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Learning Space Development Toni Kelly; Associate Director Learning Environments 1.

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1 Learning Space Development Toni Kelly; Associate Director Learning Environments 1

2 Learning Space Development 2 Agenda - Activity during 2013 - 2014 Learning Environment Experience Survey – Assessing Staff and Student perceptions of their teaching and learning spaces, and our response Developing Technical Guidelines and Standards New Lecture and Study Spaces – The Curve Refurbished Lecture Spaces Classroom Upgrades

3 Surveys 2014 Student Learning Space Experience Survey – How do the classrooms and study spaces meet the needs of our students? Teaching Staff Classroom Perception Survey – Do lecture theatres and classrooms meet the needs of teachers? 3 Learning Space Development

4 Results The Students reasonably are happy, but want; – Longer opening hours in Learning Commons now open 7 days – 24/7 access to computing and Study facilities - The Oval and The Lounge @ Main Building now 24/7 – More PC’s More fixed Pcs in Learning Commons Notebook loan service – Less air conditioning, too cold! Speaking to Estates etc. 4 Learning Space Development

5 Results The spaces are not meeting the needs of the teachers You said:- – Equipment difficult to use, not intuitive, – Location of controls for equipment and lighting not helpful – Lack of controls for lighting, air conditioning etc. – Unable to connect mobile devices to projection system – Poor lighting – Poor audio – Poor projection, poor sightlines – Rooms are too cold, too stuffy, to crowded etc. We need some design guidelines and standards 5 Learning Space Development

6 6 The objective of this document is to provide a consistent arrangement of all audio visual systems on campus such that operation, maintenance, management and support are simplified. All LES staff work to a consistent standard of provision and quality. It prescribes a list of recommendations and considerations to be included in designing teaching spaces specifically for HKU. It will be issued to Architects, Consultants and Contractors etc. working with us to develop new and existing spaces. Learning Space Development

7 LES 7 HKU Learning Space Design Guidelines and Standards 7 Architect AV Consultant Estates Office AV Contractor

8 Screen Size and Sightlines 8

9 Lighting Zones and Circuits 1.Board Lights 2.Presenter Lights, lights for “signers” 3.Audience Lights 9

10 Learning Space Development 10 How we are applying the Guidelines and Feedback from Staff

11 Learning Space Development 11 “The Curve” - KK Leung Building 1/F & 2/F 4 x 120 seat lecture theatres – Dual projection – “All in one” PCs – Lecture capture – Remote diagnostics “Break out” areas – Study pods with screens and access to PCs – Open spaces for group and individual work

12 Lecture Theatre Refurbishment 12 KK Leung Building 1/F & 2/F Layout for both floors the same Different Colour Schemes Ready for use 2 nd January 2014

13 Learning Space Development 13 The Curve

14 Learning Space Development 14

15 Learning Space Development 15 Lecture Theatre Refurbishment Summer 2014 Chong Yuet Ming LT’s 1, 2, 3 & 4 Library Extension, LT1 KK Leung LG109 Chow Yei Ching LTA & LTC

16 Learning Space Development 16 Lecture Theatre Refurbishment Summer 2014 Before:-

17 Learning Space Development 17 Lecture Theatre Refurbishment Summer 2014 After

18 Learning Space Development 18 Classroom Upgrades Summer 2014 Projector Upgrade – 33 projectors in 27 rooms Hi definition projectors – 4 rooms Main Campus and 5 rooms Centennial Campus Interactive projectors – 4 rooms Centennial Campus Lecture Room PC Replacement – “All in One”, Touchscreen PCs in 100 rooms by Christmas

19 Learning Space Development 19 Classroom Upgrades Summer 2014 Lower/reorient Projectors and Screens to improve sightlines – 10 rooms Blackout curtains – 13 rooms Overcrowding – 5 rooms reduced capacity – 4 rooms replacement furniture

20 Learning Space Development 20 Future developments Implementation of Remote Management systems – Faster more effective response – Monitoring of equipment status Identification of future priorities – Continuous Assessment of Rooms – Monitoring of Hotlines – Continued dialogue with users

21 Learning Space Development 21 Q&A

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