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SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE STANDARDS Nuclear Energy Standards Cooperation Collaborative December 3, 2013 Bruce Mahone Director, Washington.

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1 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE STANDARDS Nuclear Energy Standards Cooperation Collaborative December 3, 2013 Bruce Mahone Director, Washington Operations, Aerospace


3 SAE INTERNATIONAL September 24-26, 2013 Palais des congrès de Montréal The premier SAE Aerospace Conference and Exhibition 3 SAE AEROTECH 2013  Reliability  Propulsion  Safety  Systems Engineering  Unmanned Vehicles  Business & Economics  Aircraft Operations  Aircraft Interiors  Testing  Environmental impact  Avionics  Environmental Systems  Integrated Vehicle Health Management  Human Factors  Maintenance  Manufacture & Assembly  Materials  Aircraft Structures  Aircraft Power

4 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE 4 Technical Standards Board SAE Board of Directors Engineering Meetings Board Sections Board Engineering Education Board Foundation Board of Trustees Membership Services Board Publications Board Staff Performance Review Institute

5 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE Organisational Structure: Council Level 5 Technical Standards Committees Aero General Projects Airport & Ground Support Aircraft Aero Electronics & Electrical Systems Aero Mech & Fluids Systems Aero Propulsion Reliability, Maint, Support, Logistics Avionics Systems Aerospace Council IVHM ATM Aerospace Materials Systems Groups Technical Standards Board SAE Board of Directors Engineering Meetings Board Sections Board Aerospace Council Engineering Education Board Foundation Board of Trustees Membership Services Board Publications Board Performance Review Institute Staff

6 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE AEROSPACE COUNCIL 6  Agusta Westland  Airbus  All Nippon Airways  ATA/A4A  AVIC 1  BAE SYSTEMS  The Boeing Company  Bell Helicopter  Bombardier Aerospace  CAPE  CIRA  EADS  European Aviation Safety Agency  Embraer  Federal Aviation Administration  Fed Ex  GE Company  Honeywell Aerospace  Lockheed Martin  Lufthansa Technik  NASA  NAVAIR  Northrop Grumman  PATS Aircraft  Pratt & Whitney  Rolls-Royce  United Aircraft Corporation  U.S. Department of Defense  Wichita State University Global Strategy and Oversight

7 SAE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE SAE AEROSPACE STANDARDS PROGRAM SAE has a proven track record, with more than 7000 standards published to date. Project initiation Published Standard SAE Technical Committees contain a wealth of industry experience and expertise for a variety of aerospace systems, components, and materials. SAE has a proven consensus process for the development of aerospace standards. SAE has high-level support from a variety of key aerospace companies, organisations, and government agencies. SAE’s standards are recognized internationally on their own merits.

8 SAE INTERNATIONAL Technical Committee Structure 8

9 SAE INTERNATIONAL Regulations and government documents reference SAE standards to certify aircraft before entering the market. Example FAA TSO Mandatory compliance Example FAA AC Guidance material Example EASA ETSO Mandatory compliance Example EASA AMC Guidance material Example ICAO Annex Mandatory compliance 95 FAA ACs 230+ SAE docs 73 FAA TSOs 75 SAE docs 12 ICAO docs 30 SAE docs 58 EASA ETSOs 61 SAE docs 27 EASA AMCs 62 SAE docs

10 SAE INTERNATIONAL 10 PARTNERING: SAE and NATO Through a Technical Cooperation Agreement(TCA), NATO supports and adopts SAE industry standards SAE is an officially recognized civilian SDO partner to NATO

11 SAE INTERNATIONAL HM-1 IVHM Technical Committee BUSINESSTECHNOLOGIESAPPLICATION ARPXXXX Architecture of an IVHM System ARP6407 Guidelines for the Design of an IVHM System ARP6212 Volcanic Ash ARP6275 Cost Benefit Analysis of IVHM Systems ARPXXXX Guidelines for Certification of IVHM Systems SAE IVHM Steering Group Oversight IVHM Cornerstone Document ARP6803 ARPXXXX Verification & Validation of an IVHM System ARPXXXX Guidelines For IVHM System Software And Airborne Electronic Hardware Assurance Levels ARP6883 Requirements of an IVHM System AS5391 HUMS Accelerometer Interface AS5392 HUMS Rotational System Indexing Sensor AS5393 HUMS Blade Tracker Interface AS5394 HUMS Advanced Multipoint Interface AS5395 HUMS Data Interchange SAE IVHM STANDARDS LANDSCAPE ARP6268 Design & Online Communication Standards for Health Ready Components AS4138A Software Interfaces for Ground-Based Monitoring Systems

12 SAE INTERNATIONAL 12 ARP6461 SHM RECOMMENDED PRACTICE (STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING) * Provide guidance on the implementation of SHM in aircraft applications to assist developers in specifying the measurements, accuracy, reliability and other requirements of the system to be designed. * Provide information on structural maintenance practices and provide guidance on how SHM can be incorporated within or as modifications to current maintenance and airworthiness documents. * Standardize and harmonize worldwide understanding about SHM (including terminology). * Provide basic requirements to guide SHM technology development. * Review certification matters that are relevant to SHM. G-11 SHM AISC Main Committee Civil Aviation Working Group ARP6461 Military Aviation Working Group ARP6245 Rotorcraft Working Group ARPXXXX Future Groups ARPsXXXX Executive Management Board Strategy & Oversight

13 SAE INTERNATIONAL BAE SYSTEMS and Honeywell Aerospace provide the co-chairs of the recently formed AMS Advisory Group. The Group comprises high level materials engineering managers and Channels additional non-US materials requirements into the AMS Addresses future materials standardisation strategy The AMS AG chair provided an update on the AMS Advisory Group progress during the SAE Aerospace Council meeting in Montreal on September 24 th. A materials qualification sub-group has been formed under the Advisory Group to analyse the risks associated with using materials that do not require formal qualification 13 AMS (MATERIALS) ADVISORY GROUP


15 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE INTERNATIONAL OVERVIEW-EUROPE OFFICE15 AS5553A - AEROSPACE STANDARD Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition Main Subjects Covered: Personnel Training Parts Availability - Covered in Appendix A Purchasing Process - Appendix B –Assessment of Suppliers Supply Chain Traceability - Appendix C Procurement Contract Example-Appendix D Product Assurance-Appendix E Material Control - Appendix F Reporting – Appendix G Acronyms and Abbreviations-Appendix H

16 SAE INTERNATIONAL Bruce Mahone SAE International – Washington D.C. Office 1200 G St NW, Suite 800 Washington DC 20005 Office: (202) 434-8943 Fax: (202) 434-8940 Mobile: (703) 303-6225 16 QUESTIONS?


18 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE INTERNATIONAL OVERVIEW-EUROPE OFFICE18 SAE Standards Works All SAE technical committees use SAE standards works in the management of the committee. All useful documents, drafts, minutes, roster are accessed in Standards Works The site is secure owing to the nature of the material Committee processes – initiating documents, storing data, communicating, balloting, is streamlined to allow fast and easy time-to-market

19 SAE INTERNATIONAL The Aerospace Standardisation Landscape 19 7000+ standards 150+ committees, subcommittees, and task groups 8000+ global participants Civil and Military applications addressed SAE

20 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE Committees 20  Open to all with an interest and expertise  4 levels of membership:  Leadership – Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary  Member – voting duty, must attend majority of meetings and contribute to committee  Liaison – has access to workspace; can make technical comments; may be involved in standards or meetings  Mailing List – Limited access to workspace, receives updates on standards

21 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE Standards 21 AS Aerospace Standards – specific performance requirements used for design standards, parts standards, minimum performance standards, quality and other areas conforming to broadly accepted engineering practices or specs for a material, product, process, procedure or test method AMS Aerospace Material Specifications – specific performance requirements for material and process specifications ARP Aerospace Recommended Practices – documentations of practice, procedures, and technology that are intended as guides to standard engineering practices. May be of a more general nature or propound data that have not yet gained broad acceptance. AIR Aerospace Information Reports – compilations of engineering reference data, historical information, or educational material useful to the technical community

22 SAE INTERNATIONAL IVHM Steering Group E-32 - EHM G-11 – Reliability Maintain Support Probabilistic G-11 SHM A-5 – Landing Gears A-6 Actuation Control & Fluid Power AE-5 Fuel & Oil Systems AS-3 – Fibre Optic E-36 Electronic Engine Controls S-18 Safety Assess- ment G-18 RFID HM-1 IVHM AeroTech IVHM Books SAE IVHM STANDARDS INITIATIVE

23 SAE INTERNATIONAL 23 SAE AEROSPACE STANDARDS PROGRAM TOPICS Nuts/Inserts Bolts/studs/screws Fluid connectors Ignition systems Emissions measurement Engine condition monitoring In-flight propulsion measurement Engine controls Support equipment and tools Helicopter powerplants Inlet flow distortion Avionics networks Aircraft store integration Avionic subsystems Embedded computing systems Architecture description language Fiber optics Unmanned systems Lightning Electromagnetic compatibility Electrical Power and equipment Power management Aircraft systems installation Protective devices Relays Electrical connectors Terminating Devices Wire & cable Safety assessment Human Factors  Flight Deck tools and instruments  Displays  Human modeling  Quality system standards  Fuel operations  Radio Frequency Identification  Air cargo handling  Aircraft ground equipment and systems  Aircraft servicing  Aircraft Deicing  Airport snow and ice removal  Landing gear systems  Oxygen equipment  Aircraft interior/exterior lighting  Aircraft noise measurement  Environmental systems  Aircraft icing  Safety equipment  Cabin interiors  Survival equipment  Seats  Maintainability  Probabilistic Methods  Reliability  Structural Health Monitoring and Management  Air Traffic Management  Integrated Vehicle Health Management Metals finishes, processes, fluids Nonferrous alloys Carbon & Low alloy steels Specialty steels and alloys Corrosion & heat resistant alloys Titanium Beryllium Refractory materials Metals engineering Elastomers Polymers Composite materials (fabric & resins) Composite repair materials Composite inspection Composite repair techniques Organic Coatings Seals and Sealants Maintenance chemicals and materials Greases Lubricants Nondestructive testing and inspection Mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic actuators Hydraulic fluids Filtration Tubing Hydraulic components Fuel, oil, and oxidizer systems Pumps Couplings, Fittings, Hose Tubing installation Engine starting systems Auxiliary Power

24 SAE INTERNATIONAL Key SAE Standards Activities 24 Materials Human Factors Environmental Standards Underwater Locator Beacon Air Data Instruments Integrated Vehicle Health Management & Reliability Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Global De-icing Council

25 SAE INTERNATIONAL SAE STANDARDS History and Future ….. SAE INTERNATIONAL OVERVIEW-EUROPE OFFICE25 SAE formed in 1905 to promote safety and common practices for the emerging automobile market. 1905 2013 7,000 + SAE Aerospace Standards Mil-Spec Reform 1997 0nwards 1 st SAE Aerospace Standard, 1917 Integration of Tech America and GEIA Standards Program SAE charter expanded in 1916 to incorporate aeronautics SAE Aerospace Standards Europe office opened in London in 2007

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