of DLP® technology to guarantee picture integrity despite prolonged use. Acer ColorSafe II technology uses dynamic RGB gain control to better secure color fidelity as compared to traditional DLP® projectors. Greenish picture (traditional DLP ® projectors) Corrected images with color fidelity

11 ACER CONFIDENTIAL 10 Vertical Board prevent thermal sensor from dust collection Sealed Engine protect color wheel sensor Sealed EngineVertical Boards Fundamental Security Dust collection on wheel sensor and thermal sensors always cause shut down. Acer Dust Resistant system offers a fundamental protection to reduce damage from airborne dust. -Less damage -Less time and cost maintenance -Long life span Enhanced usability Acer Dust Shield Design

12 ACER CONFIDENTIAL 11 Sealed Engine Vertical Boards*3D Dust Filter*Lens Shield 3D Dust Filter Captures micro dust particles Lens Shield Prevents lens against dust collection A forceful protection system Fall dust gathers on lens and lamp cover the light source and cause brightness degradation. Acer Dust Resistant Projector offers an optional 3D Dust Filter to stop airborne dust entering the projector along with air flow. An additional Lens Shield completely covers the lens and adjustment wheel to prevent dust falling into projectors. -Prevent brightness decay -Less time and cost maintenance -Long life span *Optional accessory Enhanced usability Acer Dust Shield Design

13 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Quick response Reliable security Smart adjustment Full support Instant resume / Instant pack Instant resume: Allows the next user to power up the projector right after it has been turned off. Instant pack: Allows the user to pack the projector right after it has been turned off. Acer SmartFormat technology Complete multi-format support for instant projection Complete widescreen format support Instant sync with wide-format displays without resolution adjustments from the notebook. Enhanced usability

14 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer Projector P1340W To change the lamp: Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the cover Push up and remove the cover. Step 2: Remove the screw that secure the lamp module Pull out the lamp plug. Lift the handle so that it stands up. Step 3: Lift the handle so that it stands up. Pull out the lamp module by force. Step 4: Disconnect the lamp connector from the projector. Acer top-loading lamp Installation flexibility To replace the lamp module, use a new lamp reverse the above steps.

15 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer Projector P1340W Elevated projection can result in a "pointing up" or "pointing down" effect. With the keystone correction feature, Acer projectors correct vertical distortions of up to 40°, so the audience sees a rectangular image rather than one with a wider top/bottom, even if the projector is placed above or below the screen. 40° Vertical Keystone Correction Installation flexibility

16 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Acer EcoProjection technology Reduces standby power consumption dramatically With the world leading Acer ExtremeEco technology, the power consumption of the projector can be reduced up to 70% and the lamp life can be extended as well Up to 10,000 hours lamp life Standard mode – 5,000 hours ECO mode – 6,000 hours ExtremeEco mode – 10,000 hours (X113PH) Saves lamp replacement costs and ensures long-term, dependable projector use More Eco-friendly features Eco-friendly functionality

17 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Product views D-Sub in Composite S-video HDMI ® port AC-in jack USB (mini-B) Acer X113H & X113PH

18 ACER CONFIDENTIAL Specifications Model name Acer X113H Acer X113PH Display panel0.55" DarkChipTM 3 DMD Resolution Native SVGA (800 x 600) Maximum UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) Aspect ratio 4:3 (Native), 16:9 Contrast ratio13,000:1 Brightness2,800 ANSI lumens (standard); 2240 ANSI lumens (ECO)3,000 ANSI Lumens (Standard), 2,400 ANSI Lumens (ECO) Lamp life5,000 hours (standard); 6,000 hours (ECO); 10,000 hours (ExtremeEco) Projection lens F = 2.41 ~ 2.55, f = 21.79mm ~ 23.99mm 1:1.1 Manual Zoom and Manual Focus Keystone correction +/-40 degrees (vertical), manual Noise level31 dBA (standard); 28 dBA (ECO) Input interface Analog RGB/Component Video (D-sub) x 1 Composite Video (RCA) x 1 S-Video (Mini DIN) x 1 HDMI (Video, Audio, HDCP) x 1 Control interface USB (mini-B) Dimension 314 x 223 x 93 mm (12.4" x 8.8" x 3.7") Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg)

19 Thank you

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