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Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

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1 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

2 Master students in science communication were educated for work at planetariums Lars Broman Strömstad Academy

3 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 At Dalarna University, Sweden, a 1-yr master program in science communication was given 2003-2007. Staff included Prof. Lars Broman, Prof. Hannu Salmi, Assoc. Prof. Ernst van Groningen, Ass. Prof. Maria Björkroth, Lecturer Per Broman, and Lecturer Dick Nilsson. The program consisted of six 5-week units September to March plus 20 weeks exam work April to August:

4 Unit one Popular science

5 Unit two Informal learning

6 Unit three Introduction to museology

7 Unit four Science writing

8 Unit five Applied museology

9 Unit six Research methodology

10 Field work April-June as an intern at a museum,...

11 Field work April-June as an intern at a science centre,...

12 Field work April-June as an intern or at a planetarium

13 Teknoland What do pupils remember three years after the visit? Jan-Axel Johansson Master Thesis in Science Communication DU-SciCom-006 Writing a thesis in July and August...

14 and defending it 3rd week in August

15 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

16 Master students came from all over the world: Australia, Austria, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, and Ukraine. In total 50 students graduated 2004-9

17 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

18 All students were taught the basics of working with a planetarium, and starting with the spring semester 2006, they got experience of running a digital all-color planetarium.

19 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013


21 Students visited a number of planetariums during study tours: * Kosmorama Space Theater in Borlänge, Sweden * St Exupery Planetarium in Oslo, Norway * The planetarium at Navet in Borås or at Upptech in Jönköping, Sweden * Cosmonova in Stockholm, Sweden * Verne Theatre at Heureka in Helsinki, Finland

22 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 To write a planetarium program manuscript and to produce a digitalized planetarium show were among the requirements. Textbooks in scriptwriting were Per Broman's "Creating Manuscripts for Planetarium Programs and Other Multimedia Slide Shows" and the IPS CD "Tips for Excellent Script Writing" by Steve Tiday. Textbooks in planetarium show production were three introductory compendiums by Per Broman on the use of GoldWave, Image Composer, and PowerPoint.

23 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 During the first semester, students got hands-on experience of handling a planetarium, both a mobile StarLab and under a (semi-)permanent Eurodome. Students did live presentations both with an opto- mechanical projector and a full-dome digital video projector. Slide & audiocassette programs were gradually replaced by laptop & video projector programs. Dalarna University had no own planetarium equipment but rented it from Broman Planetarium.

24 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 Included in the program was a 3-month internship and thesis field work at a science center, museum, or planetarium. A couple of students have each year chosen to go to a planetarium somewhere in the world and to subsequently write a thesis in the planetarium field.

25 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 During the years 2004-2008, nine scholarships from the IPS Armand Spitz Fund for Planetarium Education have been available for students from Dalarna University, writing a master thesis. Their supervisor was Lars Broman or Ernst van Groningen, and they had also one or two local supervisors. The nine theses were subsequently publish in 2008 as IPS Special Publication 10, on 2 CD:s. The following students received a 500 US$ scholarship:

26 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 2004: Claudette Martin, Canada H R McMillan Space Centre, Vancouver BC, Canada Donna Livingstone, local supervisor Thesis: Examining Visitor Attitudes and Motivations at a Space Science Centre Hamid Asgari and Kayvan Seyed Nejadian, Iran (shared) Dalarna University temporary science center Per Broman, local supervisor Thesis: Important Parameters in Designing and Presenting Exhibits and Planetarium Programs in Science Centers. A Visitor-Based Framework

27 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 2005: Miao Xu, China Orion Planetarium, Jels, Denmark Lars Petersen, local supervisor Thesis: A Study of Visiting Student Groups to Planetarium Shows Shibly Ahmed, Bangladesh South Tyneside College Planetarium, UK Eva Hans, local supervisor Thesis: The History of Planetaria in UK

28 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 2006: Yang Yu, China Mediendome Kiel, Germany Eduard Thomas and Jürgen Rienow, local supervisors Thesis: Exploring New Possibilities of New Generation Planetariums. Qualitative and Quantitative Study in Mediendom, Kiel, Germany Bilal Anwar, Pakistan Framtidsmuseet, Borlänge, Sweden Elisabet Eronn, local supervisor Framtidsmuseet Visitor’s Questionnaire Survey

29 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 2007: Inga Gryl, Germany K. E. Ziolkowski Planetarium and Observatory, Suhl, Germany Olaf Kretzer, localsupervisor Thesis: The Influence of Astronomy Education in School and Planetariums on Previous Astrological Beliefs Nataliya Kovalenko, Ukraine Kyiv Planetarium, Kyiv, Ukraine Olena Dirdovska and Klim Churyumov, local supervisors Thesis: Kyiv Planetarium Activities – New Ways to Teach Astronomy

30 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013 2008: Tobias Wiethoff, Germany Planetarium of Jena, Jena, Germany Hans Meinl, local supervisor Thesis: After the digital revolution: Impact of Fulldome technology in a planetarium

31 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

32 Thanks for your attention!

33 Lars Broman, Ukraine April 2013

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