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Your Presenter Today Is: Bill Groth Department of Technology, Library Automation Support Specialist –

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1 Your Presenter Today Is: Bill Groth Department of Technology, Library Automation Support Specialist Email –

2 Todays Agenda Part I Background Information About Safari Montage Information Related to Safari Calls to the CSC Procedures and Additional Resources Part II Usage Information Basic “How-To” information for this software.

3 Part I - Background What Is Safari Montage? Who Can Access Safari? Who Has Been Trained? What If I Get A Safari Call? How Does One Access Safari Montage? Connectivity Issues Administrator (Principals) Rights Other Support Contacts

4 What Is Safari Montage? Server-based streaming video delivered to school computer desktops, on-demand. Each building has at least one Safari Server in their network closet. The Safari server contains 1300+ digital videos Each video is broken into chapters. Each chapter has been indexed by grade, content and alignment with the MD Voluntary State Curriculum

5 What Is Safari Montage? (continued) Teachers use this web-based application to create “play lists” of videos that are appropriate for a given unit. During the teaching of a unit, the play lists are used to quickly select and play the chosen video segments to reinforce, extend or remediate learning. Safari also contains quizzes that go with some of the video segments. Videos can be played back on a single desktop computer, or displayed on a large display device – a large CRT T/V, LCD T/V or LCD Projector.

6 Appeal to Visual Learners Video Content is “On-Demand” Excellent Quality Resource Sustain a 21 st Century Teaching & Learning Environment Simplify Copyright Management Issues

7 Who Can Access Safari Montage? Access to Safari Montage is through a standard web browser. The user must know the IP address of the local Safari server in their building. Currently, a teacher in one building cannot access the Safari server in another building. A teacher visiting another building may access that Safari server, provided they know that local server’s IP address.

8 Who Has Had Safari Training? BCPS is providing professional hands-on training for up to 3 staff members from each school. A standard “Train the Trainers” model was used. Training consisted of: Two (paid) 2 hour professional training sessions One (paid) 2.5 hour session working with their school staff members. Trainers usually included the Liaison, the Librarian and one other person.

9 What If I Get A Safari Montage Call? All support issues at this time will be handled through the Customer Support Center. Trainers or end users could call with issues or problems. Please collect as much data about the issue as possible. Get the standard information – used/caller id, contact phone number, building location, specific machine (model and Dell tag number) and a clear description of the issue. Ask if the caller is a trainer, or if they have spoken to the building trainer. Note this in the description field. Do Not attempt to walk a caller through a problem unless you feel well qualified to do so! Give the caller the call reference number before hanging up.

10 What Happens to this Ticket? All support issues at this time are being monitored and handled by Gary Schlimme. Gary has two staff members that have been trained by Safari on the service and functionality of the system. If the caller presses for an immediate solution, ask them to contact their building trainer or visit the Safari Montage web portal. If they are still insistent for immediate support, tell them you will send an email to Gary, advising him of the situation, or refer their call to second-level. Second-level staff… At this time, Gary wants only a ticket. A FAQ is being created for answering standard questions, based on this call data. Please direct the caller to the web-portal! Do Not attempt to walk a caller through a problem unless you feel well qualified to do so! Just get the FACTS!

11 What is the Safari Montage Web-Portal? A special website full of information about Safari Montage. This portal is maintained by Della Curtis and the Office of Library media Services. The portal contains a special tutorial to aid users with Safari questions and problems. The portal also contains a new FAQ link to help answer the latest “tricky” questions. The location for the web-portal is: The portal also contains access to a special e-Community where users can register, login and ask questions of their colleagues about any aspect of Safari Montage.

12 Accessing Safari Montage Must be on the BCPS LAN Need to know the IP Address of the Safari Server in YOUR building Uses standard BCPS / LDAP login protocol Light Duty Access Protocol Email Username and Password Most sites save access time by creating a desktop shortcut for Safari Montage

13 To Access Safari Montage In This Building Open Internet Explorer Enter IP Address to THIS Safari Server: At the Login Screen: Enter your BCPS username and password NOTE: The Safari IP Address WILL BE DIFFERENT when working with Safari Montage in another school.

14 Connectivity Each server can handle 55 simultaneous connections! Please see the Draft handout available at the portal on how best to setup and display Safari Montage content at your school! Note – this document is a “Work In Progress” Updates to this document can be obtained from the Safari Montage Web Portal

15 Making Connections - Video

16 Making Connections… Audio 3.5 mm Mini Phone Stereo Y - Adapter Used to split the existing speaker port on the back of your computer into 2 ports. Now your monitor AND your LCD Projector/TV can have Audio at the same time!

17 Making Connections… Audio 3.5 mm Mini Stereo plug (Male) TO 2 molded RCA plugs (Male – Left / Right) Used to connect the speaker port on the back of your computer to the Audio IN ports on your TV / Projector / or Wall Drop Box Length varies from 3 – 25 feet. Be sure to check your requirements before purchasing

18 Administrative Permissions Principal’s Will Soon Have Special Access Usage reports for Safari Montage library collection development. Usage logs to determine which staff members are accessing which video clips.

19 Support Contacts Safari Montage Web Portal for tutorials and information. OIT Area Resource Teachers. BCPS E-mail Gary Schlimme –

20 Part II - Usage Navigating Inside of Safari Setting Preferences The Safari Dashboard Searching for Content Playing Clips Making & Using Playlists Sharing Playlists

21 Dashboard

22 Safari Montage Dashboard Navigation Bar Playlists, Searching, Preferences, Etc. Video Window Used to preview clips and segments Playlist Panels (collapsible) Recent Playlists, Videos, Content & News Searching Options keyword, subject, standards, browse Help & Tutorial

23 Safari Montage Dashboard (cont.) Take some time to set your Preferences Contact Information Closed Caption Settings Permanent Links Whiteboard Settings Search Preferences Be sure to click Update in each section after any changes.

24 Searching Quick Search From the top of the Dashboard using pre-set preferences By keyword Use the Search button on the Navigation Bar By state standards Use the Standards button on the Navigation Bar By subject search Use the Subject button on the Navigation Bar

25 Displaying and Interpreting Results Chapters Ancillary materials (teacher guide, quizzes, images, etc.) Publisher Closed Captioned

26 Playing Video Content Use the media player controls found under the Preview Window Clips can be paused, browsed forward, browsed backwards or stopped. The play head can be moved on the scrubber bar. Closed Captions appear in a window below the Preview Window, when available (CC)

27 Developing Playlists Setting up a new playlist Saving, editing, and adding comments to playlists Make a playlist “Active” Share playlists (school only) Book marking a clip

28 Making Permanent Links Copying a persistent link for playlist into a PowerPoint, MS Word, or html document A hand-out has been prepared to assist with this task, which is available from the Safari web-portal in the Professional Development Materials section.

29 Thank you for attention today, and for your assistance with any upcoming Safari Montage support issues!

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