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EClassroom Standards The University of West Florida.

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1 eClassroom Standards The University of West Florida

2 Introduction Purpose –To establish standards and design guidelines for eClassroom facilities –Standards apply to renovated spaces and new construction –Classroom technology standards represent the ideal constructed eClassroom; retrofitting classrooms and other types of installations may require compromises to standards

3 ITS Support Responsibilities ITS currently supports University generally scheduled classrooms of the following types –A/V Classrooms –Projector-equipped Room –Small eClassrooms –Large eClassrooms (Big eClassroom) –Interactive Distance Learning Studios (IDLS) ITS supports Collegiate eClassrooms under the terms of special service level agreements Fort Walton Beach A/V classrooms and eClassroms are supported by local support staff ITS supports all eClassrooms that fit the Classroom Technoogy Standards and Life Cycle Funding Models

4 Design Guidelines General Concepts –Technology is intended to serve a broad range of users with general purpose systems –Faculty should be able to operate technology systems without the assistance of an engineer or technician –Technology should be standardized to optimize instructor use of the technology (each teaching station will have an “identical” look) –eClassroom technology should be updated on a regular recurring schedule

5 (more) Design Guidelines Facility Infrastructure –Classroom Shape and Orientation –Presentation Space –Doors –Ceilings –Acoustics –Lighting –Window Treatments/Coverings –Safety Lighting –HVAC –Electrical –Conduit, Cabling, and Floor Boxes Projection & Audio System –Lighting Interface and Control –Network Connectivity –Screens –Data and Video Projectors –Document Camera –DVD/VCR Combination Unit –Multimedia Control System –Microphone, Audio, and Amplification Systems Other Considerations –Instructor Teaching Podium –Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Considerations

6 eClassroom Cost Breakdown Small eClassroom Big eClassroom Projection System$7,200$12,193 Room Control System $7,430 Other (Building Infrastructure, Podium, Installation) $6,800 Total$21,430$26,423

7 Other Room Type Costs A/V Small eClassroom Big eClassroom Projector ONLY Projection System $965$7,200$12,193$4,505 Room Control System $7,430 $2,500 Other$6,800 $2,000 Total$21,430$26,423$9,005

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