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Rocky Moran Scheduling & Publications Extension 3575 Jamie Sprague Fall, Winter & Spring Scheduling Extension.

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1 Rocky Moran Scheduling & Publications Extension 3575 Jamie Sprague Fall, Winter & Spring Scheduling Extension 3602 Sean Woods Summer Scheduling & One-Times Extension 5234

2 Online Resources  General assignment classroom inventory  Schedule proof FAQ  Approval code instructions  Legend for Proofs and SAFs  One-time room request templates  IRAL Instructions 5539 – Academic Scheduling of Classes and Classrooms 5539 Attachment A – Classroom Scheduling 5548 – Facility Scheduling During the Regular Academic Year and Break Periods

3 General Assignment Rooms  Updated quarterly  Lists physical and media attributes for each room Overhead projectors are standard in every general assignment classroom  Contact Instructional Resources at extension 3549 to coordinate the use of media features  The registrar controls most rooms from 8am through 10pm  The registrar has limited control of Bren Hall 1414, Campbell Hall, Lotte Lehman Hall, and the IV Theaters New for Spring 2009  The Arts building is offline for renovations from Spring 2009 through the 2009-2010 school year  The second floor of Girvetz is now equipped with computer network

4 Department Controlled Rooms  Departments must maintain their own schedule for department rooms  The Office of the Registrar cannot verify that department rooms are available  Use the Curriculum Audit report (included in Proof Two and Three) to check for conflicts in department rooms  Same rules apply to computer labs

5 Schedule Proofs

6 Scheduling Cycle Overview Proof One  An exact copy of the last “like” quarter  Listed days, times and rooms are not assignments Proof Two  A reflection of the changes indicated on Proof One Exceptions – Courses without approved MCAs and instructors not on your table  Listed days, times and rooms are not assignments Proof Three  Updated schedule based on changes from Proof Two  Listed days, times and rooms are assignments for primaries only

7 Schedule25  Program used to assist the in assigning classrooms  Run twice… 1. After Proof Two to assign primaries 2. After Proof Three to assign secondaries  Assigns rooms… Within the general assignment room pool Primarily by enrollment max and requested media  Maximizes utilization of classroom space Goal is to assign to each course to the classroom that best utilizes the rooms number of seats and media/physical features

8 Prioritization of Courses 1 st Priority Courses in standard time blocks 2 nd Priority Courses in non-standard time blocks outside of prime time 3 rd Priority Courses in non-standard time blocks in prime time  All departments are equal  While Schedule25 is utilized to assign rooms, a lot of time and effort is taken by hand to finalize room assignments

9 Standard Days and Times Three Days a Week  MWF for 50 minutes starting on the hour Two Days a Week  MW or TR for 75 minutes starting every 90 minutes One Day a Week Primaries  Will be scheduled at 8:00am or after 3:30pm, and after courses following standard time blocks have been assigned  Impacted hours are 9am-5pm Two days a week slots are particularly impacted  Non-standard days and times cannot always be scheduled, and all first requests cannot be filled. Please have other choices ready.

10 Media Features  Don’t request more than needed for a course. List only the media that is required for the course.  Be specific. Rather than listing “AV media” or “digital media”, use the specific media abbreviations. DTdemonstration tablePPPplug-and-play podium INCincline seatingCVCcomputer video capture NWDno windowsDVDin-room DVD STGstageVCRin-room VCR TAtablet armchairsDSPdual slide projection TCtables and chairsSPslide projection THfixed theater seat35M35mm movie projector S, M, Lchalkboard size16M16mm movie projector WBwhiteboard3SCthree projection screens Cin-room computerPApublic address system CN computer networkPNOpiano VPdata/video projection

11 Adding Courses Use the supplemental proof sheet to add courses. Do not add courses on the printed proof. Do not cross out course numbers and replace with a new number.  Proof are hand entered  Supplemental proof sheets make information organized and understandable  Courses do not need to be added in numerical order as the system will reorganize them once entered  We cannot reuse enrollment codes

12 Delayed Sectioning  Indicate on Proofs with “Delayed Sectioning: I”  There will only be one enrollment code on Proof and on GOLD  Students enroll with this generic enrollment code which prompts them to then select an instructor, using the instructor’s two digit instructor code  A new section is then created for this instructor and the student is enrolled  There is never enrollment in the first primary

13 Instructor Codes

14 Tips for Completing Proofs  Be neat and clear – eliminate the risk of guessing  Make changes in red pen only  List specific days/times and max enrollments. Courses without this information will not be placed.  Always indicate if secondaries are required or not  Instructors names must reflect names in STAR Proof One and Two  If the max enrollment is changed to a number higher than that allowed in the requested room, the room will be deleted Proof Three  Any day/time changes made to courses in registrar controlled rooms will not be honored All Proofs  If there is not a day or time listed, the day will be indicated as Monday as to ensure the courses inclusion when running reports

15 Curriculum Audit  Included in Proofs Two and Three  Lists unusual situations that might indicate errors Classes in department controlled rooms Concurrent courses with time conflicts Classes less than 50 mins or longer than 4 hours Maximum enrollments set at zero Maximum enrollment exceeds preferred room capacity Secondary is not required Etc…

16 Schedule Alteration Forms (SAFs)

17 When to use SAFs  If student registration has started Submit an SAF signed by the department chair  If student registration has not started Submit an SAF or Email your request to Fall/Winter/Spring – Summer –

18 When to use SAFs Use an SAF when…  Adding courses/sections  Canceling courses/sections …and when changing…  Day or time in any room  Registration restrictions  Registrar controlled rooms Don’t need an SAF when changing…  Instructors  Between two department controlled rooms at the same day and time  Enrollment maxes (as long as a new registrar controlled classroom isn’t needed) When in doubt, use an SAF

19 One-Time Room Requests

20 When to make One-Time Requests  Any instruction related academic use of a classroom that does not count towards instructional contact hours…  Other requests need to go through the Office of Student Life  Not all classrooms are available – Bren Hall 1414, Campbell Hall, Lotte Lehman and IV Theaters Review Sessions Guest Speakers Films Supplemental Discussion Sections Make-up lectures or discussion sections

21 One-Time Room Requests  Send requests at least one week prior to the event  Email requests to  Use the request form found at or request the form from

22 One-Time Room Request Form

23 Weekend Room Use  Provide a copy of the room reservation to the instructor  Campus police can unlock rooms, but only if provided with the conformation

24 IRAL Instructor Resource Audit List

25 IRAL Instructions Third Week Census Date  Taken 15 days after the first day of instruction  A “snapshot” of the quarter Prior to the third week census date…  Cancel courses with zero enrollment  Drop students still enrolled in canceled courses  IRALs printed before the third week census date will be marked as preliminary and will not be accepted

26 IRAL Instructions After the third week census date…  Print the IRAL  Check for incorrect or missing information Will be notated by blanks and error message on the last page  Correct missing information  Sign on signature line on last page  Turn into the Registrar’s Office

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