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Standards-Based VC vs. Skype The Showdown! Janine Lim Blog: Twitter: outonalim.

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1 Standards-Based VC vs. Skype The Showdown! Janine Lim Blog: Twitter: outonalim

2 VC Continuum Free Skype, iChat, web based Free open source H323 Desktop VC: XMeeting OpenPhone, Ekiga H323 Desktop VC Polycom PVX Tandberg 1000 H323/320 Large Group or Room Systems Telepresence proprietaryH323 standard

3 Three Comparisons Access to Content Technical Quality Network Issues

4 Access to Content: Authors Skype Authors Skype an Author Network H.323 Authors TWICE ASK, VC Content providers, etc.

5 Access to Content: Guest Speakers Skype Guest speakers (easy to connect) H.323 Guest speakers (may have trouble if they don ’ t have access) Grandparents by ryanrocketship NASA VC by Hays CISD

6 Access to Content Providers Skype Under 10 content providers Skypecontentproviders. H.323 Over 250 content providers (zoos etc.)

7 Access to Content: Collaborations Skype Easier international Skype in the Classroom: 3500 H.323 CAPspace: Huge community 9000 educators in 30 countries

8 Technical Quality Skype Picture quality varies widely Multipoint for $10 / month Free plus $100-$200 webcam H.323 More likely to have a higher quality picture Can multipoint $2000-$10,000 for a cart depending on many extras you purchase

9 Network Issues: Security Skype Concerns over security Concerns over Peer to Peer technology Difficult to create Quality of Service Student safety issues: student accounts? Allow contacts from non friends? H.323 Can make secure calls Can allow certain traffic to certain IPs Quality of Service guarantees VCs on the busy school network Less student safety concerns

10 A third option: H.323 Desktop VC Interactive whiteboard potential for display and sound systems H.323: Mirial Clearsea H.323: Polycom CMA Desktop H.323: Radvision Scopia Desktop H.323: Tandberg MOVI Hybrid: BlueJeans Network Hybrid: Vidyo Olympian interview by langwitches

11 Desktop VC vs. VC Cart: Classroom Layout

12 Desktop VC vs. VC Cart: Peripherals Desktop VC / Skype Can share your desktop with another site May not be able to share document camera H.323 Cart Inputs for DVD, document camera, computer, S-Video Multiple types of visuals can be shared with the other site

13 Desktop VC vs. VC Cart: Cameras Skype / Desktop VC Unless connected to a projector; difficult for the whole class to see Web cam with no zoom or presets. Lower camera quality H.323 Cart Monitor/projector usually designed for the whole class to see Camera: pan, tilt, and zoom. 10 or more presets. Additional inputs: document camera.

14 Desktop vs. VC Cart: Microphones Desktop VC / Skype Mic is designed for one person at the computer. Cable length for microphone can be an issue. May not have echo cancellation. Need to be at the mic to talk. VC Cart Mike designed for whole group. 30 foot cord; easy use in room Built in echo cancellation Adults speak anywhere in room Students best at mic.

15 Desktop vs. VC Cart: Remote Control Desktop VC / Skype Can only control the VC from the computer. H.323 Cart An infrared remote control allows controlling the VC from anywhere in the room.

16 Desktop vs. VC Cart: Bandwidth Usage Desktop VC / Skype Potential that you could overwhelm the school ’ s bandwidth if every teacher did a videoconference at the same time. H.323 Cart With a cart, there is a physical limitation to only do one videoconference at a time. Easier to control the bandwidth used.

17 Desktop vs. VC Cart: Access Desktop VC / Skype Access right in your classroom all the time Easy to just jump in and use it Higher use when access where education occurs (?). Think 1-to-1 initiatives… H.323 Cart Shared cart Scheduling may be an issue May only have access in certain buildings Cart may be hard to move around the school

18 What do YOU think?

19 Janine Lim, TWICE: CAPspace: Berrien RESA DL: Blog: Twitter: outonalim Wiki:

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