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QD 700 QP 10 QD 3300QD 3700 QView Document Camera Line QD1200.

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2 QD 700 QP 10 QD 3300QD 3700 QView Document Camera Line QD1200

3  Upgrade from overhead projector  Digital photographs of concrete material  3D object presentations

4  Total class attention  Removes need for multiple copies of material  Interactive capabilities  Saves images onto computer › Record video  Can present on 3D objects: pages, books, models, etc… › No need for transparencies

5 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Basics (less developed countries) Buildings, Electricity Water, Furniture The adoption of Visualisers is a process which, in schools, can often follow the adoption of Interactive Whiteboards: Basics ► computer ► projector ► IWB ► Visualiser / Other products The the most likely candidates for visualisers will be: Schools with Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms, or Schools who have decided they need interactivity but by using projectors and visualisers or projectors and panels or pads instead of IWBs. Step by Step, can take 10+ years Fast track, can happen quickly Step 4 Step 5 Visualisers Step 6 So who is buying? FutureSource 2010

6 Compulsory education, K-12 ONLY UK Classroom Penetration 10% Visualiser adoption is currently 7 years behind IWBs but at about the same level as Voting systems FutureSource 2010 Growth compared to other Technologies

7 Annual Sales 15.5 30.4 48.1 FutureSource 2010 Almost 50k visualiser sales are forecast in 2009 across Western Europe. Sales in Western Europe are twice the size of UK

8  Image and Doc Cam Quality  Motorized Camera Head  Backlighting from stage  Imaging functions: › Mirror: Flip images symmetrically › Freeze: › Split: splits and freezes half the image. Good for comparisons › Title: Freezes top of image to save a lesson title › Allows smooth scrolling through documents › Rotation: 90, 180, 270 degrees  QD750 model includes 360 degree head rotation › Negative: Reverses polarity of image. Good for photos

9  Input/Output hub › Connections made easy through comprehensive system.  Special additions: › Built in Video Scalar in some models. › RS 232 control for remote Projector control.  Together can save hundreds of dollars per classroom!

10 Full Featured – Portable footprint:  16X Optical Zoom plus 8X Digital Zoom  Digital & Analog Settings  Auto Focus  Split Screen w/Title Capture  USB Image Capture  MAC Compatible  Remote Control  Folds for easy storage  Includes Carrying Case QP10 Portable Visualizer

11 Great All-around Camera and Best Classroom Unit!  22X Optical Zoom plus 10X Digital Zoom  CCD Uptake With 30 fps Analog/15 fps Digital  Imaging functions  Motorized Camera Head  USB Image Capture, MAC Compatible  RS-232 Control for remote projector control.  Media Center Control allows switching of all inputs to a single output including Video Sources  Stores up to 7 Digital Images internally QD700: Our Best Seller

12  Plug and Play Driver based.  Higher Imaging Sensor = CMOS QD3300 QD3600 QD3700

13 Enhanced Imaging and Clarity  1.3M CMOS Image Sensor  5X Optical Zoom plus 10X Digital Zoom  Plug & Play Installation  Imaging functions  USB Image Capture through PC, MAC Compatible  RS-232 Control for Projector control  Stores 16 Digital Images Internally  No Motorized Camera head, no video scalar QD3300: Price Efficient Model

14 Superier Clarity for Documents and Imaging  2.0 CMOS Image Sensor › High Detail for still 3D objects and pages  12X optical zoom, 10X digital  Motorized Camera Head  Thumbnail View of 16 Stored Images  USB Image Capture through PC, MAC  Built in Video Scalar for Enhanced Image  RS-232 Control for Projector control  Built in Media Center Control QD3700: Great Imaging


16  Qomo is strong competition for full size models  Other big names: › Avermedia › Lumens › Elmo › Samsung › WolfVision › Cannon  Avermedia, Lumens, and Elmo are strong in the portable unit market › Working toward matching this trend and competing stronger Ll l

17 Improved QPC30 Portable Unit QD8000 Touch Sensitive Full-size Unit

18  Zoom  4X optical  10X Digital  USB Port added for Video Capture  2 VGA connections: Computer and Projector  All full-size Imaging functions available through remote control  Camera  2 Megapixel  1/3’’ Pro CMOS uptake

19  New light-weight, modern design  On-board LCD display built in for easy presenting  Touch sensitive buttons for easier operation  Retractable folding arm for more compact size when storing  Larger display base.  HDMI input for superior clarity

20 Applications of actual use in classrooms More reasons why to have one in your classroom







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